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Chapter 1506: Fight!

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Dead silence.

The moment Chu Liuyue said it, the surrounding air seemed to be frozen.

The corner of Elder Bo Yan’s eyes twitched, and he almost instinctively asked, “U-used it?! What does that mean?”

Chu Liuyue suddenly smiled, and her eyes curved up. “I used it when I helped the legendary three-eyed eagle to reform its physical body.”

Originally, she was rather hesitant about being honest about this issue. After much thinking, she finally chose to say the truth directly.

On the one hand, that scale’s reaction had already pointed the arrow to her, and the great phoenix dragon clan would definitely get to the bottom of this.

Additionally, she had made an agreement with Zi Chen. When she journeyed in the God Residence Realm in the future, she had to summon it from time to time.

With two great phoenix dragon wings in its body, how could they not detect it?

This matter couldn’t be covered up at all, and they would know about it sooner or later. Instead of hiding sheepishly, she should just face it directly!

So what if I used it!? 

When Miao Yao heard Chu Liuyue say that, his vision turned black, and he almost fainted. This Shangguan Yue actually used our distinguished corpse to reform the legendary three-eyed eagle’s physical body?! Humiliation—this was utter humiliation! 

Before he came, he had imagined countless scenarios. This was the only one he didn’t think about!

Although the legendary three-eyed eagles are also legendary fiends, they are clearly much lower in status compared to us. Shangguan Yue actually dared to do this! 

“Y-you—” Something seemed to be crazily tumbling in Miao Yao’s chest. Before he could even finish his sentence, he pointed at Chu Liuyue as his entire body trembled slightly.

The surrounding crowd was shocked. What kind of behavior is this? Using the great phoenix dragon’s corpse to reform the legendary three-eyed eagle’s physical body? Even though the effects aren’t bad, but… That is the great phoenix dragon! 

Elder Bo Yan’s expression was dazed. At that moment, the first thought that flashed across his mind was: It’s no wonder that legendary three-eyed eagle has such strong combat skills! It doesn’t lose out at all when compared to the red-gold heavenly phoenix! 

“Yue’er, the matter is serious! You can’t be impulsive and talk nonsense!” Elder Wan Zheng suddenly hollered.

Chu Liuyue followed the voice and looked over.

Elder Wan Zheng’s expression was cold and stern, but his eyes were filled with intense uneasiness and nervousness.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but laugh. She knew that Elder Wan Zheng had purposely said that because he didn’t want her to be in danger. However… I did do it, so I should rightly be responsible for it. 

She raised her chin slightly. “I did this on my own; it has nothing to do with Ancestor and the academy! If you want to pursue responsibility, just come for me.”

“Yue’er!” Shangguan Jing went forward. He held her arm and looked anxious. Does she know how much trouble she will face? The great phoenix dragon could pursue me for a thousand years for that corpse. Today, she occupied it and had even touched their Achilles’ heel! Even if it is me, I might not be able to save her! 

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly. Then, she pulled her ancestor’s hand away. “Ancestor, a person should be responsible for their own actions. This has nothing to do with you.”


“I dared to do this then, so I knew this day would come.” Then, Chu Liuyue suddenly went on her toes! Her figure rapidly flew toward the sky!

Finally, she stopped when she reached a position where she could meet Miao Yao and the rest at eye level.


Without thinking, Elder Wan Zheng wanted to go over, but Elder Hua Feng stopped him. “Wait first! Let’s see what that girl plans to do!”

Elder Wan Zheng was anxious. “Look at what’s happening? If we’re late, we might—”

Her life might be lost. 

Elder Hua Feng clenched his teeth. “Can’t you see that Rong Xiu hasn’t moved!? Maybe they still have another method.”

Elder Wan Zheng turned around and saw that Rong Xiu was still in the same spot.

Rong Xiu lifted his gaze slightly and stared at the two parties in a stalemate. He had no expression, and one couldn’t see through him.

Elder Wan Zheng and the rest hesitated.

They knew how much Rong Xiu cared about Shangguan Yue, but even now, he was still calm. Did he really have another way?

Actually, Rong Xiu had already ignored the surrounding chaotic noises at this point. He had one hand behind his back as he cracked his knuckles bit by bit—it was as if he were calculating the time and waiting for something.

The depths of his phoenix-like eyes seemed to be calm, but there were actually secret ripples in them!


Another lightning bolt struck.

It was complete debris on the peak of Million Wine Mountain.

Since the last incident that happened there, Elder Bo Yan spent quite a lot of effort restoring it with much difficulty.

Now, these lightning bolts struck down and turned everything into dust. Trees fell, and rocks collapsed.

The scorch marks were frightening to see.

Only the fountain in the middle seemed to be sealed by an invisible barrier. Those lightning bolts landed in the surroundings and didn’t land within.

Half of the fountain was frozen. In the depths of it, there seemed to be something brewing as if it would explode at any time.

“You’re young, but you’re really gutsy.” Miao Yao stared at Chu Liuyue deadly and was so angered that he laughed. “It seems like you’ve already thought of how you’re going to die?”

Chu Liuyue laughed. “Not really. I died once before, so I especially cherish life. I came here to discuss with you and see what’s the better solution for this.”

Miao Yao almost thought that he had misheard her. “You used my great phoenix dragon clan’s corpse, yet you want to live? Dream on!”

The moment he said this, he raised his hand!


That scale suddenly broke into a sharp gleam! Then, it formed a gigantic dragon and rushed straight for Chu Liuyue!

Shangguan Jing was stunned. “Oh no! That’s Miao Yao’s real body!”

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