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Chapter 1415: Worry

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Only the Heavens knew how much she had suffered for this day. However, what comforted her was that her abilities truly strengthened rapidly during this process!

Just yesterday, she had just broken through to become a stage-nine warrior! This was also the reason why she could handle such a difficult and complicated assessment in such a relaxed manner.

Before she came here, even she didn’t expect to complete such a major breakthrough in such a short period of time.

“Yeah.” Elder Diwu’s voice that contained laughter sounded.

Not far away, light ripples appeared on the clear lake.

“Before you broke through to become a stage-nine warrior, your abilities had strengthened greatly. This is nothing to you now.”

Receiving an affirmative compliment, Mu Hongyu smiled even brighter. “Thank you, Senior Diwu! Then—”

She blinked and asked rather uneasily, “Previously, you said that you’d send me to see Liuyue if I passed the test…”

“Haha, I knew you’d bring this up! Don’t worry. I definitely won’t go back on what I promised you!” Elder Diwu replied very heartily. “However, you can’t rush this matter, and you must wait for an opportune time.”

Mu Hongyu was rather confused. Opportune time? What kind of opportune time? 

At this time, an ear-piercing sound was heard!

Mu Hongyu turned around.

A ray of purple light flew from the sky! In the blink of an eye, it had already reached her.

Mu Hongyu widened her eyes slightly and found this aura very familiar. Hang on! Isn’t this—


Before she could see clearly, the other party’s figure had disappeared! Only a scarce shadow that gradually dissipated was left behind!

In the lake not far away, a soft sound could be heard.

Mu Hongyu instinctively held her breath in. It should be… that person who came back, right? But why does it seem like Liuyue didn’t come back with him? 

Fang Qiu, slightly stunned, stood up and asked.

“He said he’s a government official. If there’s anything you want to know, ask him. I have a lot of things to do now, so I’ll take my leave first.”

As he spoke, Zhao Shanlin immediately turned around and walked out.

The young man stopped before his desk.

“Hello, I’m here on behalf of the Beijiang Bureau of Land Management. You can call me Xiao Li.”

While introducing himself, the young man extended his hand to Fang Qiu.


Hearing that, Fang Qiu immediately understood why he was here and shook hands with him.

“Here’s the thing. The top leaders asked us to allocate a few pieces of land to you. Are you available now? Let’s go take a look.” Xiao Li asked.

“So fast?”

Fang Qiu was surprised.

“It had only been half an hour since Li Ji called me, and this young man is already here at the cultivation base. How could they act so fast?”

“State affairs should be done as quickly as possible.”

The young man smiled and said, “After all, this is a restricted military area, and unauthorized people are not allowed to enter. It’s a waste of resources to leave the land there unused. If it is left in a state of neglect, the land will gradually turn into a desert. So, you should maximize its value.”


“You’re always meticulous, so how could you not consider things? You must’ve reached a dead end, so you had to do this.”

They had known each other for many years and understood each other very well. Others might believe his words, but he couldn’t trick the other party.

After a momentary silence, Dugu Mobao then said, “Forget it. Let’s talk about this later; I’ll treat his wounds first.”

Diwu Zhangze nodded.

During this time, he had also spent quite a lot of effort trying to stabilize Lan Xiao’s injury. But without the Holy Body, he had no independence, and his abilities were limited.

He only could rely on Dugu Mobao.

“Oh right, how is Yue’er Girlie?” asked Diwu Zhangze concernedly.

They had gone for a few months, and they didn’t know how their situation was there.

Dugu Mobao’s brows moved slightly. “She… should be able to break through and reach the Apotheosis Realm soon.”

Ling Xiao Academy.

Chu Liuyue had no idea about whatever was happening outside. She had closed her eyes tightly, and her entire person seemed to enter a certain special state.

And her aura started strengthening at a shocking speed!

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