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Chapter 1363: Untitled

The crowd fell silent for a moment. They had experienced too many things lately, to the extent that they had forgotten their initial motive in coming here—Heavenly Square Cauldron!

In the beginning, they didn’t notice it. Now that Shi Rui’er reminded them, they finally recovered their senses. So many dragon skeletons surround this area. Doesn’t this prove that there’s a problem?! Other than the Heavenly Square Cauldron, which is one of the top ten holy weapons, what else can have such a phenomenon? 

Elder Hua Feng perked up. “You make sense. Besides, with this commotion, everyone in the entire Flood-Desert Northern Region will know about it. Perhaps… Bo Yan and the others will come as well!”

It’s fine if we didn’t know previously, but now that we’ve guessed that there is this possibility… We have to go back! 

“Go!” Elder Hua Feng was the first to turn around, and he walked forward along the edges of the gully.

The crowd quickly followed from behind.

It was different from the initial nervousness and uneasiness. On this return journey, everyone felt more agitated and hopeful. Heavenly Square Cauldron… Perhaps it will really appear there! 

“I really didn’t expect things to take such a turn…” The few young people from the Flying Star Sect joined together and whispered softly.

“If the Heavenly Square Cauldron really appears there, won’t Chu Yue be in luck?!”

“Yeah! There were so many people present, but only Chu Yue went in. Back then, I still thought that he was pretty unlucky, but it now seems… it might be some sort of good luck!”

“What kind of treasure is the Heavenly Square Cauldron? Countless strong warriors are fighting to chase after it. If it really lands in his hands… He’d be so lucky. Sigh! If only I was the one who went in back then!”

Jiang Zhiyuan walked forward from the side. She heard most of these words and couldn’t help but knit her brows.

“Nobody knows what exactly is behind the door. If he didn’t meet that so-called fortune and even risked his life, won’t everything be over?” Jiang Zhiyuan couldn’t hold herself back and directly said this.

Those few people looked at her in unison, and their expressions were incredulous.

One of them said, “Jiang Zhiyuan, why do I feel that… you hope Chu Yue gets into trouble? Isn’t he a student from Ling Xiao Academy as well? Speaking of which, it seems like he can be considered to be your junior brother? You…”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart skipped a beat, and she hurriedly smiled. “Why would I? I’m just worried about him. One can never be too careful. Elder Hua Feng and the rest also think very highly of Chu Yue. I, too, admire him greatly.”

As she spoke, she knitted her sharp brows slightly and looked a little worried. “Now, I just hope that everything goes smoothly for him. No matter the Heavenly Square Cauldron, it’ll be great if he can come out safely.”

If it were in the past, people wouldn’t bear to scold her after seeing her pitiful expression and gaze. It was a pity that her face and body were covered by messy bloodstains and dust, causing her entire person to look disheveled. Who would still take pity on her?

Besides, Elder Hua Feng, Shi Rui’er, and the others always had a very clear attitude toward her, and they weren’t silly.

Hence, the few of them exchanged glances and smiled with deep meaning. “How would we know what you’re thinking?”

They didn’t conceal the mockery and ridicule in their eyes at all.

Jiang Zhiyuan couldn’t maintain her expression any longer. Originally, she wanted to argue further, but she swallowed her remaining words.

She clenched her teeth and suppressed the anger and frustration in her heart with much difficulty. These people… are just lackeys from the Flying Star Sect. What right do they have to look at me in this way!? 

She looked down and hid her emotions, but her feelings were in turmoil. If… If Rong Xiu had chosen me to become the Sky-Cloud Empire’s Princess Consort, how would these people dare to look down on me? 

Even though Fairy Water Mound was the head of the 28 divisions, that was only limited to the Sky-Cloud Empire. In the outside world, all the top-tier aristocratic families wouldn’t take them into consideration at all. She would even be looked down on!

Under such circumstances, she still had to suffer this humiliation!

At the end of the day… It was all because of Shangguan Yue! If there is a chance in the future, I have to check that b*tch’s background! I will return everything I suffered these few days by a hundredfold! 

The crowd continued walking forward for a distance.

Dragon roars sounded continuously. The nearer they were, the more shocking they sounded.

When the group was about to return to their previous position, seven or eight dragon skeletons had already appeared! Luckily, although these dragon bones had shocking suppression, they didn’t attack people.

However, the crowd knew very clearly that this was just the calm before the storm.

Elder Hua Feng looked forward and suddenly squinted his eyes. “Someone is coming!”

The crowd was dazed and hurriedly looked over. As expected, there was a group of people quickly walking over in the snowy field.

“They look rather familiar…” Shi Rui’er muttered.

At the side, the elder with white brows poked his head out to take a look and reminded, “Second Miss, they seem to be from the Golden Wings Sect!”

Elder Hua Feng’s heart tightened! Because of Jin Lei being killed previously, we are on very bad terms with the Golden Wings Sect. I didn’t expect us to meet them so quickly. 

The people from the Golden Wings Sect had also seen Elder Hua Feng and the others.

The man at the front stopped in his tracks for a moment before he continued walking toward this area. He finally stopped about 30 feet in front of Elder Hua Feng and the others.

It was completely silent. The two parties stared at each other, and there was faintly a strange current flowing around.

“Elder Hua Feng, long time no see. How have you been!?” The middle-aged man at the front wasn’t the Golden Wings Sect’s sect leader but his younger brother, Jin Di.

As he spoke, he glanced at Shi Rui’er at the side. “Flying Star Sect is here too. Second Miss, you’re really brave!”

Elder Hua Feng cupped his fists and faintly said, “We haven’t seen each other in a long time. It seems like we’re rather fated with the Golden Wings Sect. What, your sect leader didn’t come this time?”

If they could take the Heavenly Square Cauldron, it would definitely be a treasure that would secure their positions. Elder Hua Feng never believed that the Golden Wings Sect wasn’t interested in this.

Jin Di laughed out loud. “My elder brother is still in seclusion, so naturally, we came instead. Oh? Elder Hua Feng, toward my eldest brother, you seem…”

“Don’t misunderstand. I just asked casually.” Elder Hua Feng smiled. “After all, the Flood-Desert Northern Region is very spacious. It was indeed very coincidental to meet you.”

Jin Di raised his sharp brows slightly. “There’s such a huge commotion in this place. Everyone here should’ve come, right?”

As he spoke, his gaze turned as he looked at the positions of the few dragon skeletons in the middle. “This place… might hide the top treasure in this Flood-Desert Northern Region!”

Elder Hua Feng stood with one hand behind his back and didn’t speak.

At this point, some commotion could be heard from afar.

An elder glanced over and yelled in surprise, “Dan Qing and the rest are here!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart seemed to tightly clench as she looked over!

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