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Chapter 1371: Self-Destruct

Shi Rui’er was completely dazed. She did come for the Heavenly Square Cauldron, but she didn’t expect to be targeted by this item!

In the beginning, she thought that she was chosen by the Heavenly Square Cauldron, but the excruciating pain immediately woke her up. This item was clearly coming for her life!

After she reacted, she crazily moved back and tried to struggle free. But how could it be that easy?

However, in such a short amount of time, burns of different degrees had already appeared on her body!

“Second Miss!” When the people from the Flying Star Sect saw this, they all noticed the danger and quickly rushed up, wanting to save Shi Rui’er. However, the transparent fire burned crazily, and they couldn’t even get near it, let alone others!


The legendary three-eyed eagle spread its wings and blocked Shi Rui’er. However, that transparent fire formed a fire whip and rapidly flung it away!

Then, The fire whip rushed toward Shi Rui’er at an even more frightening speed!

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows tightly. Shi Rui’er didn’t do anything out of the norm, so why did it target her? 

Chu Liuyue wanted to go up to help, but she suddenly heard a strange sound from below.


She lowered her head, and her eyes shrunk because she saw something emerging from the deep and chaotic trench!

It was a tree branch that was totally black. It was about the thickness of a child’s arm, but it contained a shocking aura.

It poked out from below and started continuously spreading along the ground. Everywhere it went, the accumulated snow quickly melted.

Some of the snow water was absorbed by it while the rest seeped into the ground.

The branch started growing at an observable speed. Then, it was the second and the third!

A tree grew from within, and everything in the surroundings started changing rapidly.

That tree was very strange. Only the branches and trunk were totally dark and didn’t have a single leaf.

If one didn’t personally witness it grow out, they might think that it was just an item carved from black jade.

However, Chu Liuyue suddenly detected a faint familiar aura. She stared at that tree closely and felt that she had seen it somewhere before.

In a short time, this tree was already the same height as normal trees. However, it didn’t stop growing and instead continued.

The tree grew, and the branches extended. Wherever it went, the snow melted, and it was a scene of warm spring.

Everything was too strange. The spectating crowd couldn’t help but look shocked as they retreated respectively.

“Ah!!!” Shi Rui’er was beaten to the ground, and she let out a painful gasp!

Chu Liuyue looked over.

Shi Rui’er was covered in wounds and bloodstains, and she looked to be in a very disheveled manner. She was surrounded by the transparent fire and kept struggling with all her might, but she still couldn’t extinguish the fire and could only suffer the great pain.

The elder with white brows and the others were panicking, but they couldn’t go forward to help her.

That transparent square cauldron clearly wanted her life!

“What exactly is going on with Shi Rui’er? She’s actually being chased by the Heavenly Square Cauldron?”

The crowd was filled with confusion.

Chu Liuyue was about to go forward when she saw a speck of purplish-golden light flash across from the corner of her eyes!

Her heart skipped a beat as she looked over.

For some reason, a tiny leaf grew on the black wood. That leaf was purplish-gold in color, and it was as thin as a cicada’s wing. It was clear like jade and reflected a faint light under the sun.

This is… purplish-gold Buddha leaf! 

Chu Liuyue was very familiar with this item! In order to obtain a purplish-gold Buddha leaf, she had spent a lot of effort back then! However, she didn’t expect to see it here!

If such a leaf is growing here, then this tree is… A ridiculous and crazy thought quickly flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind! This is the legendary purplish-gold bodhi tree! 

The purplish-gold bodhi tree usually grew in extreme conditions and was a legendary tree that belonged to the legendary three-eyed eagle clan. Since it appeared here, it proved that the legendary three-eyed eagle clan should be nearby!

Chu Liuyue rapidly surveyed the surroundings.

It was empty. There was no sign of the legendary three-eyed eagles, but her heart still seemed to be tightly clutched. Not appearing now doesn’t mean that they aren’t here! 

She suddenly thought of something and asked in her heart, “Back then, did the legendary three-eyed eagle clan know that you were trapped within the Heavenly Square Cauldron?”

After a temporary silence, a low and clear voice finally sounded. “I don’t know.”

Back when it happened, everything occurred too suddenly. Thus, it didn’t have the time to tell its clan what exactly happened. In the later thousand years, it was trapped in the Heavenly Square Cauldron and was totally suppressed, so it lost all contact with the clan. Hence, it wasn’t sure if the clan knew about this.

“But this tree is indeed my clan’s legendary tree. There should be other legendary three-eyed eagles nearby—”


Before it could finish its sentence, a few legendary three-eyed eagles suddenly flew out from that bodhi tree! Their black apparitions filled the entire sky!

Harsh and fierce murderous intent attacked them! Then, they actually flew toward Shi Rui’er in unison!

It seemed like they clearly wanted to kill her!

Upon seeing this, the people from the Flying Star Sect were stunned, but they could only face it head-on!

Elder Hua Feng’s heart beat wildly. “Quick! Save Rui’er!”

Just with the few people from the Flying Star Sect, they aren’t the legendary three-eyed eagles’ match!

But when the elders planned to go forward, they suddenly heard someone stopping them from behind. “Elder, think carefully!”

Elder Hua Feng turned around coldly. “Jiang Zhiyuan, now is not the time for you to casually intervene! You—”

“Elder, I’m doing it for everyone’s good!” Jiang Zhiyuan hurriedly went forward and rapidly said, “Legendary three-eyed eagles are arrogant and never make agreements with humans. They’re clearly treating Senior Sister Shi Rui’er in this manner because she forcefully made an agreement with that legendary three-eyed eagle. Did you forget how she got that legendary three-eyed eagle?”

Shi Rui’er had said herself that her father personally spent a lot of effort to catch it. And that legendary three-eyed eagle wasn’t an adult at that time.

He raised it for a long time before finally giving it to Shi Rui’er.

This was undoubtedly an utter humiliation toward the legendary three-eyed eagle clan! They naturally wouldn’t let Shi Rui’er off!

“If we go over and help now.. Not to mention that we can’t beat these legendary three-eyed eagles, but we might even anger them and cause the situation to worsen!”

Elder Hua Feng’s expression changed. “Then, what do you want?”

Jiang Zhiyuan took a deep breath in and quickly glanced at Shi Rui’er, who was on the brink of death.

“In my opinion, those who hide can find. The only thing we can do today is to get Senior Sister Shi Rui’er to dissolve her agreement with that legendary three-eyed eagle and try to talk peace with the other party—”

“Once a human and a fiend have an agreement, there is no way to dissolve it unless the fiend dies. Your method can’t work.” Elder Hua Feng quickly rejected it.

However, Jiang Zhiyuan’s gaze flickered. “Elder, you clearly know that it can be done.”

“As long as… Senior Sister Shi Rui’er is willing to destroy her pearl of essence, won’t everything be alright?”

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