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Chapter 1362: Opposite

There was actually a dragon skeleton buried in the gully!

Everyone was taken aback by the scene before their eyes!

As the ground continued to shake vehemently, increasingly more bones were revealed. Then, the tremendous suppression came over!

Elder Hua Feng rapidly hollered, “Quickly go up!”

Everyone then recovered their senses and started to run forward rapidly before they all flew up consecutively and jumped out of the gully!

Even though the outside was an ice-cold land and was very dangerous, the gully had now become an obvious land of danger.

Elder Hua Feng was the last to go up. The moment his feet landed on the snowy ground, he hurriedly turned around to take a look and gasped!

Within the long, bright-red gully, a gigantic dragon skeleton slowly rose from the ground. The ground shattered, and mountain rocks fell!

“T-there’s actually a dragon skeleton buried underneath here?!” Shi Rui’er’s eyes were filled with shock as she muttered softly, “But the dragon clan has always thought very highly of their own member’s corpses and never allows them to be left outside. Why would one appear here?”

And it was even a complete skeleton!

“Quickly look!” someone screamed in shock.

The crowd turned around and saw that the white bones of another dragon skeleton suddenly appeared far away!

The second dragon skeleton actually appeared! At the same time, a low and deep dragon roar reverberated throughout the area!

Following this was the third set!


The snow ground vibrated, and the dragons roared.

The dragon’s suppression was apparent. All the people walking in the snowland in the entire Flood-Desert Northern Region were taken aback when they heard this commotion!

Countless people started rapidly rushing toward this side!

At some place in the snowy land, a man quickly rushed forward. Hearing the noise, he was shocked and immediately tilted his head to take a look.

When he saw the white dragon skeletons that continuously appeared, he widened his eyes in shock. Then, he quickly walked a distance and reached some place in an empty piece of land.

A downward-leading staircase appeared above the ground.

His body flashed, and he quickly disappeared from the spot. Following the stairs that led down, he quickly reached an empty hall.

“Master!” He nervously kneeled down on one knee.

A sea of blood color quickly filled the entire copper mirror. A hoarse and low voice then sounded. “Has Mu Qinghe returned?”

The man kneeling on the floor lowered his head. “Master, Mu Qinghe has returned, but his body has been rendered useless. He’s locked up in jail, waiting for your instructions. However—”

“But what?”

“However… the cemetery has been moved! All the dragon bones have been awakened one after another! In no time, I think—”

The surroundings fell into dead silence.

The voice within the copper mirror fell silent, but the man kneeling on the ground became increasingly horrified as chills ran down his spine. He almost couldn’t breathe.

“…Weren’t those bones doing fine the whole time? Why did such a commotion suddenly happen?” That voice became increasingly terrifying and sinister.

“I-I don’t know… I just found out about this earlier, so—”


A tremendously strong force suddenly rushed out from the copper mirror and harshly slapped the face of the man kneeling on the ground!

The kneeling man didn’t dare to dodge it.

He suffered the slap, and his body fell to the side. A bloody palm print could be clearly seen on half his face as blood slowly seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

“If you don’t know, go and check!” For the past thousand years, that place has been quiet, and things were considered peaceful between them. But now—

“Yes! Yes! I’ll go right away!” That man acknowledged the order in panic and hurriedly stood up to leave.

After his figure disappeared, the blood color overturned in the copper mirror, and it took a long while before it gradually calmed down.

At this point, Chu Liuyue knew nothing about the outside world. She kept trying to break through, but it still felt like she lacked something in the end and couldn’t step past the barrier.

Every time she failed, the force would dissipate within her dantian before rushing toward her limbs and organs, causing them to feel extremely painful. However, she very quickly perked herself up and tried again!

On the tombstone, the cracks intersected. Rich force kept surging out from within.

Chu Liuyue could even feel the surrounding force enveloping her, causing some form of suppression.

Her eyes were tightly shut, and her face gradually turned pale.


Another complete dragon skeleton appeared again.

Elder Hua Feng and the rest were long shocked by the scene before them, to the point they were speechless.

From the time they discovered the first dragon skeleton, more skeletons appeared on the snowy ground during the period of time later.

Now, there were about five complete skeletons!

“Elder, have you realized that these… seem to be surrounding the place we just left as the center…” Shi Rui’er looked at it for a while and couldn’t help but ask softly.

Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows tightly. Of course, I can tell. These dragon bones all seemed to have been buried deep underground, and they were all gathered in the surroundings. However, the dragon heads are facing different directions. This is what I’m most worried about! From this situation, it is enough to see that a stunning secret must’ve been buried behind the door! 

Chu Yue is still inside! 

“Go back immediately!” commanded Elder Hua Feng.

Everyone was taken aback.

“Hua Feng—” An elder looked at him worriedly. We only walked here after much difficulty, yet we have to go back now?! 

Everyone could tell that this place was even more dangerous than before. If they insisted on going back, everyone would be in danger again.

Elder Hua Feng had a serious expression. “Even if we stay here, what do you think we can do?”

That elder was stunned and was suddenly stumped. Yeah! The position we’re at is surrounded by these dragon skeletons! If something really happens, we might not be able to avoid it… 

Shi Rui’er seemed to have suddenly thought of something as shock flashed across her eyes. Then, she turned around to take a look.

Heaven and earth were completely dark in the snowy land.

Another dragon skeleton appeared again.

The suppression coming from the center became increasingly stronger! It was as if something was about to shoot out from within!

Her heart started beating very quickly. Could it be…

“Elder, we’ll go back with you,” she said with a determined tone.

“Second Miss?” The elder with white brows glanced at her strangely.

Shi Rui’er paused. “Perhaps the Heavenly Square Cauldron is there?!”

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