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Chapter 1574: Arrangements

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Elder Yi Gong had a cold expression. “Follow me.”

The two went all the way back to Elder Yi Gong’s residence.

After entering the forests and determining that there were no other people around, Elder Yi Gong gradually slowed down and finally stopped by a lake.

Yi Ran followed closely behind. “Mentor—”

Elder Yi Gong turned around and interrupted him. “How has your practice been recently, and when will you break through?”

Yi Ran was taken aback for a moment, taken aback that the first thing his mentor asked was this question. After thinking for a moment, he replied, “It should be successful in… half a month.”

“Should?” Elder Yi Gong narrowed his eyes coldly. “I don’t want ‘should.’ I want ‘definitely!’ The ancestral ceremony is about to begin, and before that, you must break through as soon as possible!”

Yi Ran was even more puzzled.

His talent had always been at the top of the younger generation, and he had always been the best. As his master, Elder Yi Gong had always been very partial to him; he had never spoken to him in such a stern tone.

Yi Ran thought for a moment. Master was clearly fine yesterday, but today, he only went to Godly Phoenix Hall. When he came out, his attitude changed. Could it be that… something had really happened inside?

“Yes, please rest assured, Master. I’ll definitely break through before the ancestral ceremony and will never let you down.” Yi Ran lowered his head and responded respectfully.

Elder Yi Gong put his hands behind his back and stared at him solemnly. “Yi Ran, I’m not worried that I’ll be disappointed. Instead… This ancestral ceremony is of great importance to you! If you can’t take the lead by then, the position of young master will not be yours!

Then, his voice softened. “For this day, you’ve been cultivating diligently all these years and don’t dare to relax at all. I’ve seen all of this. It’s also because of this that I can’t let anyone threaten you!”

“Threaten…?” Yi Ran frowned slightly. Currently, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan isn’t considered prosperous. I’m already the top genius of the younger generation and am basically a shoo-in for that position. Who else would be a threat to me?

Suddenly, his expression changed, and he realized something. “Master, are you talking about —”

“That newly arrived red-gold heavenly phoenix will most likely be your rival!” Elder Yi Gong said firmly.

Seeing his affirmative expression, Yi Ran felt that something was wrong.”B-but it’s just an unpresentable thing that broke through from a Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant… On what basis?”

What right does it have to compete with me?

Elder Yi Gong’s expression was ugly, and he snorted coldly. “Its origin is indeed not very good, but it’s a pity that its luck is too good, and its bloodline power is extremely pure! If not, do you think that Shangguan Yue can walk out of Godly Phoenix Hall unharmed like that?!”

Wasn’t it all because of that red-gold heavenly phoenix?!

Yi Ran held his breath.

He wasn’t stupid. He couldn’t be clearer about the weight of Elder Yi Gong’s words! To be able to make the clan leader relent and keep her…

“Its talent… Is it really that powerful?” Yi Ran couldn’t help murmuring to himself.

Elder Yi Gong’s lips moved, but he still didn’t tell the truth.

Before coming out, the clan leader had repeatedly told him that the news must not be revealed before the ancestral ceremony. Thus, he could only endure it.

“…In short, its bloodline is definitely not inferior to yours. Although it’s young now, it can’t be underestimated. You just have to remember not to let your guard down!” As he spoke, he paused for a moment and comforted Yi Ran. “Of course, from the looks of it, it has a fatal flaw: its contract with Shangguan Yue has yet to be broken—”

“Really?” Yi Ran looked up in surprise. The clan leader is a man of his word. But this time…

“Things are more complicated here. It’s useless for you to know so much now.” Elder Yi Gong was unwilling to say anything.

He patted Yi Ran’s shoulder and said earnestly, “As long as you can break through as soon as possible and obtain first place in the ancestral ceremony, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Leave everything to Master.”

Yi Ran was filled with questions, but seeing that his master didn’t have the intention to say anything, he suppressed his emotions and nodded seriously. “Yes!”

Elder Yi Gong looked satisfied. “Very good. Have you comprehended everything I taught you recently?”

Yi Ran said, “I have some doubts.”

“Start talking.”

The news that Shangguan Yue was going to stay in Phoenix Valley for a month soon spread throughout Godly Phoenix Mountain. For a moment, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan was almost in an uproar!

All kinds of rumors about this matter quickly spread.

Many people began to ask around about who Shangguan Yue was.

In just half a day, the name ‘Shangguan Yue’ had already become famous in Godly Phoenix Mountain.

However, she did not care about this at this moment. She was bringing Tuan Zi to the legendary Phoenix Valley with Elder Yi Yu.

“Here, this is your residence for the time being.” Elder Yi Yu stood still in midair and pointed ahead with a smile. “The location here is a bit remote, but when other people come back, most of them won’t pass by here. Quietness is the value of this place.”

Chu Liuyue looked at the faint red-gold ball of light ten steps ahead and nodded with a smile to thank him. “Thank you so much. Tuan Zi and I like this place very much.”

She didn’t like noisy places. Besides, this was someone else’s territory.

She still hoped to be as undisturbed as possible in the month that she was here.

Elder Yi Yu seemed to be not bad. She had a good impression of him, so her smile naturally became more genuine.

Elder Yi Yu looked at her, then at Tuan Zi, and smiled too.

Even if he didn’t consider Shangguan Yue, just for Tuan Zi, he had to find a good place for them to stay. Purest bloodline… How many years has it been since it appeared in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan? 

He had to treasure this.

He took a few steps forward and gently covered the ball of light.


A faint vibration sounded. Then, he retracted his hand and smiled at Chu Liuyue. “It’s good that you like it. Then… I won’t disturb you guys anymore. There’s already a trace of my aura left on it. If there’s any problem, just place your hand on it. I’ll definitely rush over as soon as possible.”

Chu Liuyue thanked him again and watched him leave.

It wasn’t until his figure completely disappeared that she retracted her gaze and turned to look at the ball of light.

The volume of this sphere of light was actually not large. From the outside, it could only accommodate more than ten people at most. However, Chu Liuyue knew that there should be another space inside.

She raised her eyes.

The peaks and mountains on both sides overlapped, forming a canyon in the middle—it was Phoenix Valley!

And inside, there were several similar light balls floating!

Those must be the resting places of the other red-gold heavenly phoenixes.

Sensing some secretly spying gazes, her lips curled up slightly as she gently patted Tuan Zi. “Tuan Zi, let’s go.”

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