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Chapter 1405: Pursuit

Once this thought flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind, she felt that a faint ray of light quickly flashed across her eyes.

She closed her eyes. When she looked up again, there was nothing.

The space was still empty.

Her fingertips moved slightly. Then, she strangely discovered that the surrounding space seemed to be stickier.

This change was very subtle. If one didn’t observe closely, they wouldn’t notice it.

Confusion surfaced in Chu Liuyue’s heart. Why does this place… seem increasingly weird?

She originally wanted to ask Elder Meng, but a thought popped up in her mind. Everything here should be under Elder Meng’s control. Since he has no reaction, it should be fine. 

She closed her eyes and focused on her cultivation.

Chu Liuyue stayed at Fengmin Mountain in that manner.

Outside, chaos ensued.

The Liang family’s Third Young Master, Liang Shaokang, died ambiguously in the Flood-Desert Northern Region, and they didn’t even know who the murderer was.

Liang Xiaoxiao hurriedly rushed back to the Liang family. When she reached home, the entire Liang family had already received the news.

From the inside to the outside, the entire Liang family had a stiff and stern atmosphere.

In the study.

The Liang family head, Liang Yiye, had a face that was as still as water, and his brows were tightly furrowed. His bloodshot eyes and the two patches of black below them caused this extraordinary and capable character to look much frailer.

Even though he had quite a few sons, he doted on Liang Shaokang the most. Now that he had painfully lost his beloved son, how could he not be upset?

When Liang Xiaoxiao entered, she realized that the air seemed to be frozen.

“Father!” She opened her mouth, and the tears in her eyes had already fallen.

Liang Yiye immediately went forward. “Xiaoxiao! You’re finally back!”

He stared at his daughter closely. “You followed the academy to the Flood-Desert Northern Region previously. Do you know what exactly happened to your elder brother there?”

Liang Xiaoxiao first wiped her tears before forcefully controlling her crying voice and asking, “Father, didn’t you previously say that the clan was busy, so you won’t be interfering with the Flood-Desert Northern Region matters? How did Third Brother appear there?”

Liang Yiye was dazed and averted his gaze. “He… He secretly went there behind my back—”

“Father, you say such words, but do you believe it yourself? Third Brother didn’t go there alone; he had brought quite a few elders with him! Without your agreement, how could Third Brother bring them along?”

Liang Xiaoxiao originally didn’t know about it, but this news had already spread throughout the entire Liang family. No matter how slow she was, she should know about it.

Liang Yiye let go of the hand that was clutching his daughter’s arm and turned away. He then took a deep breath in, closed his eyes, and said after a while, “…You also know that your Third Brother isn’t considered the most outstanding in all aspects. It would be hard to convince the crowd if he was to inherit the family assets… If he could gain credit at then Flood-Desert Northern Region, then—”

“Father, you were foolish!” Liang Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but interrupt her father, and there seemed to be fire burning in her chest. “Don’t you know best about how capable Third Brother is? The Flood-Desert Northern Region is so dangerous, yet you just let him go?!”

And he even hid it from me! No, this should’ve been done behind the backs of everyone in the Liang family! It was just for… Liang Shaokang to shock everyone in one move! It was so that he could take this chance to ascend! 

Liang Yiye couldn’t help but raise his voice. “I had already sent quite a few elders to follow him closely. Who would’ve known—”

His voice suddenly trailed off. The veins on his forehead popped up, and he slammed his fists against the table at the side.


The superior black metal-wood engraved table was crushed until a corner almost fell off.

Liang Xiaoxiao’s body trembled, and her heart ached. Yeah! Father only did it for Third Brother’s good. With the current outcome, he should be more upset than anyone, right? 

She took a deep breath in and uttered every single word clearly: “Father, even though I don’t know who the murderer is, I know where to start investigating.”

Liang Yiye suddenly turned around.

Liang Xiaoxiao clenched her fists tightly, and deep enmity exuded from her eyes. “Jiang Zhiyuan! If you want to find out the truth, you just have to find her!”

“Jiang Zhiyuan? Fairy Water Mound’s Jiang family? What has this got to do with her?” Liang Yiye was confused. Seeing his daughter’s gaze, he couldn’t help but ask, “Besides, weren’t you on very good terms with her? How—”

“Good? Hah! Father, you don’t know what that b*tch did!” Following this, Liang Xiaoxiao told her father everything that she knew.

Liang Yiye’s expression rapidly changed. In the end, it was left with frost.

“The academy has always had a neutral stance, so it’s basically impossible to get any information from them. However… Jiang Zhiyuan is different! Besides, Third Brother asked her for help back then, but she still ignored him! She’s really hateable!”

Liang Xiaoxiao wanted to shred Jiang Zhiyuan apart directly!

“I know…” Liang Yiye suppressed the anger in his heart and immediately sneered. “She just came from a mere Fairy Water Mound, yet she has such courage! I really want to see how they plan to give our Liang family an explanation!”

Then, he lifted his leg and walked outside.

“Father! Where are you going?” Liang Xiaoxiao was stunned and hurriedly followed.

Liang Yiye didn’t even turn around. “I’m going to Fairy Water Mound personally to investigate the truth and take revenge for Shaokang!”

Liang Xiaoxiao pressed her lips against each other. “I’ll go with you!”

The people from the Liang family went to Fairy Water Mound ferociously, but it was to no avail. Jiang Zhiyuan didn’t even return to Fairy Water Mound—she directly went to the Sky-Cloud Empire!

“B*tch! She’s so cunning!” Liang Xiaoxiao’s blood boiled. If Jiang Zhiyuan has escaped to the Sky-Cloud Empire, it won’t be so easy if we want to force her out again. After all, the Sky-Cloud Empire is also a top-tier aristocratic family, and their status is only higher and not lower than ours. 

They directly rushed over to cause trouble for Fairy Water Mound, but they didn’t dare to barge through the Sky-Cloud Empire’s door directly!

Yet, Liang Yiye had a different attitude. “The Sky-Cloud Empire might not protect her… Xiaoxiao, didn’t you previously say that Jiang Zhiyuan had once asked Rong Xiu for help, but Rong Xiu didn’t care about her?”

Liang Xiaoxiao laughed in mockery. “Yeah! She still thinks she’s the future princess consort of the Sky-Cloud Empire, and she thought Rong Xiu would treat her differently… In reality, Rong Xiu wouldn’t even give her another glance!”

That day, Rong Xiu could be considered to have given Jiang Zhiyuan a tight slap in public!

“That’s it then.” Liang Yiye heaved a sigh of relief. “Rong Xiu is now in charge of the Sky-Cloud Empire. His attitude toward Jiang Zhiyuan determines the Sky-Cloud Empire’s attitude toward her.”

With such a huge problem, I don’t believe that the Sky-Cloud Empire will really get involved! 

Liang Xiaoxiao’s eyes lit up. “Father, you’re right! Jiang Zhiyuan has been expelled from Ling Xiao Academy now, and her reputation can be considered to be tarnished in the God Residence Realm! Even if Fairy Water Mound is the leader of the 28 divisions in the Sky-Cloud Empire, they might not be willing to protect this clan!”

Liang Yiye nodded. “Then… we can directly go to the Sky-Cloud Empire. If Jiang Zhiyuan is rejected at the door, we can directly take action!”

The Sky-Cloud Empire.

Jiang Hetian and Jiang Zhiyuan stood outside the barrier for three days and three nights.

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