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Chapter 1366: Surround and Attack!

Jin Di’s suggestion received everyone’s approval. Even though they were competitors and didn’t really like each other, someone from Ling Xiao Academy had already gone in and broken the balance, so they had to choose to work together at this moment.

The Heavenly Square Cauldron was very possibly inside. What would they do if it was just stolen like that? They went on this trip just for it!

Elder Hua Feng clenched his fists tightly, and his expression turned grave. However, he knew that this matter couldn’t be stopped. I don’t know how exactly Bo Yan and the rest are now… With the few of us around, we aren’t the opposite few people’s match. If Chu Yue can really come out safely and has received some fateful item, these people won’t let him off so easily. 

“Elder Hua Feng, don’t you really want to bring that Chu Yue out as well? Why don’t we do it together?” teased Jin Di.

The others might not be very clear with the name ‘Chu Yue,’ but he knew it very well. There weren’t many people who could cause the Golden Wings Sect to suffer and still live properly.

Elder Hua Feng hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Why not?! But which door would you want to break?”

Jin Di laughed and said, “Why don’t… we start from the door that Chu Yue previously entered? That’s currently the only door that has been opened.”

Elder Hua Feng nonchalantly said, “You might not know, but that door… has been blocked by rocks, so it’s impossible to go in.”

“Haha, you don’t have to worry about that! The previous commotion was so huge that… the other doors should be in a similar state, right?” As Jin Di spoke, he looked around the crowd. “Everyone, am I right?”

Nobody retorted.

“Since all the doors have been blocked, then…” Even though Jin Di didn’t finish his sentence, everyone understood his meaning.

Elder Hua Feng squinted his eyes. “Please…”

Chu Liuyue seemed to have entered a special state. Her body kept continuously absorbing the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force, and she could clearly feel that invisible barrier.

It was as if she just had to stretch her hand out to smash it and officially become a stage-nine warrior! However, she was faintly a little short of it.

She didn’t know how long had passed, and she couldn’t even remember how much force she had absorbed.

The water droplet quietly spun in her dantian. The eight lines were very clear and bright, but the ninth line didn’t appear.

Chu Liuyue knew that she had to absorb more force than others every time she tried to break through, so she was long prepared. However, she didn’t expect there to be such a shocking gap for a stage-eight warrior to become a stage-nine warrior.

Blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth and flowed down her skin which was as white as jade. It dripped onto her clothes and gradually spread across, forming bright red plums.

Her face was extremely pale, and her thick and long lashes cast two faint shadows.

Suddenly, a loud sound was heard from outside!

The ground shook.

The countless black cracks on the tombstone in front of Chu Liuyue seemed to have rainbow lights flashing across them! It was as if something was gradually awakening!


Another loud sound was heard from the gully. Rocks flew up, and dust flew everywhere.

The originally blocked pathway finally had a path cleared after experiencing such an ordeal. Even though it was narrow, it could contain two people walking forward side-by-side, and this was enough for the crowd.

“Elder Hua Feng, since you said that you came here before, then… Why don’t you go first?” Jin Di’s suggestion received the crowd’s approval once again.

Elder Hua Feng sneered in his heart. It sounds nice, but isn’t he just afraid that there will be danger in front?! Wanting the treasure but not willing to take risks… He deserves to get nothing! 

Without speaking, Elder Hua Feng went forward.

In the front, the hot door was still exuding a shocking warmth. The nearer they were, the more the force in their bodies boiled.

Elder Hua Feng held his breath in. Now, I just hope that Chu Yue is safe inside… 

The crowd cleared out a piece of land.

After Elder Hua Feng stood there, he turned around to look at them. “Previously, we tried all sorts of methods to open it, but they were all to no avail. So… Everyone, you should join hands!”

The crowd gradually walked over and stood still in their positions.

The leader of every family clan exchanged glances and finally expressed their agreement. “Everyone, let’s work together to open the door. Later… everything will be done with our own abilities!”

Although everyone had their own malicious thoughts, they would still do some perfunctory work now.


Waves of dense force flew out as everyone exerted their strength together and tried to open the door!

A smash landed!


The door didn’t move at all.

The crowd’s expressions changed. This…

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning quickly flashed in the sky! It was so bright that it illuminated half the sky!

Everyone looked up. They saw that dark clouds gathered above the sky, and it was so gloomy that it looked like night was about to fall.

A storm brewed, and the winds howled.

Countless thunderbolts continuously appeared behind the clouds! From afar, they looked like snakes crazily swimming around!

“Strange weather phenomenon… Is a treasure about to appear?!” Shocked and excited voices could be heard from the crowd.

This is an extraordinary phenomenon… The rumored Heavenly Square Cauldron is truly about to appear! 

However, someone very quickly denied this guess. “No! The Heaven and Earth Force has gathered together! Someone is clearly about to break through!”

When precious treasures appeared… Although they would trigger a phenomenon, they wouldn’t gather so much Heaven and Earth Force. It could only be that someone was breaking through!

Elder Hua Feng’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be…


A bolt of lightning suddenly struck—it went straight to the center of the nine dragon skeletons!

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