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Chapter 1365: Stalemate

Jiang Zhiyuan instantly felt like she had dropped into an ice hole.

“Mentor?!” She stared at Elder Dan Qing in disbelief as her legs became soft. She couldn’t even stand stably. Break the mentor-disciple ties… Then, what should I do in the future?! If this news gets out, how will others look at me? One of the main reasons why I can be where I am today is that I’m a student of Ling Xiao Academy and Elder Dan Qing’s favorite top student! If I lose this backer…

“I’ve already made myself very clear. I can’t bear the name of being your mentor. In the future, you should directly have someone else as your mentor.” Elder Dan Qing seemed to be unaffected by her reaction and drew the line very clearly. Then, he turned around and planned to rest.

Jiang Zhiyuan hurriedly ran forward and blocked his path. “Mentor, I know that I’m wrong. Please give me another chance!”

Jiang Zhiyuan spoke as two streams of tears flowed down her face. “Just consider what I’ve done the past few years—”

Elder Dan Qing suddenly looked up and glanced at her coldly. Deep annoyance and warning filled his eyes. It was precisely because I considered our relationship in the past few years that I only broke the ties between us and didn’t expose everything that she did! If I had done so… She wouldn’t even be able to stay in Ling Xiao Academy! 

Jiang Zhiyuan knew Elder Dan Qing too well and immediately realized that if she continued pestering him, he would definitely choose to throw everything out of the window! Thus, she swallowed her remaining words.

Elder Dan Qing passed by her and didn’t even glance at her from the corner of his eyes. There was also no form of reluctance or reminiscence on his face.

The surroundings fell into dead silence.

Everyone’s gazes landed on Jiang Zhiyuan’s face.


Jiang Zhiyuan felt like there were many daggers on her back, and she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it! Find someone else… That’s easier said than done! Being publicly abandoned by Elder Dan Qing, my reputation in the future will be ruined! In Ling Xiao Academy, no other elders will want to accept me! Staying in Ling Xiao Academy without any mentor… is no different from being expelled! I have to figure out a way… 

Elder Hua Feng walked to Elder Dan Qing and wanted to ask him a few questions. But seeing that the latter’s expression was ugly, he gave up. It seems like… Jiang Zhiyuan did something she shouldn’t have. However, Dan Qing still left the last bit of face for her, so he didn’t say exactly what it was. I really don’t know what exactly Jiang Zhiyuan did to cause Dan Qing—who has doted on her all the while—to be so harsh…

Very quickly, quite a few clans rushed over from the surroundings. They all gathered at different places respectively.

At this point, Elder Hua Feng and the others finally saw the situation clearly.

In the middle of this place was a gigantic, circular-shaped mountain with nine gullies that spread in different directions. And all these gullies each buried a dragon skeleton.

If they didn’t guess wrongly, there should be a corresponding door in each gully. The door that they saw in the beginning should be one of them.

Everyone used these gullies as a dividing line, and they all stared at each other from afar.

Without a doubt, they were all top-tier aristocratic families and clans in the God Residence Realm. Most of the people were injured.

It was silent.

Nobody wanted to stand up.

The crowd fell into a stalemate.

Many people also looked toward the center of the gully. There was obviously something in that place.

Something landed on their foreheads.

Shi Rui’er raised her hand to touch it, and it felt icy cold. “It’s snowing.”

Feather-like snow fell down.


A low and vigorous dragon roar sounded from all areas!


The nine dragon skeletons shrieked toward the sky, and they looked like they wanted to struggle free from the gullies! However, there seemed to be something tightly wrapping around their bodies tightly, trapping them in a solid manner.

Hence, the crowd could only see these dragon skeletons struggle and move crazily.

The mountain in the gully vibrated, and mountain rocks fell!

It was very chaotic.

“There seems to be something inside controlling these dragon skeletons…” Shi Rui’er said with some uncertainty.

“No. To be more accurate, there’s a force that suppressed them here…” Elder Hua Feng had a serious expression. Dragon skeletons are never allowed to be left outside, yet there are nine of them here. I don’t believe that the dragon clan has given up on these dragon bones. The greatest possibility is that… the dragon clan can’t do anything about this situation either! To be able to act to this extent… Other than the Heavenly Square Cauldron, what else can it be? 

At this point, another group of people rushed up from the sides of the gully.

Everyone looked over alertly.

They were the people from Lingyun Mountain.

“Elder Hua Feng.” The man at the front walked over as if he wasn’t surprised by them leaving and coming back again.

Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows. “How is the situation?”

The other party shook his head. “Originally, we were waiting outside quietly. Later on, the dragon skeletons moved. We noticed that something was amiss and quickly came up.”

It was also why they had long predicted that everybody would come over when they detected the commotion on this side.

“The door hasn’t been activated yet. We don’t know how Chu Yue is as well. Sorry.”

Elder Hua Feng waved his hands. “We really have to thank you.”

With the current situation, they couldn’t do anything about it even if they were here, right?

Jin Di’s gaze darted back and forth between Elder Hua Feng and the others, and he squinted his eyes. “What? It seems like… someone from Ling Xiao Academy is also trapped here?”

Everyone was alerted as they all looked over.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“Previously, we were walking in the gully in the northeastern direction. But before we could reach the front, the shocking change happened. We originally thought that everyone was the same, but I didn’t expect… someone actually beat us to it?”

“Hah. We did walk to the door, but all of us were either severely injured or dead, and we couldn’t even open a gap in that door. It seems like Ling Xiao Academy is indeed special…”

“Now that everyone is outside, and someone from Ling Xiao Academy is inside… If there really is any twist of fate, I’m afraid that one person will gain it all. How envious…”

Everyone spoke up, and they all had a rude tone.

Elder Hua Feng’s expression turned cold. Ever since Chu Yue was dragged behind that door, we were all worried that something would happen to him. Why do these people make it sound like Chu Yue has a head start? 

He originally wanted to unleash his anger, but he then surveyed his surroundings. Not counting the Flying Star Sect and Lingyun Mountain, there were already a total of seven family clans.

If they work together… Elder Hua Feng took a deep breath in and tried his best to maintain the calmness in his tone. “Everyone, Chu Yue is trapped in it, and it was purely accidental. We don’t know what’s happening outside as well. I hope—”

“Since Elder Hua Feng doesn’t know either, then we better think of a way to get in as soon as possible, right?” Jin Di interrupted him and spoke lazily. He then glanced at the crowd in the surroundings. “There are a total of nine doors here. It would be quite difficult to break down all of them. In my opinion, why don’t we choose a door and work together to break it down?”

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