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Chapter 1406: When is it Your Turn to be Worried

After experiencing all the previous incidents, Jiang Zhiyuan originally thought that she had already trained her mindset. Even if she faced a bigger problem, she could still face it freely.

But after waiting here for nothing for three days, she finally faced hopelessness once again. She had never expected that the Sky-Cloud Empire—a place she could come and go as she pleased since she was young—would one day reject her at the door! And it was so merciless!

Jiang Hetian’s expression was even worse, but he was still someone experienced and could hold himself back better than his daughter.

Glancing at the sky, he stepped forward again and asked the guard stationed at the door, “Respected Elder Yu Jing hasn’t come back yet?”

The guard cupped his fists, but his expression was cold and nonchalant. “Respected Elder Yu Jing is busy. We don’t know when he will come either.”

How could Jiang Hetian not tell that the other person was being perfunctory? If it were in the past, how would they dare to have such an attitude toward him? But the Sky-Cloud Empire’s Princess Consort had now been settled. Jiang Zhiyuan wasn’t chosen, so the guards naturally didn’t have to treat them with so much respect.

Besides, the incident of Jiang Zhiyuan being expelled from Ling Xiao Academy had spread far and wide.

According to the Sky-Cloud Empire’s sensitivity, they definitely would’ve long known about this. If it weren’t because Fairy Water Mound still had a foothold amongst the 28 divisions, they might not even have the chance to wait here and would’ve been directly chased away!

Jiang Hetian glanced inside again. Of course, he couldn’t see anything clearly from here.

He paused and couldn’t help but ask, “Did you really report to them the news of our arrival?”

“Master Jiang, do you not trust us?” The guard knitted his brows. Isn’t this openly doubting us?! 

Jiang Hetian’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately said, “It’s a misunderstanding—misunderstanding! Maybe Elder Yu Jing is still busy… We’ll continue waiting.”

Then, he took two steps back and stood at the side.

When Jiang Zhiyuan saw this scene, she almost crushed her silver teeth. If it weren’t for me… Father wouldn’t be humiliated! 

“What’s the noise about?” Right at this moment, a cold and stern voice sounded.

Jiang Zhiyuan and Jiang Hetian were elated, and they looked up!

An elder walked out from the barrier within. It was Respected Elder Yu Jing, who they had bitterly waited three days for!

“Respected Elder Yu Jing—” Jiang Hetian hurriedly went forward.

Just as he was about to speak, he saw Respected Elder Yu Jing hold up his palm. “You don’t have to speak further. I already know about this.”

His tone was much more nonchalant compared to the past, but it was already a surprise to Jiang Hetian and his daughter that he would come out, so why would they care so much?

Respected Elder Yu Jing looked at Jiang Zhiyuan with a harsh gaze. “You want to go into the Sky-Cloud Empire and cultivate on your own?”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s entire body shuddered from the gaze, and she softly acknowledged it. “I’ve done something wrong lately and have caused quite a lot of trouble for everyone, so… I hope to cultivate here and wait for the clan leader to come out of seclusion.”

“The clan leader has been in seclusion for many years, and nobody knows when he will come out. Once you go in… you don’t know when you can come out. Are you sure?” Respected Elder Yu Jing squinted his eyes.

Jiang Zhiyuan tightly wrapped her hands together over her stomach. After a moment, she said, “The clan leader has always doted on me, and this is what I should do. As long as the clan leader doesn’t come out of seclusion, I won’t leave Wan Zhong Mountain!”

Wan Zhong mountain was where the clan leader went into seclusion.

Respected Elder Yu Jing sized Jiang Zhiyuan up and down for quite some time. “Since this is so… From today onward, you will—”

“Hey, why is this place so crowded?” Before Respected Elder Yu Jing could finish, a voice containing laughter came from afar.

But hearing this voice, a few people’s expressions changed.

In the blink of an eye, that person’s figure had rapidly approached.

“Greetings, 36 Respected Elder Ming!” The guard bowed respectfully.

36 Respected Elder Ming laughed and waved his hands as his gaze quickly swept across the few of them. Seemingly surprised, he asked, “Hey, Master Jiang, since when did you come? Why did you not tell us in advance? Look, you came so far, but we didn’t even prepare anything for you in advance. It won’t be nice if we don’t treat you well!”

Jiang Hetian’s expression faintly turned green. Why did this fellow come! Hearing his tone, he is clearly here to cause trouble! I purposely revealed the news to only Elder Yu Jing because I wanted to enter the Sky-Cloud Empire before the news spread. As long as the matter is settled, others can’t jump out to object to it. But now that 36 Respected Elder Ming is here, it will be hard for Jiang Zhiyuan to go into the Sky-Cloud Empire! 

He forced a smile and said, “36 Respected Elder Ming, you’re very busy, and I wouldn’t dare to disturb you. We have… already spoken to Respected Elder Yu Jing beforehand…”

“I heard you talking about the clan leader earlier. What’s going on?” 36 Respected Elder Ming laughed and interrupted Jiang Hetian as he silently and decisively moved past this incident and looked at Jiang Zhiyuan. “It seems like… it’s related to you?”

He’s asking the obvious! Jiang Zhiyuan secretly felt angry. According to 36 Respected Elder Ming’s status and capabilities, he can immediately know whatever he wants to know. Openly asking us is just to purposely put me in a difficult spot and cause me to be humiliated! 

But Jiang Zhiyuan didn’t dare to say much, so she could only repeat her previous words. Of course, she made herself sound very miserable, pitiful, and extremely sincere.

However, this method didn’t work on 36 Respected Elder Ming, and he directly asked, “…So it means that you’ll be staying in the Sky-Cloud Empire in the future?”

Jiang Zhiyuan was stumped. Why does this sound so weird…

“If the clan leader can come out of seclusion earlier, I can naturally—”

“The clan leader has been in seclusion for many years. If he needs another ten years or twenty years… If I haven’t recalled wrongly, Zhiyuan, you’re… already of marriageable age, right? Won’t it be a delay if you waste a major portion of your youth here?!” 36 Respected Elder Ming sighed emotionally.

Jiang Zhiyuan’s expression instantly changed incredulously! Marriageable age? Is he purposely mocking me for not becoming the princess consort?! All these years, everyone thought that I would be the Sky-Cloud Empire’s princess consort, but I am nothing in the end! 

Jiang Zhiyuan lowered her eyes, terrified that her emotions would show and that others would see them. Then, she clenched her teeth and said, “Such matters can’t be forced, and they all depend on fate. Besides, my individual matters are so small, and it’s not worth a mention compared to the clan leader exiting his seclusion. No matter if it is ten years, twenty years, or even longer, I can still wait!”

She said it very determinedly. This was because this was her only path now!

36 Respected Elder Ming raised his brows, and his smile became fainter. “You’re willing to do this, but you need to see if others are agreeable to it. After all, this Sky-Cloud Empire… isn’t your Jiang family, right?”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart skipped a beat, and she hurriedly explained, “36 Respected Elder Ming, I don’t—”

“Besides, the clan leader has an important and special status. In what name… would you go there?” 36 Respected Elder Ming stroked his beard. “The Sky-Cloud Empire has its princess consort stationed here now. Everything will be handled by her. You… don’t have to be worried about this!”

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