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Chapter 1372: Grudge

Elder Hua Feng’s expression changed.

Actually, quite a few people know of this method, but almost nobody would use it. This was because the damage caused to the cultivator was too great!

Once the pearl of essence was ruined, all their cultivation would turn into nothing overnight! Who could bear it?

“Impossible!” hollered Elder Hua Feng immediately, and he glanced at Jiang Zhiyuan with eyes filled with warning. “Jiang Zhiyuan, even if you have a grudge against Shi Rui’er, she’s still your senior sister after all! And when you were surrounded by the nine-tailed green crows previously, she still helped you! You… better watch yourself!”

It was as clear as day as to what Jiang Zhiyuan was thinking!

Seeing that her thoughts were guessed, Jiang Zhiyuan didn’t panic as she laughed bitterly. “Elder, you’ve really misunderstood me. Actually, it’s not just me; Senior Sister Shi Rui’er herself definitely knows of this way too. In this situation, if she doesn’t do this, I’m afraid she’ll—” Be on her road to death! 

If this is already so, what else can we do? She can only blame herself for being too lucky and making an agreement with a legendary three-eyed eagle! What goes around comes around. When she was arrogant and in the limelight, why did she not think of today? Jiang Zhiyuan felt great.

Now, Shi Rui’er only has two paths to choose. Firstly, fight head-on to the end and cause all the people from the Flying Star Sect to be killed by the legendary three-eyed eagles. Secondly, ruin her pearl of essence and destroy her agreement with the legendary three-eyed eagle, becoming a good-for-nothing from then on. 

No matter which choice it is, they are all paths of doom for Shi Rui’er. 

Seeing that Shi Rui’er was almost completely surrounded by the legendary three-eyed eagles, Jiang Zhiyuan was elated. Originally, I was still thinking of a way to reduce her suppression. However, I didn’t expect that I don’t need to take action at all! See if she still dares to be high and mighty! 


Elder Hua Feng furrowed his brows tightly and felt very conflicted.

Actually, they didn’t have enough people. Besides, Dan Qing and the others were injured, so they couldn’t even help.

If they really went all-out against the legendary three-eyed eagles, then…

Shi Rui’er fell to the ground, and never-before-experienced hopelessness filled her heart.

She had suffered quite a few injuries and had many bloodstains.

The snow beneath her body had already melted as the ice-cold water drenched her clothes. It was so cold that it pierced her bones, but her surrounding body was wrapped by the transparent fire, terrifyingly hot.

The coldness and heat intertwined, almost taking away half her life.

An air-piercing sound was heard.

She turned around.

The Heavenly Square Cauldron was at the front, and the legendary three-eyed eagles were at the back.

The people from the Flying Star Sect couldn’t go near it, and even her legendary three-eyed eagle was being restrained by two other legendary three-eyed eagles.

She had no way to go back!

A harsh aura rapidly approached!

Shi Rui’er’s lips moved slightly, and her lips curled up into an extremely faint bitter smile. It seems like I will really be destroyed here this time… 

But the next moment, she suddenly noticed something and widened her eyes.

A long and slim figure appeared before her!

Shi Rui’er’s heart skipped a beat! “Chu Yue?! You—”

“Senior Sister, don’t be worried.” Chu Liuyue raised her hand and swung her longsword!

The transparent fire that was crazily burning in the surroundings was quickly absorbed by the sword body! The fire then followed the sword body and silently disappeared into Chu Liuyue’s palm.

But to outsiders, the fire seemed to be settled by the sword, and nobody would doubt Chu Liuyue.

Her series of actions was very smooth. Before the crowd reacted, they saw that the young man had raised his sword and completely absorbed the surrounding fire.

“You don’t know your limits!”

Mockery could be heard from the crowd.

“You want to be a hero, but you didn’t see if you’re capable enough! You’re just a mere stage-nine warrior, yet you think you’re such a big deal? Just watch! The Heavenly Square Cauldron and the legendary three-eyed eagles aren’t things to be trifled with!”

Many people looked at Chu Liuyue with much contempt and mockery.

Shi Rui’er also suddenly recovered her senses and hurriedly said, “Chu Yue, you better leave!”

If he was implicated, she would never feel good about it.

Before she could finish her sentence, the Heavenly Square Cauldron flung out another fire whip! It went straight to Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue raised her eyelids slightly and glanced at the Heavenly Square Cauldron that was about to attack her. The next moment, that fire whip actually stopped inches before Chu Liuyue!

The scene seemed to be frozen, and it was filled with unspeakable strangeness.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand in frustration, and the dense force rapidly became a red fire in her palm!

One could faintly see golden sparks, but they were covered by the red color. Hence, one couldn’t differentiate it.


The red fire also became a fire whip that was harshly flung toward the sides!



That transparent fire instantly disappeared, and even the Heavenly Square Cauldron behind shook!

Everyone was dumbfounded. W-what’s going on? Since when did Chu Yue become so strong?! That Heavenly Square Cauldron had driven Shi Rui’er to this state. Why did it suddenly become weak? 

However, Chu Liuyue had already turned around and looked at the tens of legendary three-eyed eagles rapidly flying over.

The one at the front stared at her closely, and its eyes were as cold as ice.

The two of them stared straight at each other.

In such a short period of time, the bodhi tree had grown many leaves. A purplish-golden light shone and almost dazzled their eyes.

The more the gree grew, the taller it became as the leaves covered the sky.

Below, the snow melted wherever the tree roots extended, revealing the dark-brown ground that was rich and filled with life.

The surrounding warmth seemed to gradually increase with it.

Elder Hua Feng’s heart seemed to be tightly clutched by something, and he didn’t even dare to breathe deeply.

At the side, one elder couldn’t help but ask softly, “Hua Feng, should we… go over to help?”

Chu Yue can’t do it alone, right? Although he has broken through to become a stage-nine warrior, the legendary three-eyed eagles he is facing are all legendary fiends! How could he be their match? 

“Hold on first.” Elder Hua Feng swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty. It isn’t that I don’t want to help, but… I know Chu Yue too well. If he didn’t have sufficient confidence, this kid definitely wouldn’t have rushed up. Legendary three-eyed eagles are amazing, but Chu Yue has an ultimate trump card! Now, it just depends on how he chooses to play his cards! 

Hearing Elder Hua Feng say this… Although the others were worried, they could only stay still.

Jiang Zhiyuan sneered in her heart. These people think too highly of Chu Yue. Even with the red-tailed phoenix’s help, how could he handle so many legendary three-eyed eagles? He has really gone crazy from wanting to be in the limelight! However, this is fine. It would be for the best if Shi Rui’er could be settled as well! 

Chu Liuyue stepped forward.

Shi Rui’er opened her mouth. “Chu Yue—”

Everyone looked over.

The legendary three-eyed eagle at the front had a dagger-like gaze that scraped past Chu Liuyue.

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue’s figure flashed as she rushed toward the bodhi tree at the side!


The eyes of the legendary three-eyed eagle exploded with deep hatred as it went for Chu Liuyue!

The other legendary three-eyed eagles rapidly followed suit!

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