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Chapter 1421: Trump Card

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The Sky-Cloud Empire.

Wan Zhong Mountain.

On the tall mountain peak, there was lush greenery that decorated the area in a lively manner.

As the sun shone down, it cast a light shadow on the forest.

Thick leaves were gathered on the ground. When one stepped on them, crackling sounds could be heard.

A light breeze blew over, and the leaves rustled. It was a rare peace and harmony.

Only when one was within could one feel that every single plant and flower in the surroundings had a shocking strength to it, causing one to feel pressured unwittingly.

The three figures cut through the forest, and they went toward the peak of the mountain.

They were 36 Respected Elder Ming, Respected Elder Yu Jing, and Jiang Zhiyuan

On the way, the three of them did not talk much, and they were overly quiet.

36 Respected Elder Ming—who was walking at the front—had no expression on his face.

In comparison, Jiang Zhiyuan and Respected Elder Yu Jing, who were behind, were much more relaxed. They naturally were in a good mood to be able to gain the upper ground against 36 Respected Elder Ming, not to mention that Jiang Zhiyuan had managed to break free from that hopeless situation.

Now, everything was refreshed, and her steps were much lighter and quicker than before.

She clenched the item in her hand tightly, and she lightly breathed out. Luckily… Luckily, the clan leader had left me with such a trump card! Now, I have already entered the Sky-Cloud Empire, and it is to accompany the clan leader. Without a special situation, nobody can casually chase me out!

36 Respected Elder Ming walked at the front. Even if he didn’t turn around, he could imagine how delighted Jiang Zhiyuan looked at this moment.

His brows quickly knitted for a moment. He really didn’t understand what the clan leader was thinking and actually passed such an important token to an outsider like Jiang Zhiyuan! Does he really treat Jiang Zhiyuan as his own biological granddaughter?! I wonder if His Grace knows about this… 

Very quickly, the three of them quietly came to the top of the mountain.

In the middle of the mountain was a gigantic, floating statue made of white jade. If one looked down from above, they could tell that it was a circular-shaped door engraved with the Sky-Cloud Empire’s totem.

36 Respected Elder Ming stood at the side and cupped his fists to bow.

Jiang Zhiyuan and Respected Elder Yu Jing followed him respectively.

The totem was completely silent. Clearly, the clan leader had no intention of coming out of seclusion.

36 Respected Elder Ming turned around, looked at Jiang Zhiyuan, and nonchalantly said, “Since you have the clan leader’s token in your hands, you have the right to stay here. But from today onward, you must guard this place. Unless the clan leader comes out of seclusion, you aren’t allowed to take another step out of Wan Zhong Mountain!”

His voice was low and powerful, like a heavy hammer that smashed one’s heart.

Jiang Zhiyuan gathered her focus and looked down. “Yes. I will definitely abide by the rules and won’t dare to go against them.”

36 Respected Elder Ming felt stifled. However, he could not rage again at this stage, so he didn’t speak further.

Respected Elder Yu Jing’s attitude toward Jiang Zhiyuan was much better. “Zhiyuan, it’ll be hard on you during this period.”

Jiang Zhiyuan pressed her lips against each other and smiled. “It’s not hard. It’s what I should do.”

Respected Elder Yu Jing nodded in admiration. Originally, he thought that Jiang Zhiyuan would be finished and that Fairy Water Mound would be the same. Who knew that she had such a trump card!

Since the clan leader is willing to give that token to Jiang Zhiyuan, it proves how highly he thinks of her! If he can come out of seclusion earlier, he might be able to stand up for Jiang Zhiyuan. At that point, nobody can say for sure what the situation will be like.

He was deeply connected to Fairy Water Mound. Of course, he wished for them to be well.

As long as Jiang Zhiyuan can endure this… 

“With your filial piety, it’s right for the clan leader to treat you in this manner.” Respected Elder Yu Jing instructed her a while more before he left with 36 Respected Elder Ming.

The duo’s figures quickly disappeared into a distant place.

Jiang Zhiyuan stared at their departing backs for a while. When she made sure that they had completely left, the humble and respectful smile then gradually subsided.

“Pfft.” She lightly snorted, put away the token, and turned around to glance at the gigantic totem in the middle of the mountain peak. “Clan leader, it’s all thanks to you this time.”

She stood rooted to the spot for some time. After calming her thoughts, she kneeled at a position at the side.

Her movements were careful, and her posture was respectful. It seemed like she was indeed sincerely waiting for the clan leader to come out of seclusion.

Anyone who saw it wouldn’t be able to pinpoint any errors.

After such a struggle, quite a few wounds on Jiang Zhiyuan’s body had opened, and quite a few parts on her clothes were stained with blood. However, she purposely ignored it and left it in that manner.

Even though Wan Zhong Mountain had a distinguished status, was heavily guarded, and people rarely could come on a normal basis, there were still people who came in and out of this place normally.

They were basically people of important status in the Sky-Cloud Empire.

Since she was here, she had to build her reputation. She temporarily couldn’t make a name for herself outside, so she had to grab this last straw!

The more important thing was that Wan Zhong Mountain was in a good location, and one could see quite a few sceneries by staying here.

One could even see Suming Peak from afar!

Jishen Palace was on this Suming Peak, which was also His Grace—Rong Xiu’s bedroom. Of course, it was also the residence for that Princess Consort!

After kneeling for a while, Jiang Zhiyuan looked over.

A rather familiar figure suddenly flew out of the Suming Peak.

Jiang Zhiyuan squinted her eyes. That person seems to be… Yan Qing? Oh right, during the period Rong Xiu returned to Ling Xiao Academy, there didn’t seem to be people around him.

Yan Qing seems like he’s in a hurry. Where is he going? Jiang Zhiyuan looked at the side and slowly clenched her fists. Shangguan Yue… Is she there too?! 

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