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Chapter 1505: So What If I Used It?

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He didn’t explicitly say what it was, but Chu Liuyue instantly understood it. Other than that corpse, what could get the great phoenix dragon clan to chase after something so effortfully and intensely?!

Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other.

However, Miao Yao didn’t seem interested in her answer. That scale’s reaction was enough to say everything!

He sized Chu Liuyue up and glanced at Shangguan Yue, who was standing not far away. His gaze then became increasingly sharp. “So she’s your bloodline descendant from the same clan… Shangguan Jing, you’re indeed generous toward your own descendants! You’re actually willing to give such a thing!”

Upon deeper thought, this was actually normal. The great phoenix dragon’s corpse would cause some trouble if it went out. Only his own people were the most reliable.

To think thatIe almost believed Shangguan Jing’s extremely ridiculous lie! From start to end, he had no thoughts of returning it!

Shangguan Yue’s expression turned cold and sharp. He flew to Chu Liuyue and blocked her behind him. “Miao Yao, just target me. Don’t implicate others!”

“Others? She’s your descendant, so how is she considered others? Besides… the item is with her!” Miao Yao raised his hand and pointed at Chu Liuyue.

The scales on the back of his hand shone with a crystallized light and with a cold and sharp gleam. “Hah, no wonder you have so much courage. So you rely on the red-gold heavenly phoenix…”

The moment Miao Yao saw Tuan Zi, disgust flashed across his eyes. “As an ancient legendary fiend, you lowered yourself to making an agreement with the humans. You’re really selling yourself cheap!”


The fire around Tuan Zi instantly rose as ferocious anger overwhelmed its eyes! He can talk about me, but he definitely cannot humiliate her! 

“Tsk, look at you. Do you really think that you’re the human’s dog? I really don’t know what the old fogies in the red-gold heavenly phoenix are doing, and they actually allowed you to do such a thing! You don’t find it humiliating, but I’m embarrassed for you!”

Fiends had enmity toward humans, let alone ancient legendary fiends.

Their distinguished bloodlines made them imperious and used to disregarding everyone. In addition to Shangguan Jing’s incident, Miao Yao had deep and biased hatred against humans.

When he spoke now, he sounded extremely harsh.

Tuan Zi let out a sharp shriek! Its wings flapped, almost wanting to rush out directly and fight with the other party!

“Tuan Zi.” Chu Liuyue’s voice sounded extremely calm and composed.

Tuan Zi was indignant, but it could only hold it in.

Chu Liuyue gently caressed its wings.

Tuan Zi’s emotions gradually calmed. Then, Chu Liuyue stepped forward.

“Yue’er—” said Shangguan Jing rather worriedly.

Chu Liuyue laughed lightly. “Don’t worry. I just want to tell this person something.”

Seeing her calm eyes without any ripples, Shangguan Jing felt slightly more at ease. After slight hesitation, he finally nodded.

Chu Liuyue took another step forward and looked at Miao Yao. “Senior Miao Yao, I heard that you have an extremely high status in the great phoenix dragon clan. However, I didn’t know that you started to control the matters in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan?”

“Tuan Zi has followed me for years. From a Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant, it broke through all the way to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix today. Your one sentence has just ignored our feelings and relationship over the many years. Isn’t that… too much?”

Miao Yao was stunned, and his gaze darted between Tuan Zi and Chu Liuyue doubtfully. This red-gold heavenly phoenix actually broke through from a nine-colored heavenly pheasant?! If it were really so, other people have no right to stand up and scold them. 

His skin was tense.

“Even so, it’s a red-gold heavenly phoenix now, so it naturally has to follow their rules! You know that it should return to the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan and acknowledge its ancestors after it broke through, right?!”

Chu Liuyue was dazed and looked at Tuan Zi. She really didn’t know about this.

Tuan Zi lowered its head and gently rubbed against its shoulders.

Actually, it knew about this after its bloodline power was completely awakened. But because Chu Liuyue had continuous trouble, it didn’t bring it up at all.

Originally, it wanted to find a chance to talk to her about it after all these messy troubles ended. However, Tuan Zi did not expect—

Chu Liuyue had a telepathic connection with Tuan Zi, so she naturally understood the latter’s thoughts. Her heart felt warm, and she smiled slightly before looking at Miao Yao. “Senior Miao Yao, may I know if you’ve heard of the phrase: the person involved is calm and collected, but observers are very worried? We’re not even anxious to do this, yet as a great phoenix dragon, you’re much more anxious.”

Miao Yao’s expression changed. “You’re insolent!”

Chu Liuyue’s expression was nonchalant. “This is the first time you’ve met me, so you might not be used to it. After some time, you will know that I’m very insolent and that I never like to bow down to anyone, especially… those who are rude to me from the start.”

They came to kill her. Was she supposed to welcome them with a smile?

She was still a person!

“You!” Miao Yao was so angry that his face flushed red. This grandfather and granddaughter are masters of driving one to their death. The old one is like this, but the younger one is even worse! Arrogant—too arrogant! 

He took a deep breath in and glanced at Elder Bo Yan. “You’re Ling Xiao Academy’s director?”

Elder Bo Yan knitted his brows. “The director went on a trip, and he’s not in. I’m Bo Yan; I’m temporarily in charge of everything in Ling Xiao Academy. Senior Miao Yao, is there a misunderstanding here? How about everyone calming down and talking about this carefully…”

“Misunderstanding?” Miao Yao sneered. “You should ask the grandfather and granddaughter what good things they’ve done!”

Elder Bo Yan felt slightly uneasy.

The great phoenix dragon clan had a distinguished status and rarely interfered with human affairs. This time, they directly rushed over.

Something might’ve happened.

“In consideration of Ling Xiao Academy, I’ll give you a chance! Immediately hand this grandfather and granddaughter over! If not, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Miao Yao’s attitude was persistent.

Seeing this formation, if one didn’t act according to what he said, he might really do anything!

Elder Bo Yan’s expression was solemn as he looked at Shangguan Jing. “Senior Shangguan, what exactly is going on?”

Shangguan Jing furrowed his brows tightly as if he were thinking of how to handle the current situation.

“Actually, it’s not that big of a matter,” said Chu Liuyue suddenly.

Everyone looked over curiously.

The great phoenix dragons were forced to come here. How could it be a small matter?

Chu Liuyue pushed her loose strands of hair behind her ear. Her expression was calm as she lightly said, “A thousand years ago, my ancestor unwittingly obtained a great phoenix dragon corpse. Ancestor planned to return it, but Senior Miao Yao wanted to take his life no matter what. Helpless, Ancestor could only choose to leave, and he didn’t have a chance to return that corpse. It was only until a thousand years later, when Ancestor woke up, that Senior Miao Yao and the rest came to find him again.”

Elder Bo Yan listened until his heart shuddered. “T-then, why don’t we talk peace in consideration of the academy? Senior Shangguan, you can return the corpse, and Senior Miao Yao can just let this incident go… How does that sound?”

“Not very good.” Chu Liuyue directly rejected this suggestion and lightly said, “I’ve already used that corpse’s wing bones.”

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