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Chapter 1507: Two Conditions

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They originally thought that with the barrier as an obstacle, she would still be protected. Who knew that Miao Yao actually used such a method and used his true body to form a scale? Not only did he barge into Ling Xiao Academy, but he even took action against Chu Liuyue without speaking!

How could Ling Xiao Academy not have any reaction?

A large and muscular figure appeared in midair. The dragon was covered in purplish-gold scales, its claws were sharp, and its suppression was shocking.

Its two eyes were rich black, and one could faintly see a hint of purple that had a sense of mysteriousness.

Cold, imperious, nonchalant!

The dragon was fast. In the blink of an eye, it had already approached Chu Liuyue! At the same time, it let out a low and suppressive dragon roar!


At that moment, the terrifying strength surged over from all directions. Chu Liuyue’s surrounding space instantly shrunk forcefully.

Her chest felt stifled, and she instantly felt that her inner force had become slow. The next moment, an indescribable force crushed her!

Chu Liuyue’s figure instantly flew outward!

“Yue’er, be careful!” Shangguan Jing screamed in shock.

Chu Liuyue felt that her eyes turned blurry, and her body retreated uncontrollably.

However, such a situation didn’t persist for long before a gentle and strong strength rapidly held her waist and hurriedly removed that shocking pressure. Following this, she fell into a spacious and warm embrace.

The familiar cold fragrance made her feel at ease.

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw Rong Xiu looking in front coldly as murderous intent overwhelmed him!

“Senior Miao Yao, have you thought of it clearly before you took action!? Yue’er is now my Sky-Cloud Empire’s princess consort. If you dare to hurt her or kill her, you will be pitting yourself against the Sky-Cloud Empire!” Rong Xiu’s voice was low and powerful as every word struck down like thunder!

The surroundings fell quiet. Everyone clearly didn’t expect Rong Xiu to be so harsh and directly gamble with the entire Sky-Cloud Empire!

Shock flashed across the dragon’s eyes. “Sky-Cloud Empire? Princess Consort?”

After Miao Yao detected that Shangguan Jing was still alive, he directly brought people over to kill him, so he had no chance to understand anything else. Hence, he didn’t know that Chu Liuyue had such an identity.

The Sky-Cloud Empire was an elite, top-tier aristocratic family in the God Residence Realm. Even if the great phoenix dragon clan was strong, they still had to fear them to some extent.

It was fine if she had an ordinary status, but the key was… this woman was the princess consort! This matter was tricky!

Miao Yao’s eyes still burned with anger. “Even so, she is responsible and should be punished for using my great phoenix dragon clan’s corpse! I can’t let this matter slide!”

“We’ve never planned on evading responsibility either!”

Shangguan Jing saw that Rong Xiu took action in time to save Chu Liuyue, and he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. His figure then flashed and appeared in front of Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue, going against Miao Yao. “Miao Yao, we did you wrong in this matter. We’ve also expressed our sincerity in discussing how to solve this matter. But if your attitude is still so persistent, we have nothing to talk about!”

At this point, Elder Bo Yan had also recovered his senses, rapidly went forward, and boomed, “Senior Miao Yao, we respect your distinguished identity, but it doesn’t mean that we will tolerate you doing whatever you want on our Ling Xiao Academy’s territory! If you take action on your own will again, we will definitely not sit and watch!”

Miao Yao was so angry that he breathed heavily. Is everyone in this Shangguan family nuts!? They clearly did something wrong, but why do they sound like the master in their tone? 

However, this matter was really hard to settle. On the one hand, the Sky-Cloud Empire clearly showed that they were going to support her. On the other hand, they were currently in Ling Xiao Academy, and it would be wrong of them to suddenly take action.

The two parties entered a stalemate.

The many students spectating from below all watched with bated breath, and they were extremely nervous.

Before this, who would’ve expected them to personally witness such a crazy scene in Ling Xiao Academy!?

In the silence, Chu Liuyue lightly patted Rong Xiu’s hand.

Rong Xiu glanced at her, and his sharp brows were raised slightly.

Chu Liuyue smiled and shook her head, giving him a reassuring gaze. Rong Xiu then let go of her hand reluctantly.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and moved half a step forward. “Ancestor, Elder Bo Yan, I previously said that since I started this, I should take responsibility and solve it.”

Shangguan Jing and Elder Bo Yan exchanged glances and were hesitant in their words. How could this matter be so simple? 

However, Chu Liuyue didn’t seem to care about the duo’s reactions as she stared at Miao Yao calmly. “Senior Miao Yao, I’m afraid it would be difficult if you want me to pay with my life. Why don’t… we change to another method? As long as I can do it, I will definitely make it up to you.”

She spoke sincerely and genuinely, but it sounded like a joke to Miao Yao. “Make up? Based on you?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Just by myself.”

Miao Yao originally wanted to laugh out loud, but seeing the dark and composed eyes, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. For some reason, he couldn’t laugh.

At that moment, countless thoughts flashed across his heart. Actually, there is something that Shangguan Yue said that is right. With the Sky-Cloud Empire and Ling Xiao Academy protecting her, it wouldn’t be very possible to take her life. Then… We can only find another way to make up for it! 

“Okay! Since you’ve said so, I have two requests! As long as you can do it, I’ll let this matter slide!”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Please say it.”

Miao Yao stared at her. “Firstly, remove the bones that you used from the legendary three-eyed eagle’s body! Return them and the remaining corpse in one piece! Secondly, I can spare your life, but as punishment, you must endure three moves from me! As long as you can survive, all these grievances will end!”

Before Chu Liuyue could speak, Shangguan Jing couldn’t hold himself back. “Miao Yao, don’t be overboard! What’s your cultivation level, and what is Yue’er’s? You wanting Yue’er to take three moves from you is akin to openly taking her life! If you want to discuss it, do it properly! If not, don’t talk so much nonsense! You’re wasting everybody’s time!”

Shangguan Jing was enraged.

Miao Yao was an important existence in the great phoenix dragon clan. His status was distinguished, and he was very strong.

However, Yue’er was just an intermediate stage-nine warrior! Not to mention three moves, with just one move, she might just—

Miao Yao sneered. “What, you can’t take it? Don’t forget that she said that the person who made the mistake would take full responsibility. Didn’t she act so noble and upright just now? Why did you suddenly become so cowardly? I’ll also be upfront. If you truly want to make peace with us, then agree to my conditions! If you don’t…”

“Everything I said previously still counts, and I do genuinely want to make peace.” Chu Liuyue suddenly spoke and interrupted Miao Yao, “But out of your two conditions, I can only accept the second one. Zi Chen is my fiend. Since I helped it reform its physical body, I will never allow anyone else to destroy it. I can’t do it, and I’ll never allow anyone else to do it either!”

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