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Chapter 1361: Dragon Bones

The lines on the water droplet didn’t move, but Chu Liuyue’s body shook violently before she spat out a mouthful of blood. Her face then rapidly turned pale, and the force in her dantian seemed to be dissipating.

She forced herself to straighten her body and wiped away the blood from the corner of her move. After that, she strengthened herself and tried again!


The eight lines on the water droplet seemed increasingly clear and bright, but the ninth line didn’t show any signs of appearing.

As Chu Liuyue sorted out the force in her body, she kept absorbing the force outside her body.


In the middle of the tombstone, a crack pierced through from top to bottom! Something seemed to flash across it before it rapidly returned to calmness.

Just as this was happening, Elder Hua Feng and the others who had left were already far away. They were in the gully and were walking in the opposite direction.

The sound of mountain rocks falling kept sounding from behind, forcing them to move forward continuously.

After walking a distance, Elder Hua Feng finally couldn’t help but turn around to take a look. Of course, they couldn’t see anything at this moment. They could only see that the distant sky seemed to have darkened.

“What’s going on there?” Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows and was rather worried.

An elder beside him followed his gaze and guessed, “It should be snowing, right?”

They had been here for so long and had seen it snow several times, and the sky looked like this every single time.

For some reason, Elder Hua Feng felt rather uneasy. He thought for a moment before retracting his gaze and looking at someone else. “Where is Dan Qing now? How far is he from us?”

That elder took out his green jade plaque and glanced at it as he said in surprise, “Dan Qing seems to be rushing over here. In no time, we should be able to meet him.”

Elder Hua Feng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. “That’s great.”

If they could find another person now, it would be great for them.

“I hope that Dan Qing is with Bo Yan and the others. Even if…”

Even if they only knew a small amount of information.

Jiang Zhiyuan’s steps suddenly became stiff. Mentor and the rest… are reaching soon? 

She thought deeply for a moment and suddenly turned around, quickly walking to Elder Hua Feng and the rest. “Elder Hua Feng, shall we go up toward that land?”

The others were dazed. “What?”

Jiang Zhiyuan laughed rather nervously. “Do you see that part on the cliff that caves in? I suddenly recalled that I seemed to have walked across the outside. From there on, the entire path should be pretty safe.”

“When I asked you just now, didn’t you say that your brain was muddled and that you couldn’t recall anything?” Shi Rui’er questioned suddenly and shot Jiang Zhiyuan an incredulous gaze. Why did she so coincidentally recall it at this time? 

“Just now, you said that you had once walked past the sides of the gully. If you really did walk that way, you should’ve seen this gully, right?”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s breathing stopped, and grievances flashed across her heart. What I hate about Shi Rui’er the most… Other than her imperious pride, I hate how she always likes to get to the bottom of things and always targets me! 

“I-I did walk past this place before, but I just cared about escaping. Hence, I didn’t see anything else. Thinking about it now, it should be… rather safe if I could go back safely through this road, right?” As Jiang Zhiyuan spoke, she looked at Elder Hua Feng rather uneasily. “Elder, I’m doing this for everybody. I don’t have any other motives. Who knows what it’s like on the other side of the gully? Are we just going to continue walking down here…”

Shi Rui’er smiled coldly. “Walking straight ahead would be better than going to some other place, right? Who knows if it’s really safe or—”

Elder Hua Feng glanced up. “Let’s continue walking forward. If—”

Jiang Zhiyuan bit her lips and didn’t dare to say anything else. She could only agree forcefully. It seems like I can only think of another way later…

Hong long long! 

At this point, the ground of the entire gully suddenly vibrated intensely!

“What’s going on?!” The crowd immediately became alert as they looked at the cliffs on both sides, terrified that the gully would collapse.

If everything that previously happened occurred again, they probably couldn’t survive the second time…

Suddenly, Shi Rui’er gasped.

Elder Hua Feng heard that something was wrong, and he turned around to look at her. “Rui’er, what’s wrong?”

Shi Rui’er didn’t speak as she slowly raised her hands in shock and pointed in a direction at the front.

Elder Hua Feng and the rest looked over, and they were instantly taken aback.

A crystal-like bone actually slowly appeared from the bottom. The cracks on the hard ground rapidly spread, and the large and small cracks seemed to be covered by a layer of spiderwebs.

That bone slowly rose from the bottom and formed a small hill.

The shattered rocks kept rolling down toward the surroundings.

The red sand flowed down and made small noises.

“This is…” Elder Hua Feng opened his mouth. At that moment, countless guesses flashed across his mind! It turns out that it isn’t a broken piece of bone—it is an entire piece! 

Slowly, that bone revealed its original shape. It was a long white bone that was totally crystal-like and exuded a faint light.

Upon closer inspection, there seemed to be transparent liquid slowly flowing inside.

A gush of suppression slowly spread across from above!

“That’s not a human bone!” Someone suddenly gasped.

The surroundings fell into dead silence. At this point, they all had naturally realized this!

But if it isn’t a human bone, then what could it—

The elder with white brows beside Shi Rui’er stated lowly, “There are more at the back!”

Shi Rui’er and the rest turned around to take a look and indeed saw that there seemed to be bones slowly emerging from the bottom not far behind them.

These bones had exactly the same shape as the one before!

The ground was still shaking, and increasingly more white bones appeared in the gully.

“One, two…” An elder looked over, and his voice slowly became softer. That was because the number of white bones appearing in the entire gully had long exceeded their expectations!

The places the white bones appeared were very peculiar as the distance between each one was exactly the same. Their appearance also seemed exactly the same.

“What exactly… is that?” Elder Hua Feng looked over from afar and almost couldn’t believe his own eyes. Who exactly would specifically bury so many bones here and in such an orderly fashion?! 

Suddenly, a thought surfaced in his mind. Hang on! If they aren’t human bones, then… They are most likely fiend bones. There aren’t many fiends with so many gigantic bones. In addition to the dragon roars heard here earlier… 


Right at this moment, a stunning dragon roar sounded!

The crowd followed the direction of the sound and looked over before they were collectively taken aback.

From afar, a gigantic dragon’s white skull suddenly rose! The suppression was tremendous!

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