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Chapter 1403: That Place is Pretty Nice

“Meng Ye, why are you here?!” Elder Wan Zheng was in a good mood, so he was even laughing when he looked at Elder Meng Ye.

“Of course, I’m here to give you something!” yelled Elder Meng Ye confidently. While he spoke, he already walked to the front. He looked closely and saw that Chu Liuyue was standing beside Elder Wan Zheng.

He was first surprised. Then, he suddenly thought of something, and his smile had a deeper meaning to it. “Hoho! Chu Yue, you’re here too? How are you? Are you feeling better?”

Chu Liuyue sighed in her heart. It seems like the entire academy knows about me sleeping for such a long time. 

“Thank you for your concern, Elder Meng Ye.” Chu Liuyue bowed obediently.

“I just woke up today, and my body is much better, so I thought of paying my mentor a visit. I didn’t expect to meet you so coincidentally. Elder Meng Ye, how have you been doing lately?”

“Good! Of course, I’m good!” Elder Meng Ye flipped his fan and laughed out loud. I stayed in the academy and looked after Medicinal Valley safely. How can I not be good? Those who aren’t good are probably those that went to the Flood-Desert Northern Region! 

“Oh right, Wan Zheng, I came today to give you something.” Elder Meng Ye chuckled.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly and instantly wanted to leave. “Mentor, Elder Meng Ye, I won’t disturb you if you two have things to talk about.”

Elder Wan Zheng hurriedly said, “Hey, why are you leaving when you just came? We haven’t even had a good talk!”

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips twitched. If this continues, we probably can’t talk properly. 

Elder Meng Ye chuckled. “If the child wants to leave, let him go! His body has just recovered, and he has many things to do! Am I right, Chu Yue?”

Chu Liuyue seriously nodded. It seems like Elder Meng Ye has no intentions of pushing me to my death. 

However, Elder Wan Zheng still refused. “Even if he has something on, he has to postpone it!”

This is my precious disciple! Anyone else has to take a back seat! 

“Meng Ye, what did you say you wanted to give me?”

Elder Meng Ye clenched his fist and coughed dryly. “Actually, it’s nothing much…”

Elder Wan Zheng found it strange. Meng Ye usually stays in Medicinal Valley and rarely comes out. Normally, he will only willingly leave that place if he has something important to do. What is with him today? 

At this point, another person came forward. “Chu Yue.”

Chu Liuyue turned around and instantly heaved a sigh of relief. “Senior Brother Rong Xiu.”

“Rong Xiu, why are you here too?” Elder Wan Zheng’s gaze swept past the few of them. What kind of day is it? All these people who rarely step foot into this place actually all came over! 

Rong Xiu seemed to be walking slowly, but he was very fast. He reached them in no time.

He first bowed to the two elders respectively before he slowly smiled and said, “Elder Bo Yan told me to come over and bring Chu Yue to Fengmin Mountain.”

At this moment, both elders were taken aback. “Fengmin Mountain?”


There was a momentary silence.

Chu Liuyue rubbed her glabella.

“How can this do!? Chu Yue has just woken up, and his body hasn’t recovered yet! He can’t go!” Elder Wan Zheng protected his disciples greatly and wouldn’t agree no matter what. To him, his precious disciple had literally just gotten out of suffering, yet he had to go to hell again!

“Mentor, this is Elder Bo Yan’s command. We can’t disobey it. I think—”

The moment Chu Liuyue said this, Elder Wan Zheng interrupted her. “Don’t worry! This time, I will personally get an explanation for you! Has he become used to bullying our mentor-disciple duo?!”

Chu Liuyue felt her head ache even more.

“Elder Wan Zheng.” Rong Xiu didn’t seem worried as he smiled and said. “Elder Bo Yan has his reasons for doing so.”

“Reason? What reason?” Elder Wan Zheng was extremely indignant. My precious disciple has suffered quite a bit recently. How could he go to Fengmin Mountain at this time?!

Rong Xiu slowly explained, “After the Flood-Desert Northern Region incident, the academy has been investigating the truth behind it. I heard that the other top-tier aristocratic families and clans have slowly been coming out these few days and have started doing this as well. A chaotic battle… might erupt.”

Elder Wan Zheng paused in his actions, and his expression became complicated.

“Chu Yue was the only one taken away by those people in public, not to mention that she had obtained some miracle at that place and continuously broke through to become a stage-nine warrior. She will definitely become one of the targets that the crowd is chasing after. If she enters Fengmin Mountain… On the one hand, she will be able to cultivate quietly. On the other hand, she can also avoid all those conflicts.” Rong Xiu’s tone was still very calm, but it had some strange convincing power to it, which caused others to believe him unknowingly.

Elder Wan Zheng was quiet for some time.

Chu Liuyue stepped forward. “Mentor, don’t worry. I think that… Fengmin Mountain is quite nice.”

She said this sincerely, but to Elder Wan Zheng, he just felt that his precious disciple didn’t want him to worry and thus purposely said this.

His heart ached even more, and he continuously sighed. “Forget it! If this is so… you can go over for a while. When this passes, you must come out as soon as possible!”

Chu Liuyue smiled. “Then… Mentor, I’ll leave with Senior Brother Rong Xiu now?”

Elder Wan Zheng waved his hands.

Chu Liuyue bowed again before leaving with Rong Xiu.

Looking at the two of them leave until their figures disappeared, Elder Wan Zheng then retracted his gaze reluctantly.

“Hey, don’t be so sad.” At the side, Elder Meng Ye nudged him with his elbow and passed something over.

“What is this?” Elder Wan Zheng took it in confusion.

Elder Meng Ye bared his teeth and smiled. “Actually, it’s nothing much. It’s… the bill incurred from the herbs that Chu Yue took from Medicinal Valley. Look, is it time to settle it?”

Elder Wan Zheng laughed. “I thought it was something else! Isn’t it just—”

His voice suddenly trailed off.

Elder Wan Zheng stared at the thing in his hand with his eyes wide open and mouth agape. He almost thought that his eyes were blurry. “D-did this kid pick the entire Medicinal Valley once?!”

Elder Meng Ye was rather unhappy. “Hey… that’s too much of an exaggeration! It’s clearly only three-quarters of it. Besides, don’t you have many points? It won’t be considered much to you, right?”

Elder Wan Zheng closed his eyes. He suddenly recalled what his disciple said: That Fengmin Mountain is pretty nice… Can avoid the crowd… 

He knew that this was waiting for me! 

“Naughty kid!” Elder Wan Zheng harshly shoved the bill back into Elder Meng Ye’s hands. “Settle it! I must develop a top heavenly doctor in the future!”

Chu Liuyue didn’t hear Elder Wan Zheng’s ambitious words.

She went forward with Rong Xiu, and they could be considered to know the path well as they quickly reached Fengmin Mountain.

Rong Xiu stepped forward. “Elder Meng, Rong Xiu has brought Chu Yue here to see you.”

Nobody answered, and it was completely quiet.

Rong Xiu knitted his brows slightly. “Elder Meng?”

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