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Chapter 1420: Protect

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That man’s voice was as cold and melodious as usual, and the corner of his lips showed a faint smile. It was as if it were just a light joke between friends, but at this moment, the crowd viewed his current appearance exactly the same as the Grim Reaper walking out of hell!

Every single word revealed his absolute power and domineering self!

At this point, some people then suddenly recalled this man’s identity—the Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace!

From an illegitimate child that was bullied and looked down upon by the clan, he turned into a leader that stably sat on the head seat of the Sky-Cloud Empire. How could he be easily bullied?

Firstly, his attitude was polite, which made everyone let down their guard, and they started to become nonchalant. It was only now, when he suddenly took action, that everyone shockingly realized that he was indeed someone who killed people without blinking!

“Second Master!” When the few Golden Wings Sect subordinates saw this, they gradually cried out in worry and anxiously rushed to Jin Di. “Second Master, are you okay?”

How could I be okay! Jin Di was enraged. “Quickly, help me up!”

Even though his tone was fierce, he was currently injured, and his aura was slightly weak. Hence, this admonishment had no authority at all.

However, the people below him still didn’t dare to treat him lightly as they carefully supported him.

Jin Di’s entire body trembled.

Quite a few bones were broken. When he took a light breath, his chest would hurt continuously. It was as if someone used a few knives and kept stabbing his insides.

Once he stood up, Jin Di pushed the people beside him away. “Get lost! Blinded things!”

The few subordinates were pushed until they staggered backward and almost fell to the ground. Yet, they didn’t dare to show any signs of being upset as they stared at Jin Di nervously and kept begging for mercy, terrified that they would be reprimanded.

There was a fire burning in Jin Di’s heart. In front of so many people, my reputation is totally tarnished after being beaten into this state by Rong Xiu! The key point is that Rong Xiu only used one move from start to end! 

One had to know that he was much older than Rong Xiu! Anyone would feel upset if they were beaten by their juniors in public until they couldn’t retaliate at all, let alone an arrogant Jin Di that looked down on everyone!

However, he didn’t dare to rage at Rong Xiu. For some reason, he had some fear toward Rong Xiu in his heart.

He couldn’t state where this feeling came from, but it kept entangling his heart, and it couldn’t go away. This made him increasingly frustrated, so he could only release all these grievances toward his surrounding subordinates.

“Rong Xiu, I will remember this grudge!” Jin Di still had to save the last bit of his reputation, so he mustered his courage and ferociously left that sentence behind.

Rong Xiu disregarded it. He had heard such words many times before, but almost nobody had the chance to avenge themselves.

“This is Ling Xiao Academy, and I’m also a student of the academy, so I don’t want things to turn too ugly here. Everyone, if you want to discuss this properly, let’s talk peacefully. If anyone wants to cross the line and offend anyone as they wish… Don’t blame me for not giving you face.” As Rong Xiu spoke, he cupped his fists toward Elder Bo Yan at the side and said rather apologetically, “I dirtied the academy’s floor. Elder Bo Yan, please forgive me.”

The corner of the crowd’s lips twitched in unison. This man is harsh to the extreme! It’s fine that he beat Jin Di up until he was covered in injuries, yet he still wants to harshly stomp on the latter’s face! However, he makes it look like he is innocent and was helplessly forced by all of the matters…. Th-this…

Elder Bo Yan coughed. “Ahem! I-it’s fine!”

In actual fact, he didn’t expect Rong Xiu to take action.

Originally, he wanted to stop Rong Xiu, but this thought just flashed across his mind once before he directly ignored it. Why should I stop it? At this point, someone has to stand up to show their temper and shock all these people! This is to set a precedent! If not, the others will really think that Ling Xiao Academy and the Sky-Cloud Empire are easy to bully! 

Jin Di was so angry that his entire body trembled. He turned around furiously and limped away.

The other people from the Golden Wings Sect hurriedly left.

The group’s figures disappeared very quickly.

With such a commotion, the remaining people had no interest in continuing to stay here, so they bade farewell respectively. Even if they really had some thoughts toward Chu Yue, they knew that they definitely couldn’t present this now.

Did you not see how Rong Xiu was bent on protecting that Chu Yue?! 

Ling Xiao Academy wasn’t one to be trifled with, and Rong Xiu was even worse! They could only suppress their indignation and curiosity and leave on their own.

After they all left, Elder Bo Yan couldn’t help but sigh and shoot Rong Xiu a complicated gaze. “Rong Xiu, today’s matter is all thanks to you.”

If Rong Xiu didn’t stand up, these people would continue haggling until no end.

“No problem.” Rong Xiu smiled. “Besides, I’m also quite upset with the Golden Wings Sect.”

Today was just a brief show. If the other party really continued with their actions, he wouldn’t spare them so easily.

Elder Bo Yan glanced at Rong Xiu and saw the ice-cold murderous intent in his eyes that wavered like crushed ice, appearing from time to time. He couldn’t help but be secretly shocked. Rong Xiu… He shockingly protected Chu Yue and thinks even more highly of him than I expected! Even if those people used the same methods against Rong Xiu himself, he wouldn’t even be this angry. Chu Yue… is clearly Rong Xiu’s Achilles heel! 

Elder Bo Yan recalled what Rong Xiu previously said again. He and Chu Yue… Are they really biological brothers? I really couldn’t tell that Rong Xiu treated his family in such a… All along, I thought that with Rong Xiu’s cold and nonchalant personality, he wouldn’t care about anyone. 

Oh right, I heard that his birth mother had passed away when he was very young. Perhaps that is the exact reason why he cares so much about Chu Yue? After all, if Chu Yue really is his younger brother, he is Rong Xiu’s only bloodline kin. It is no wonder Chu Yue is so mysterious about his identity and refuses to say anything further… Thinking of this, Elder Bo Yan’s heart ached for Chu Yue again.

“You’ve done well. After today’s incident, they should stop for a while.” Then, Elder Bo Yan turned around to leave. “Oh right, when Chu Yue comes out from Fengmin Mountain, comfort him properly. Don’t let him feel aggrieved.”

At the end of the day, being locked up at Fengmin Mountain was a punishment. Chu Yue really didn’t do anything wrong, yet he had to be locked up. It was indeed rather aggrieving.

Rong Xiu paused in his tracks, and a smile flashed across the corner of his eyes before it disappeared. “Okay.”

She probably won’t feel aggrieved about going to Fengmin Mountain… right? As Rong Xiu thought, he accompanied Elder Bo Yan to cross the barrier and return to the academy.

He looked in Fengmin Mountain’s direction—peaceful and calm. But under the seemingly calm lake surface, there seemed to be secret currents crazily surging around.

Nobody knew when it would suddenly explode and shock the world with a storm!

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