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Chapter 1374: Meeting

The barrier extended and separated everything outside, but the magical thing was that sunlight could still seep in. Hence, the surrounding scenery didn’t seem different from before.

Oh no, there were still some changes—the places where the purplish-gold bodhi tree hid had basically changed into another appearance.

Looking around, everywhere was warm like spring and very energetic.

Chu Liuyue then relaxed her hands and looked in front.

The legendary three-eyed eagle standing at the front couldn’t conceal its emotions.

Chu Liuyue laughed lightly. “Zi Chen, come out and meet your clansmen.”

In the snowy field, the gigantic purplish-gold barrier was especially obvious.

The crowd wanted to go in and see what was going on, but they were mostly fearful. We might not be the match of so many legendary three-eyed eagles. Besides, even the purplish-gold bodhi tree is around. Who knows if there are other legendary three-eyed eagles? 

“So this is their habitat…” An elder couldn’t help but mutter. “It’s no wonder no legendary three-eyed eagles have appeared for the past thousand years. After so much hassling, they’re all in the Flood-Desert Northern Region!”


And they had even hidden so discreetly! If the crowd hadn’t seen them personally this time, they wouldn’t believe this had happened.

The elder with white brows was chased out. He walked to Shi Rui’er apologetically. “Second Miss, I was useless…”

Shi Rui’er coughed and spat out a few mouthfuls of blood. Her face became increasingly pale. “I-I can’t blame you… It’s all my fault…”

If not to save me, Chu Yue wouldn’t have offended those legendary three-eyed eagles! He also wouldn’t be stuck inside! How could he alone be their match? 

The elder with white brows thought for a moment and furrowed his brows tightly. “Second Miss, actually… I don’t think those legendary three-eyed eagles have any intention of harming Chu Yue…”

In the beginning, they were filled with murderous intent and went straight for Chu Yue. But later on, something happened, and their attitudes seemed to have changed. If not, they wouldn’t have stopped their attacks at the last minute.

Shi Rui’er had naturally noticed this, but one could never be too careful. No matter what, Chu Yue did it to help me. If something really happens to him, I—

“Don’t worry.” The strange thing was that Elder Hua Feng seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief. “He will be safe.”

With the red-gold heavenly phoenix around… No matter how many more legendary three-eyed eagles there are, it should be fine, right? 

At the same time, in some prison in the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

Within the dark and oppressive room, there was an intense bloody aura that caused one to vomit.

A skinny man was half-leaning against the ice-cold wall. His hands and feet were all locked up, and he could only move within five steps of wherever he was.

His originally good-looking face currently caved in deeply, and his bones were jutting out, looking very frail.

His pale lips were even dried until they cracked. With a slight movement, fresh, red blood would ooze out.

His eyes were closed, and his breathing was slightly weak as if he would faint at any moment.

“Mu Qinghe.” A hoarse and low voice sounded from the front.

Mu Qinghe’s eyelids twitched, and he opened his eyes with much difficulty.

When he saw the gigantic copper mirror in front of him, fear, respect, and uneasiness quickly flashed across his eyes. He immediately stood up and kneeled toward it with much difficulty. “…Master…”

“It seems like you haven’t been having a good time recently.” That voice seemed to have some hints of teasing, sending chills down one’s spine. “Shangguan Yue doesn’t seem to have done anything to you, so how did you end up in this state, hm?”

Mu Qinghe placed his head on the ground. “I’m useless… I’m afraid I can’t work for you much longer…”

That voice chuckled. “No matter what, you’ve followed her for so many years. Do you not miss her at all? Oh right, she’s coincidentally also in the Flood-Desert Northern Region. Why don’t… I let you guys meet?”

Mu Qinghe’s heart skipped a beat!

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