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Chapter 1373: Obey

Chu Liuyue was extremely fast. In no time, she had arrived under the purplish-gold bodhi tree.

She looked up.

The charming leaves swayed with the wind and looked lively. Waves of invisible and peculiar aura flowed in the surroundings, exuding a shocking and energetic aura.

Even in the God Residence Realm, purplish-gold Buddha leaves were extremely rare treasures. Now that a purplish-gold bodhi tree suddenly appeared, it was even more precious.

If the Heavenly Square Cauldron and the many legendary three-eyed eagles didn’t appear at the same time in front of them, the crowd wouldn’t be this calm when they saw that tree.

Of course, the reason why they didn’t move was something else—wouldn’t they be courting death if they attacked the purplish-gold bodhi tree in front of the legendary three-eyed eagles?

Chu Liuyue stood under the tree and turned around to take a look. The few legendary three-eyed eagles had already followed and surrounded her completely.

Chu Liuyue could clearly feel the intense hatred in their eyes!

She raised her brows slightly. This hatred came rather suddenly. Even though I have helped Shi Rui’er, it doesn’t seem like they should have such a reaction. Then… It is because of something else? Could it be because of that fake Heavenly Square Cauldron? 

Once this thought surfaced in her mind, the legendary three-eyed eagle at the front suddenly flapped its wings! At the same time, it let out a sharp shriek!



A crisp cracking sound was heard!

The transparent square cauldron—which was floating in mid-air not far away—suddenly exploded!

Everyone was taken aback! Following this, they saw that the transparent square cauldron shards immediately burned and glowed before leaving behind a transparent fire.


That ball of fire rapidly flew over! In the end, it was directly swallowed by the legendary three-eyed eagle at the front!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes sparkled slightly. I see… That spark of fire was the karmic fire in the Heavenly Square Cauldron. I don’t know what method these legendary three-eyed eagles used to extract the fire from within and preserve it to this day. It seems like they had even directly controlled it to become their own force. 

They used this fire to fabricate the Heavenly Square Cauldron and lured everyone over. The reason being… To find the person that truly held the Heavenly Square Cauldron! When I made a move and caused the Heavenly Square Cauldron’s fire to disperse, they should’ve already realized this. Their intense hatred should’ve come because of that. 

Chu Liuyue held the tree trunk lightly with one hand, and aura was inserted within!

“He’s rather relaxed!”

Everyone didn’t have a good opinion of this as they discussed it softly.

“The purplish-gold bodhi tree is a legendary tree of the legendary three-eyed eagles. How can other people taint it?”

“I think Chu Yue really doesn’t realize what he’s doing. He thinks that he can do whatever he wants just because he broke through and became a stage-nine warrior. He doesn’t realize that there are many strong warriors in this world that he can’t afford to offend!”

“I heard that Chu Yue has a red-tailed phoenix. That’s probably the reason why he’s so confident, right?”

“So what? The legendary three-eyed eagles and red-tailed phoenixes never interact with each other. If they really meet, one person can’t defeat a crowd. Chu Yue has no advantage!”

The legendary three-eyed eagle at the front suddenly flew up and went straight for Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes.

The leaves thrived on the purplish-gold bodhi tree.

A light breeze blew, and the leaves flowed with it.

The voice beside Chu Liuyue’s ear suddenly trailed off, and everything became peaceful and quiet.

Countless pairs of eyes looked over.

The sharp beak looked like it was about to peck Chu Liuyue’s face!

Elder Hua Feng clenched his fists tightly, and his heart almost jumped out of his chest!

Hopelessness flashed across Shi Rui’er’s gaze. She dazedly watched this scene as two streams of tears fell down from the corner of her eyes.

The corner of Jiang Zhiyuan’s lips slowly curled up into a cold smile.

But at this moment, the purplish-gold bodhi tree swayed lightly!


The leaves rustled—they dazzled brightly!

That legendary three-eyed eagle suddenly stopped all its movements in front of Chu Liuyue. After a temporary pause, it stared into Chu Liuyue’s eyes. From hatred, its feelings became shock, disbelief, and finally, intense elation!

It retracted its wings and landed before Chu Liuyue, looking like it was about to bow.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes slightly.

A gust of wind blew over, and the leaves gradually stopped swaying.

That legendary three-eyed eagle suddenly stopped in its movements as a look of understanding flashed across its eyes. Then, it moved a step back and yelled toward the sky.

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt the purplish-gold bodhi tree shake beside her.

She looked up.

The countless purplish-gold Buddha leaves flew out! They flew to mid-air and connected continuously, seemingly forming a gigantic barrier!

“Quickly retreat!” Someone gasped in shock.

The crowd, which was silent for a long time, finally moved. Everyone retreated respectively!

The crowd from the Flying Star Sect was as fast as lightning as they hurriedly went forward and brought Shi Rui’er away.

“No! Chu Yue is still there!” Shi Rui’er struggled and wanted to go back.

The elder with white brows boomed, “Leave with Second Miss first. I’ll find a way to save Chu Yue!”

With Shi Rui’er’s current condition, she wouldn’t be able to help even if she stayed. She might even be their burden.

Shi Rui’er rapidly understood this and swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty. She could only hurriedly and worriedly swallow her remaining words and stare at the young man standing quietly underneath the purplish-gold bodhi tree.

How exactly—

Elder Hua Feng’s figure flashed, and he had already rushed over.

However, the barrier formed at a faster speed than he had expected. Without waiting for him to get near to Chu Liuyue, a purplish-gold barrier had already blocked him!

The strong suppression loomed. Before Elder Hua Feng could even touch that barrier, his body had already flown out!

Everyone was either willingly or forced to spread in all directions!

They looked at the scene in front of them in shock.

The brilliant purplish-gold barrier enveloped everything and blocked the whole world on the outside!

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