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Chapter 1413: Give In

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Once he said this, the crowd burst into an uproar. They didn’t send him there earlier or later, yet he sent him there right at this time. Isn’t this clearly protecting him? 

“Elder Bo Yan, if I haven’t recalled wrongly, Fengmin Mountain seems to be a place where Ling Xiao Academy specifically punishes students. Why is Chu Yue locked up there for no reason?” A rather sharp voice was heard.

The scene fell silent for a moment. All pairs of eyes looked at Elder Bo Yan with much intuition and doubt.

Elder Bo Yan stroked his beard. “He has indeed broken quite a few of the academy rules. Originally, he should’ve been immediately locked inside after he came back, but he was unconscious back then. Hence, we let it slide. We only sent him over when he woke up and was feeling better.”

The other party was relentless. “Oh? Elder Bo Yan, is it convenient for you to reveal what rules Chu Yue flouted so that we can know a thing or two?”

Upon hearing this, Elder Bo Yan’s smile faded slightly. “This is my Ling Xiao Academy’s matter. No matter if it’s a punishment or a reward, it seems… to have nothing to do with outsiders, and I don’t have to give others an explanation, right?”

We are normally just more discreet, but it doesn’t mean that Ling Xiao Academy can be bullied by anyone! If anyone wants to interfere in the academy’s business, the world will be in chaos! 

Elder Bo Yan’s words caused the crowd to be unable to retort.

He controlled the entire Ling Xiao Academy at the moment. Whoever he said was in the wrong would be in the wrong. Whoever he wanted to punish, nobody could say anything about it.

Detecting the coldness and anger in Elder Bo Yan’s words, the other party curtly shut his mouth.

However, the others didn’t plan on letting the matter slide just like this.

“Elder Bo Yan, we have no intention of intervening with your academy’s matters. But for Chu Yue… We came here, and we must have an explanation.”

“That’s right. We’ve known each other for so many years, and you also know that we’re not unreasonable. If not forced, we wouldn’t want to offend the academy as well and suddenly pop up here. Today… we really don’t have a choice.”

“In the Flood-Desert Northern Region, all the clans suffered great losses, and only Chu Yue benefitted alone. It is really hard for one not to suspect him. Actually, Elder Bo Yan, you don’t have to be this nervous. You just have to call Chu Yue over and ask him to give an explanation for this incident in front of everyone. In that situation, everyone can speak openly, and it would be good for everyone, right?”

Everyone chipped in a word or two, and many things were said.

Yet, Elder Bo Yan heard it and sneered in his heart continuously. I have lived for so many years. What kind of scene have I not seen before? It looks like these people are indeed considering our relationship. But in actual fact, this isn’t the case! If they really are this reasonable, they wouldn’t directly rush to Fangzhou City and put up such a formation. In other words, the sword is already on their shoulders, yet they pretend like they want to communicate properly. How is this believable? 

How laughable! 

Elder Bo Yan also had very high endurance. Even though he was fuming mad, his expression didn’t change as he still controlled himself and was courteous.

As the other party spoke, he listened. It was only until the other people kept chipping in sentences and words, spoke until their throats were dry, and had finished everything that had to be said that he then slowly nodded. “Everyone makes sense.”

Quite a few people had their eyes light up.

“However…” Elder Bo Yan’s words took a turn. “I also have some things to say to you. The Flood-Desert Northern Region is very dangerous. From ancient times to present times, many strong warriors have gone there without returning. Everyone, you should’ve known this when you first brought people over, right? Not to mention you guys, even my Ling Xiao Academy was in perilous situations. We lost three elders and many students! You come and ask our Ling Xiao Academy for an explanation, then… Who should we find?”

The crowd was stumped.

“Besides, at the very beginning, everyone risked their lives to go to the Flood-Desert Northern Region most probably for the Heavenly Square Cauldron. Now, every single thing has proven that this was just fake news purposely released by someone, and the motive was to lure everyone there and harm us. You’re not investigating who the mastermind is, yet you come to my Ling Xiao Academy and interrogate a teen? Do you feel that he has planned all of this on his own?”

Quite a few faces from the other party started turning ugly.

“I know why you’re not letting go of Chu Yue. It’s just because he obtained a twist of fate in the Flood-Desert Northern Region, so you think he’s problematic. However… Nobody can be sure about luck. Just because he coincidentally gained something, he has to be surrounded and attacked in this manner. Isn’t this… too unfair? You might not know, but Chu Yue originally didn’t go on this trip to the Flood-Desert Northern Region. It was because someone used some tricks later on to lure Hua Feng and the rest over, so he followed.”

Elder Bo Yan laughed, and his old and deep gaze swept past the crowd. “And there’s one last thing I want to ask everyone. You want to ask Chu Yue for an explanation, but can you produce a single piece of evidence that proves that your people’s deaths are related to Chu Yue at all?”

Once he said this, the entire place was silent.

Actually, they also knew that they were being unreasonable on the basis of them being the majority. At the end of the day, they were just indignant.

Yet, they couldn’t find the culprit, so they could only find a substitute to unleash their anger on.

Everyone thought that Ling Xiao Academy would hand Chu Yue over when they saw that they stepped forward in unison. However, they didn’t expect Elder Bo Yan’s attitude to be so stubborn and that he wanted to protect Chu Yue to the end.

This caused some people to start doubting Chu Yue’s identity.

After a temporary stalemate, Elder Bo Yan softened his tone and harmoniously said, “Actually, I can understand everyone’s feelings. After all, it’s not easy for any aristocratic family to produce a strong warrior, not to mention that everyone has suffered a great loss on the Flood-Desert Northern Region trip. Why don’t we do this? We can first work together to investigate this matter. Power lies in numbers—perhaps we might be able to find something out. Besides, when Chu Yue comes out from Fengming Mountain, I can then ask him to give everyone an explanation.”

Elder Bo Yan took a step back to make progress and give them an out.

Quite a few people hesitated. They originally weren’t willing to completely go against Ling Xiao Academy. If they could discuss and come up with a solution, that would be for the best.

Besides, even if Chu Yue could hide in Ling Xiao Academy for a while, it was impossible for him to hide there forever. As long as they wanted to find him, there would be a chance.

Since Elder Bo Yan had said so much, perhaps they should also take a step back.

“Since this is so, then—”

“I’m afraid this won’t do.” An objection suddenly sounded.

Elder Bo Yan knitted his brows and looked over.

The person speaking was Jin Di.

“Elder Bo Yan, everyone present came from distant places just for Chu Yue to come out and explain everything. If we just go back now, when will we have to wait until?”

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