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Chapter 1572: Negotiation

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Yi Zhao raised his hand and pointed to Tuan Zi. “As long as you can successfully help it turn into human form within a month, then our clan will no longer pursue this matter! From then on, it can vow to follow you to death, and the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan will never ask again!”

His deep and thick voice echoed throughout Godly Phoenix Hall!

Several elders were all taken aback and looked at Yi Zhao in disbelief. Is the clan leader mad? He actually really agreed to Shangguan Yue’s request and made such a bet with her!

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled, and she smiled. “Okay! It’s a deal!”


The doors of Godly Phoenix Hall slowly opened.

Countless people who were waiting outside came to their senses one after another and looked up. They watched as a tall and burly figure slowly walked out of the hall.

His expression was solemn and majestic but not angry—it was the clan leader, Yi Zhao!

Behind him, the five elders also walked out one after another. There was no expression on their faces, and they were indifferent.

This disappointed those who wanted to get an inkling of what had happened from their expressions.

Even Elder Yi Yu—who had always been jolly—was frowning slightly at this time. The emotions in his eyes were complicated and unpredictable.

Yi Zhao stood still in the square in front of the main hall and looked down. His eyes were as majestic as thunder and lightning, making people unconsciously in awe.

The originally noisy crowd suddenly quieted down, and then they all saluted. “Greetings, Clan Leader!”

Yi Zhao nodded, then looked behind him. “Come out.”

Hearing this, everyone was confused and looked at each other. The five elders are all here. Who is the clan leader calling? 

Suddenly, someone reacted sensitively and couldn’t help but widen his eyes slightly. “Shangguan Yue?! Or the red-gold heavenly phoenix?”

“It should be the newcomer, right? As for Shangguan Yue, the clan leader has always hated dealing with humans the most. He’s already giving her face by not chasing her out directly. How could he let her appear here?”

“You’re right.”

“Speaking of which, don’t you think it’s strange? It’s said that the contract was terminated, but why isn’t there any movement inside? Although that person broke through halfway, it’s considered a pure red-gold heavenly phoenix now. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be so calm, right?”

“With the clan leader and several elders present… Even if there is a big movement, they can press it down. What’s so strange about this?”

Low voices of discussion spread in the crowd.

Countless pairs of eyes looked at the doors of Godly Phoenix Hall with curiosity and inquiry.

Others were already unable to restrain their probes and looked around vigorously, for fear of missing something.

A slender and exquisite figure slowly walked out from behind the heavy and solemn doors.

It was evening. A brilliant afterglow reflected on a body, pulling the figure very long as if to get rid of the cold air that came out of the hall.

The figure belonged to a woman.

She was wearing a simple and neat red skirt with a black jade belt buttoned around her waist, which easily outlined her graceful curves.

The lines of her whole body were straight and restrained, a perfect fit for her aura.

Her hair was tied up simply, held in place by a black wooden peach blossom hairpin. Under the sunlight, the lifelike peach blossoms were crystal clear.

Instantly, the noisy voices from before disappeared.

The air seemed to have solidified, and the scene was frozen in place.

Everyone’s expressions stagnated for a moment as if they hadn’t reacted yet.

As if perceiving these sights, the woman raised her head.

Her neck was exceptionally slender and fair, and at this time, all her hair was curled up, revealing a beautiful and outstanding shoulder and neckline.

Her skin was clear and white, like a good piece of suet jade. At this time, the sun was setting, reflecting faint golden light on the fine hairs on her cheeks.

Her facial features were perfect, and her beauty was shocking.

Her red lips were slightly hooked, and her cold eyebrows seemed to be stained with a warm smile.

Everyone looked a little dumbfounded for a while.

It took a while before a voice murmured: “That’s… a human? Wait! She’s Shangguan Yue?!”

Although they also looked like human beings on the outside, this was just a transformation, and their own aura was still undoubtedly that of a red-gold heavenly phoenix. However, this woman who had just come out of Godly Phoenix Hall was obviously a human!

“Someone actually came out of there alive?!” someone couldn’t help exclaiming.

They couldn’t be blamed for being so shocked. Over the years, there had only been a handful of humans in Godly Phoenix Mountain. There were almost none who were eligible to enter Godly Phoenix Hall.

Not only did Shangguan Yue go in, but she also came out intact. How could it not be shocking?

After all, many people in the clan previously thought that after the contract was terminated… Even if the clan leader didn’t take her life on the spot, she should not live long.

The contract with a red-gold heavenly phoenix was a great shame for them!

“I heard that Shangguan Yue’s status in the human race isn’t low. The clan leader kept her alive to prevent the other humans from causing trouble, right?”

Everyone was speculating in their hearts, and at the same time, they were still looking Chu Liuyue up and down.

Chu Liuyue chose to ignore them all. She walked out magnanimously.

Tuan Zi was squatting on her shoulders with its head buried under its wings. It wanted to express its dissatisfaction with the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t hold her laughter and said in a low voice, “Tuan Zi, they’re all looking at you. If you keep doing this, they might think you’re too cowardly.”


Tuan Zi suddenly became energetic and immediately raised its head. Its eyes were black and bright, and it turned its head with a grunt. Who! Who dares to look down on me?!

After looking around, Tuan Zi restrained itself and raised its wings. But this time, it didn’t shrink its head and looked around from time to time instead.

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly.

She and Tuan Zi had a telepathic connection, so how could she not know what it was thinking?

Tuan Zi wanted to come back and have a look, and it also wanted to know what kind of life its own people were living. In any case, they all had the same blood flowing in their bodies. This power from the bloodline, naturally, would make it curious and nostalgic for this place.

For her sake, it pretended not to care about all this and even prepared to sever ties with everything here forever.

However, Chu Liuyue wasn’t willing to let it be like this.

At this time, some people finally laid eyes on Tuan Zi’s body. “That… Is it the legendary red-gold heavenly phoenix?”

“It looks mediocre and doesn’t seem to be anything special, right?”

“Didn’t you notice that it’s still squatting on the shoulders of that human? Isn’t this special?”

Yi Ran put one hand behind him and looked over. With just one glance, he frowned, and a look of disgust quickly flashed across his eyes.

“It’s not decent!”

At this moment, Yi Zhao suddenly looked over. “Yi Ran, you will take Shangguan Yue and the others to Phoenix Valley.”

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