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Chapter 1404: A Door

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After some time, some ripples finally appeared on the barrier in front as it opened slowly.

“Come in.” An old and low voice went into their ears.

Chu Liuyue was slightly dazed. This voice… sounds sterner, colder, and deeper than before, with a few hints of lethargy in it. It has only been a while since I haven’t been here. How—

Rong Xiu squinted his phoenix eyes slightly, clearly noticing that something was wrong, and exchanged a glance with Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue moved her figure and went in with Rong Xiu.

The two of them walked forward and reached the pagoda.

With the previous experiences, Chu Liuyue also knew her way around now. She walked straight to the door.

Three steps away from it, the door opened slowly. Looking in, it was completely back.

Chu Liuyue’s heart tightened. She took a deep breath in and walked in.

“Yue—Chu Yue.” Rong Xiu suddenly called her.

Chu Liuyue turned around.

The two of them stared at each other. There seemed to be something slowly flowing.

Rong Xiu moved his thin lips slightly, and there seemed to be ripples in his eyes, but they returned to normal in the end. “Have… a smooth journey.”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly. “Don’t worry. I will.”

Then, she turned around and walked in without hesitation.


The door closed shut, and her figure totally disappeared from his vision.

Rong Xiu stood upright with one hand behind his back as he stared at that door for some time. After a while, he finally turned around to leave.

Coming to this place again, Chu Liuyue actually felt a sense of familiarity and that she hadn’t come to this place in a while.

Step by step, she walked in. Suddenly, she paused in her tracks and stared at the scene before her in shock.

In the spacious and quiet room, the original seven floating doors were actually only left with six!

The six doors had different positions, and they were equidistant from each other. At first glance, one couldn’t even tell that there were initially seven doors here.

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment and asked, “Elder Meng, why… is there a missing door?”

After a temporary silence, Elder Meng’s voice then sounded softly. “Nothing much. There was some small mishap in between.”

Small mishap? It doesn’t seem like it at all. Chu Liuyue silently cursed to herself. There were a total of seven doors, and one is suddenly missing out of nowhere. If it weren’t because I had come here before, I wouldn’t have been able to notice this problem. 

But hearing Elder Meng’s words, he didn’t seem like he wanted to talk about it in detail. Thus, Chu Liuyue sensibly did not ask further.

“Originally… I didn’t want anyone to come in during this period, but Bo Yan and Rong Xiu spoke for you, so I could only agree…” boomed Elder Meng.

A strange expression flashed across Chu Liuyue’s face. To others, being locked up here is one of the worst punishments, and they want to avoid this place with all their might. Only me… Not only do I want to come, but others are even helping me… This feeling is really… weirdly amazing! Rong Xiu and the others should’ve used the same words he used on Elder Wan Zheng to convince Elder Meng… 

For some reason, Chu Liuyue felt guilty.

“Thank you, Elder Meng.” She cupped her fists, respectfully bowed, and greeted him.

“Alright. You’ve been in the academy for a few months, and this is already your third time here. Others might not know, but do you think I won’t know your playful nature?” Elder Meng lightly snorted.

Chu Liuyue coughed lightly and touched her nose rather awkwardly. It’s really… 

“Even though there’s a door missing, it doesn’t affect much. You just have to choose one and stay inside.”

I really don’t know what this kid has done again that caused Bo Yan and Rong Xiu to put in a few words for him together, just to send him over. If it were normal times, it would’ve been fine. However, it has to be now… If it weren’t in consideration of those few people, I wouldn’t let this kid in at this time! Forget it! It’s just a small matter! 

Chu Liuyue acknowledged him and looked at the six doors before her.

These doors were still glowing with a faint light. They didn’t seem any different from before.

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment before pointing to the door on the leftmost. “I want to choose this one.”

“Go in,” Elder Meng replied swiftly.

Chu Liuyue walked over. She put one hand on the door and pushed hard.

The door didn’t move at all.

“Hm?” Chu Liuyue took a step back strangely and took a closer look. There’s no problem, but why can’t I open the door? 

She tried increasing her strength. She still couldn’t open it.

This shouldn’t be… my fault, right? Chu Liuyue yelled with conflict, “Elder Meng, I can’t… open the door?”

Elder Meng clearly didn’t expect such a situation to happen. In the past, all of these doors could be opened casually.

“You really can’t open it?”

Chu Liuyue pushed again and had an innocent look.

The door was like a wall of steel, and she really couldn’t push it open.

“Try the others then,” said Elder Meng.

Chu Liuyue nodded and walked to the second door.

With her push, her expression changed again. “…Elder Meng, I still can’t open it.”

“Impossible!” Elder Meng raised his voice.

“Could I still lie to you here?” Chu Liuyue laughed bitterly. It isn’t like I haven’t come before. I just pushed the door to enter every single time. Since when was it like this time, where I’m trying my best to open but it is to no avail? This door clearly has a problem! 

Elder Meng was quiet for a moment. “Change again!”

Chu Liuyue held her breath in and walked to the third door.

Staring at the door before her, she suddenly had a strong prediction. Perhaps…

She reached out. After trying, she shook her head and gave up. “Elder Meng, I can’t.”

Then, under Elder Meng’s instructions, Chu Liuyue tried all six doors once.

All of them couldn’t be opened. All of the doors seemed to be locked tightly from the inside, and she couldn’t open them at all.

Chu Liuyue rubbed her brows and felt her head ache.

Elder Meng couldn’t help but ask, “Is there… a problem with you kid?!”

Chu Liuyue was confused. “Elder Meng, I haven’t come in a while. This… shouldn’t be my fault, right?”

Chu Liuyue felt like she had bumped into porcelain! When I first came, there was a door missing. Therefore, something clearly happened here! How could this be my fault?! 

Elder Meng was stumped for once. Then, he coldly snorted, “Just stay in the hall then!”

This kid has some temper! Originally, I was already worried sick about that thing. Now, I still have to take care of this kid! It really is an uphill task! 

Chu Liuyue: “Oh…”

I’ll stay in the hall if I have to. Anyway, all these doors can’t be opened, so going anywhere will be the same. Then, Chu Liuyue directly sat down.

The jade ground was as cold as ice.

A gush of coldness overwhelmed her, and she unwittingly shuddered.

Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged, and her shoulders naturally dropped down. She then placed her palm on her knees facing upward.

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force slowly entered her body.

Chu Liuyue gradually calmed her heart. Although the force density here isn’t as high as inside the door, it still isn’t bad… 

Suddenly, a lightning-like thought flashed across her mind! Hang on! Could the door that disappeared be…. The one I previously passed through?! 

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