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Chapter 1367: Trap!

This is Chu Yue breaking through?! This thought quickly surfaced in Elder Hua Feng’s mind, but it was rapidly denied. Chu Yue has just broken through to become a stage-eight warrior. How could he possibly continuously break through in such a short amount of time? Besides, breaking through as a beginner stage-eight warrior to become an intermediate stage-eight warrior—or even a peak stage-eight warrior—definitely wouldn’t cause such a huge commotion. Then… it should be someone else? There must be other incredible characters hidden inside! 

Elder Hua Feng couldn’t help but be even more worried. The situation was nerve-racking, and he wondered how Chu Yue was inside.


Just when he was very worried, the lightning in the sky struck continuously!

The thick snow started to melt, revealing the rocks underneath.

To the surrounding crowd, the middle rock was like an isolated island, and it was only connected to the nine dragon skeletons around it.

Feeling this energy ripple, the people standing at the front took a few steps back instinctively, and their expressions turned ugly. What does this mean? Everyone has worked together, but we still can’t go in. Then, do we have to just wait here? Let’s not mention that lightning bolts keep striking, almost swallowing the entire place whole! 

“This phenomenon… Could it be that someone is breaking through to the Apotheosis Realm…”

At this point, everyone’s attention was gathered here.

Elder Dan Qing wasn’t an exception. As he was injured, he stood at a position toward the back, and his eyes were tightly glued to the front.

Suddenly, a weak and gentle voice sounded from behind. “…Mentor?”

Elder Dan Qing turned around, and unconcealable disgust flashed across his eyes. “I said that I’m no longer your mentor. You should save this form of address for someone else!”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart turned ice-cold from his gaze. After so many years in the academy, Mentor has never looked at me with such an expression… 

She bit her lips and acted as if she wanted to kneel.

Elder Dan Qing sneered. “You don’t have to do such useless things. Even if you destroy your knees, I will never take back what I said earlier!”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s movements suddenly froze, and she didn’t know what to do. I was born with a distinguished status and have always been doted on. Since when have I suffered such humiliation? Elder Dan Qing broke ties with me in front of so many people and almost nailed me to the pillar of humiliation. How am I supposed to accept it? I have to try my best to salvage it! 

“Mentor, I know that… what I previously did disappointed you. I don’t want to defend myself; I just hope you’ll give me a chance.” Tears welled up in Jiang Zhiyuan’s eyes. “You’ve already seen my current state. I’m neither like a human nor a ghost. If you don’t help me, how am I supposed to live in the academy—in the God Residence Realm—in the future? You—”

“What has that got to do with me?” Elder Dan Qing’s expression turned cold and nonchalant. “Jiang Zhiyuan, Fairy Water Mound wouldn’t want the things you’ve done to spread around the God Residence Realm, right?”

Jiang Zhiyuan seemed to be slapped by someone as her face flashed green and white. Finally, she clenched her teeth and looked down. “I understand.”

Hong hong hong!

As time passed, the number of lightning bolts in the sky kept increasing instead of reducing.

The bright rays of light pierced through the dark clouds, causing one to be unable to look straight at them.


A crisp shattering sound was suddenly heard!

“This mountain rock is about to collapse!” Jin Di saw it clearly—a crack pierced through the door from top to bottom!

A tremendous aura seeped out from within!

“Quickly disperse!” Jin Di’s expression swiftly changed. We are definitely no match for this force! 

Before he could finish his sentence, his figure had already disappeared from the spot.

The others standing in the surroundings slowly reacted. Some people left quickly, while others didn’t believe it and wanted to go up to take a look personally.

After a momentary pause, those few people were consecutively enveloped by that shocking force and then flung out!


The dragon roar seemed to have a hint of struggle and pain. At first glance, it seemed like it was trying its best to struggle free of the invisible restriction!

Elder Hua Feng quickly retreated as well!


Cracks rapidly filled the mountain rock—they were like a spider web! It was as if something was about to break through it!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes flew open! Her pair of eyes were dark yet bright, her aura light yet tremendous!

Countless bolts of lightning swam around her limbs and all around her! Every inch of her muscles and veins was rapidly strengthening!

She gathered all the force in her body and slammed against the water droplet in her dantian!


She heard a shocking sound, and waves of ripples formed on the water droplet.

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat. Then, she saw the ninth line slowly appear!

That line seemed to have gathered all the colors in the world, and it was magnificent! With one glance, it seemed to be able to cause one to fall within it unwittingly!

A holy and strong aura suddenly erupted from within—stage-nine warrior!

Coincidentally, the tombstone in front of Chu Liuyue suddenly broke into pieces at this moment!


Countless black shards flew toward the surroundings! At that moment, they filled the entire room!

Chu Liuyue was coincidentally surrounded in the middle.

She focused her gaze and looked forward.

Those black shards were of different sizes. Some were the size of a nail, while others were only as big as a sesame seed.

They floated quietly like stars that kept glowing and extinguishing, shining non-stop. There seemed to be a special and invisible force in between these shards that connected them, forming a gigantic web!

A strong pressure silently spread from it!

A cold glow flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes. This web has already trapped me within! 

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