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Chapter 1414: My Relationship with Her

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Elder Bo Yan’s voice became much colder. “But Chu Yue is already locked in Fengmin Mountain now-”

“Won’t he be locked or released with your one word?” Jin Di stroked his chin and smiled in a sinister manner. “We still can’t trouble him to show his presence with so many of us here?”

He didn’t care what other people thought.

Anyway, since he was already here, he wouldn’t be chased away so easily!

Others were afraid of offending Ling Xiao Academy, but he wasn’t! After all, they already had a grudge before this.

Once Jin Di spoke, it instantly caused the people on the fence to change their minds again. Yeah! We’ve spent quite a bit of effort to come this time. If we really let it slide, won’t we have made a futile journey?

“Jin Di’s words make sense. Elder Bo Yan, think of the bigger picture. Why don’t you get Chu Yue to come over?”

“Yeah! Anyway, we’re all here, and we won’t do anything to him.”

“Besides, he should know the most. Won’t directly asking him be much more efficient than us investigating like headless flies?”

The crowd was influenced once again.

Elder Bo Yan had his hands behind his back and slowly clenched his fists. These people… It seems like they aren’t so easy to chase away! 

His gaze turned slightly cold.

Just as he was about to speak, a low and melodious voice sounded from behind. “Chu Yue can’t come here for now. Everyone, if you have any questions, just ask me.”

The crowd looked at the incoming person, and the scene fell silent for a moment.

The man that slowly walked in stood upright with a demonically handsome appearance. From head to toe, from inside to out, he seemed to have stolen all the glory in the world, and every part of him was perfect. He was really breathtakingly handsome.

Elder Bo Yan was stunned. “Rong Xiu, why are you here?”

Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up slightly at an extremely faint angle. “It’s rare for this place to be so crowded. Besides… it’s not that easy to see so many important characters in the God Residence Realm at once. Of course, I have to come here and take a look.”

He said ‘I’ in a distinguished manner. He wasn’t speaking as a student from the academy but as the Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace!

Elder Bo Yan’s gaze flickered.

Rong Xiu had already stepped forward. His cold and nonchalant gaze silently swept across the crowd.

The crowd had various expressions.

Most of them actually hadn’t seen Rong Xiu before. This famous Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace came to the world with nothing and only used a few years to take control of everything. And they had always seen his deeds but not his face.

In the God Residence Realm, the top-tier families had their residences very far away from each other. If there was nothing major, they would basically not interact. Hence, there naturally weren’t many chances for them to see him personally.

Now that they saw him, he indeed lived up to his name. Even though he was young, his aura didn’t lose out to all of these characters that had been in command for many years!

“Rong Xiu, are you saying that… you can speak for Chu Yue?” Jin Di’s voice was filled with doubts. “This means that you know everything that happened to him in the Flood-Desert Northern Region and that you can say it clearly?”

Rong Xiu smiled and faintly retorted, “Are you doubting me?”

Jin Di was stumped. Just as he was about to retort angrily, he met Rong Xiu’s pair of deep and icy eyes.

At that moment, coldness filled his heart, and more than half his anger had subsided for some reason. That pair of nonchalant, imperious, and mighty eyes caused him to suddenly recall that with the other party’s identity, he did have the right to speak to him in this manner!

Rong Xiu was the Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace. The most important thing was that he had authority in his hands!

Only the Golden Wings Sect’s sect leader could be on par with him. And he, Jin Di, didn’t have this right at all. Even if he was older and more experienced, it was still not enough!

The atmosphere became stiff, cold, and strange.

They might’ve dared to threaten Elder Bo Yan, but they didn’t dare to do so to Rong Xiu. This was because Elder Bo Yan wouldn’t dare to bet the entire academy, but Rong Xiu could use his power in the Sky-Cloud Empire to fight with them till the end!

This was a harsh character who killed without blinking! All these years, there had been many rumors regarding His Grace, and most of them were filled with blood, gore, and violence.

He could even exterminate one of the 28 divisions in the Sky-Cloud Empire, Peerless Palace, let alone others.

After a while, someone curtly asked, “Rong Xiu, what identity are you using… to help Chu Yue answer these questions?”

Everyone straightened their eyes.

Even Elder Bo Yan’s heart tightened. This is actually asking about the relationship between the duo. Rong Xiu’s reply will decide what attitude they will have toward Chu Yue, so it is very important. 

Amidst the silence, Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly, and the corner of his lips had a few hints of a smile. “If I must categorize it… I’m his direct kin. Now, you can ask whatever you want to know.”

Red Moon Desert.

At this point, it was daytime, and the sun was high in the sky.

The yellow sand rolled, and the air seemed to be distorted by the heat waves.

A curvy and muscular figure suddenly appeared on a sand ball!

Suddenly, the surrounding yellow sand rapidly gathered. In the blink of an eye, it turned into many sand balls and rushed toward that person from all directions!


That figure instantly disappeared from the spot! These sand balls smashed into each other and rapidly crumbled.

The next moment, that figure appeared again on another sand ball about a few yards away.


A ball of yellow sand formed a fist and suddenly came out from the empty air, going straight for the back of that person’s head! However, there seemed to be eyes on the back of that person’s head as she bent her body and rapidly pounced forward!

She barely managed to escape that attack! At the same time, her feet quickly moved, and her long legs kicked!


The fist-sized yellow sand ball was instantly kicked and exploded.

At this point, that figure seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief. She straightened her body and smiled brightly as her pair of almond-like eyes lit up.

This person was precisely Mu Hongyu, who Chu Liuyue had specifically sent over to cultivate here! After staying here for a few months, her originally white face had become tanned, and she was malt-colored now.

Facing high-intensity training every day, she almost had no time to rest. But luckily, she still gritted her teeth and persisted through it.

“Senior Diwu, I’ve finally passed the test this time, right?”

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