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Chapter 1422: So This is So

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I’ve heard that ever since Shangguan Yue became the princess consort, she has been in Jishen Palace. After Rong Xiu went to Ling Xiao Academy, Shangguan Yue focused on her cultivation and didn’t really come out. However, who knows if that person is really there? 

In actual fact, Jiang Zhiyuan had never dispelled her doubts. She wanted to go over to find out about it, but it was a pity that she could only station herself at Wan Zhong Mountain and not leave.

With the barrier right outside Suming Peak blocking everything, one couldn’t even see the situation inside clearly.

Jiang Zhiyuan looked over for a while and relaxed her straight body in disappointment. She was rather frustrated.

With the crowd watching her, she couldn’t go check on it personally. If she wanted to know the truth, she had to find someone else to go over and see what was going on.

Jishen Palace was Rong Xiu’s bedroom, and it was always guarded strictly. Even the venerables had to submit a request and gain Rong Xiu’s approval before entering, let alone the others.

This was especially so after she suddenly trespassed and caused Rong Xiu to rage, where he harshly punished the guards for letting her in.

One just had to think to know that it would be as hard as ascending the heavens if they wanted to go over.

Jiang Zhiyuan thought to herself. I have to find a suitable person…

Jiang Zhiyuan’s arrival had caused an average commotion in the Sky-Cloud Empire.

The incident of her being expelled from Ling Xiao Academy had spread far and wide in the God Residence Realm. Her reputation could be considered completely tarnished, and she seemed to have offended the Liang family, which had much trouble with her.

Everyone knew clearly that accepting the current Jiang Zhiyuan again would only harm the Sky-Cloud Empire with no benefits. Yet, she still came in and really went to Wan Zhong Mountain to wait for the clan leader to come out of seclusion.

Not only did the subordinates not understand, but even many important characters in the Sky-Cloud Empire didn’t know why 36 Respected Elder Ming and Respected Elder Yu Jing had let her in.

As it implicated the clan leader’s token, the two venerables didn’t announce much to the public. Hence, after much thinking, the crowd felt that the Sky-Cloud Empire was only willing to do this in consideration of how Fairy Water Mound’s Jiang family had been loyal to the Sky-Cloud Empire for so many years.

However, the Sky-Cloud Empire was a top-tier aristocratic family after all, so they didn’t take much of this to heart. In another two days, the popularity of this incident had slowly faded away, and almost nobody talked about it again.

Jiang Zhiyuan quietly waited at Wan Zhong Mountain as if she were hidden.

Red Moon Desert.

In the night sky, the blood-red moon hung in mid-air. The bright moonlight shone on the ground and covered everything in a faint layer of crimson.

It was completely silent in the wide desert.

Behind a sand ball, Mu Hongyu was sitting down cross-legged.

Every night, the Red Moon Desert was always very cold. Even if it looked no different from the day, the temperature difference was great, and it was chilling to the bones.

Mu Hongyu closed her eyes tightly, and there was a layer of frost on her body and face. Luckily, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force kept entering her body, causing her aura to continuously strengthen.

The rushing force warmed her body up, which coincidentally helped her fight the frost.

After staying in the Red Moon Desert for so many months, she could already find this balance perfectly.

Time slowly trickled by in a peaceful and quiet manner.

Under a nearby lake, it was a completely different scene. Within the dark and gloomy cage, the crimson moonlight shone in at some point.

The intersecting and overlapping rays of light seemed like frost that had just met fire as they rapidly melted. In ten minutes, these light rays disappeared without a trace.

When the last ray of light pierced through his body and disappeared, Lan Xiao finally couldn’t hold on any longer as he fell toward the side.

Dugu Mobao and Diwu Zhangze—who had been waiting for a long time at the side—immediately rushed forward.


With a flick of Dugu Mobao’s finger, a purple ray of light flew out and formed a strange totem on the top of his head.

Lan Xiao’s body was instantly wrapped in this demonic and distinguished purple color. His translucent apparition gradually started to become more corporeal, and his aura started becoming better.

But at this moment, the lines on the surrounding walls seemed to have felt something as they started to waver.

Diwu Zhangze stood at the side with his hands crossed, and he kept reciting something. His syllables were slurred as though he had come from a distant ancient time, sounding low sometimes and loud during other times.

This came with shocking strength and suppression!

Under the situation of this mysterious force, the surrounding noises started to slowly ease away.

That purple totem had also gradually lost its color at this moment and totally became transparent. Finally, it formed millions of sparks and merged with Lan Xiao’s body.

After a long while, Lan Xiao finally opened his eyes slowly.

Seeing Dugu Mobao standing in front of him, he knitted his brows slightly. “…Big Baby? Why did you come back?”

Dugu Mobao squinted his eyes. “If I didn’t come back, I wouldn’t have seen you for the last time, right?”

“Pfft.” Lan Xiao chuckled softly. Even though it was still slightly weak, it was much better than before. “Can’t you speak nicely?”

He clearly did it out of concern, yet he spoke in such a harsh manner. 

Lan Xiao lazily wiped his face. When he touched the frightening scar, he shook his head rather regretfully, sighed, and said, “It’s a pity I have to live with this face for the next period of time…”

Thinking of this, he felt terrible and couldn’t even sleep well during this period of time.

Diwu Zhangze’s eyelids twitched. He held it in and didn’t yell out loud. He almost lost his life, yet he’s only concerned about his skin?! If I knew that Lan Xiao would behave in this manner earlier on, I would’ve harshly beat him up. 

Dugu Mobao coldly said, “If you don’t want the other half of your face to rot, stay still obediently! It’s enough if you do a dumb thing once. If you do it again—”

Lan Xiao nonchalantly waved his hands. “Aiya, what does that count for? Am I not doing fine here?”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but glance at Dugu Mobao and smile boldly. “However, I don’t have much hope in you speaking properly. In this world, only Yue’er Girlie can handle you.”

Speaking of this, his voice became much softer and had a few hints of silent insolence. “Oh right, where is she?”

Speaking of this, Lan Xiao looked around. “She didn’t come back with you?”

Dugu Mobao coldly said, “She’s at Fengmin Mountain.”

Lan Xiao paused in his actions and had an incredulous expression. “That place… Forget it; let’s not talk about her first. As for you, why did you suddenly fight with others?”

Even though Lan Xiao’s tone was as relaxed as normal, his eyes looked more serious. With their current situation, Dugu Mobao should definitely know what kind of trouble taking action in the God Residence Realm would bring. This is also the reason why I risked my life to reform my Holy Body after knowing of this incident. 

Dugu Mobao kept quiet for a moment and briefly narrated the incidents that happened in the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

After a temporary silence, Lan Xiao touched the corner of his eyes and sighed in a seemingly smiling manner. “So Ling Xiao Academy was implicated. It’s no wonder you behaved in that manner.”

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