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Chapter 1407: Personally

Is he not planning on letting me in!? How can this be? I have nowhere to go now, and… the Liang family will definitely cause trouble for me soon! Jiang Zhiyuan could not help but ask, “I-is this… the Princess Consort’s idea?”

When Jiang Zhiyuan asked this, she purposely looked at 36 Respected Elder Ming, wanting to see any traces or hints from his face. That was because the thoughts in her heart weren’t fully dispelled until now.

She just felt that there was something wrong with that Shangguan Yue. Could it be that she’s really not in the Sky-Cloud Empire? 

However, 36 Respected Elder Ming suddenly laughed. “This is my idea. After all, for such a small matter… there really is no need to disturb the Princess Consort’s cultivation, right?”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s body swayed. Small matter… I’m now treading the line between life and death, yet to them, it is just a small matter that isn’t enough to affect Shangguan Yue. Hah—how laughable! 

If there weren’t other people watching from the side, Jiang Zhiyuan wanted to burst out in cold laughter. She wanted to laugh at the high and mighty Shangguan Yue, and laugh at her insignificant self.

This was the first time she clearly realized that the position of the Sky-Cloud Empire’s princess consort had been occupied by that woman! And this brief address had completely decided the difference in the duo’s statuses. Even if she had all the indignation and vengeance in the world, she could only look up to the other party.

If she wanted to stand on the same level as the other party… It would be much more difficult in the future!

“She just wants to accompany the clan leader; she is filial after all. 36 Respected Elder Ming, why must you put a child in a difficult spot?” At the side, Respected Elder Yu Jing finally spoke.

He had very complicated feelings toward the Jiang family.

In the past, Jiang Zhiyuan was greatly doted on by the clan leader, and everyone thought that she would be the future princess consort. Additionally, Fairy Water Mound had always been the strongest and the one with the most background out of the 28 divisions. He wanted to pull them in, so he was closer to them.

However, who would’ve thought that the clan leader would go into seclusion for a few years, and Jiang Zhiyuan didn’t become the princess consort—not even a second consort.

Not to mention that she had come back with a load of trouble.

Originally, Respected Elder Yu Jing didn’t want to interfere in such matters, but he had interacted with Fairy Water Mound for so many years, and they were deeply connected. If he really just watched from the side, he would very likely be dragged down by the Jiang family.

Helpless, he could only help them.

Originally, everything was fine. As long as he let them in first, the others couldn’t say anything.

Who would’ve thought 36 Respected Elder Ming would come out of nowhere! And this attitude… He clearly disagreed!

“It’s precisely because the clan leader doted on her the most in the past, so I feel that this matter is inappropriate!” 36 Respected Elder Ming seriously said, “When the clan leader comes out and knows that he delayed you because of this, won’t his heart ache even more?”


“In my opinion, you just have to take good care of yourself! If you’re good, the clan leader will naturally be happy!

36 Respected Elder Ming was still laughing, yet the determination in his words didn’t allow for any doubts.

The expressions of the few people present changed. In this current situation, how can Jiang Zhiyuan be good? Other than the Sky-Cloud Empire, she has nowhere else to go! 36 Respected Elder Ming is determined to push her to her death! 

Jiang Hetian’s blood boiled, but he didn’t dare to confront 36 Respected Elder Ming openly. He could only take a deep breath in and look to Respected Elder Yu Jing for help.

Respected Elder Yu Jing was also very frustrated. “Even she herself—”

Jiang Zhiyuan suddenly took a step forward. “Since 36 Respected Elder Ming has said so, then… I would like to personally meet the princess consort and talk to her about this. If she’s willing to let me stay, I’ll stay. If she wants me to leave, I’ll leave. I won’t drag on my feet and be relentless. Respected Elder, what do you think?!”

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