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Chapter 1360: Good Fortune

“What’s… going on?” someone couldn’t help but mutter softly.

Ever since they came to the Flood-Desert Northern Region, the sky had always been dark and gloomy, and they had never seen such a scene before.

“It seems like… someone is preparing to break through?!”

Once he said this, someone immediately retorted, “How can that be?! Isn’t there only Chu Yue inside? His fate is still unknown. Besides…”

“We can’t see the situation inside either. Perhaps he’s really breaking through? Who would know for sure?”

“That’s true… After all, everyone initially came to the Flood-Desert Northern Region wanting to gain experience, right…”

The crowd fell silent and exchanged glances.

The door was locked, and gigantic rocks blocked it. They couldn’t even see it even if they wanted to, but judging from this commotion, it did seem like someone was about to break through.

“Let’s wait a while longer!” The man at the front glanced over with knitted brows and one hand behind his back. When Elder Hua Feng and the rest left, they asked us to take care of Chu Yue. Now, we don’t even know if it is a blessing or trouble that Chu Yue got dragged in… 

“Did anyone see the situation back then clearly?” he suddenly asked. “Was Chu Yue the one at the front?”

“No.” A tall and skinny man at the side shook his head. “At that time, Elder Hua Feng, Flying Star Sect’s Shi Rui’er, and the others were in front, while Chu Yue was behind them.”

“Then, why was he the one dragged in in the end?”

“Um… At that time, everyone was trapped by the vortex, and Chu Yue seemed to be suddenly dragged in. It seemed like after he went in, the door was closed immediately.”

In the beginning, they didn’t feel so. But now that they thought about it, everything back then seemed rather strange.

“…Let’s wait and see.”


The man at the front looked up and glanced at the dark sky.

Turbulent winds preceded the storms.

Elder Hua Feng and even many people from Ling Xiao Academy are very worried about Chu Yue being trapped behind the door. But perhaps… That Chu Yue has his own good fortune… 

Every second and minute was very torturous for the crowd waiting outside, but Chu Liuyue completely ignored time and focused on making preparations to break through to become a stage-nine warrior in one shot!

Her body seemed to be a bottomless pit that kept absorbing the surrounding force. That force then flowed through all her limbs and nourished every inch of her bones and muscles.

As it occurred silently, the force in her body seemed to be strengthening at a shocking speed.

The tombstone was filled with cracks, and every black crack seemed to contain terrifying force.

Once the force was released, it could destroy everything!

The eight lines on the water droplet were brilliant. The boundless force was like waves that surrounded it.

Chu Liuyue had her eyes tightly shut, and her dense and thin black lashes trembled slightly. They were like wings that danced lightly to stir up a huge storm!


A dragon roar suddenly howled from the tombstone!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and the force in her body seemed to be influenced by this dragon roar. The force became restless and seemed to want to rush out from all parts of her body!


Tuan Zi looked up at the sky and shrieked in a holy and relaxed manner! It fought with the dragon’s suppression head-on!

With Tuan Zi’s help, Chu Liuyue’s situation was immediately much better.

She rapidly gathered the force within her dantian and hurled it toward the water droplet harshly.


The strong impact force spread everywhere, instantly nourishing Chu Liuyue’s limbs and organs! Then, excruciating pain spread throughout her body!

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