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Chapter 1359: Break Through!

Once he said this, quite a few people were taken aback.

“Then… you mean…” Shi Rui’er spoke as she turned around to take a look with much meaning. I still thought that Elder Hua Feng would continue to choose to stay here. 

How would Elder Hua Feng not know what she meant? But with the current situation, this was the best choice.

They had already waited here for a very long time and tried all sorts of methods, but they couldn’t open the door. It was even more impossible today.

As long as they could find Bo Yan and the others, there might still be a hint of hope when they worked together.

Even though he was very worried, there wasn’t much use just waiting here.

The few elders exchanged glances and expressed their agreement.

Shi Rui’er thought for a while and finally nodded.

Elder Hua Feng looked at the people from Lingyun Mountain. He took a deep breath in, took a step forward, and cupped his fists. “Everyone, I have a request for you.”

The man at the front had a slight change in expression. “Elder Hua Feng, you’re too kind. Just tell me if you have any instructions.”

Elder Hua Feng solemnly said, “Today, we really feel uneasy about taking a move first and leaving Chu Yue and the rest behind. Therefore, I would like to trouble you to stay here for a while more. If Chu Yue comes out or if something happens, I hope you can help him. We, Ling Xiao Academy, would be very grateful.”

The people from Lingyun Mountain exchanged glances.

Previously, they could already tell that Chu Yue was someone whom Elder Hua Feng and the rest thought highly of. However, they didn’t expect it was to this extent—that Elder Hua Feng would personally speak up for him.

What background does this Chu Yue exactly have? Before this, we heard that he seemed to only be a stage-eight warrior… 

“Elder Hua Feng, you’re too polite.” The man at the front smiled and returned the bow. “Since you’ve spoken up personally, we’ll definitely do this favor.”

On the one hand, they did want to continue staying here and see the situation. On the other hand, it was a good thing for them to take this chance and be closer to Ling Xiao Academy.

This matter had two advantages for them, so there was naturally no reason to reject it.

“Thank you.” Elder Hua Feng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Even if they just did it in consideration of Ling Xiao Academy, these people won’t just sit back and ignore him. Now, as long as Chu Yue can persist… 

“Elder Hua Feng, this Chu Yue… doesn’t seem to be your disciple. Why…” The man at the front finally couldn’t help but ask.

Elder Hua Feng smiled. “He’s Rong Xiu’s person.”

The people from Ling Xiao Academy and Flying Star Sect left together.

Lingyun Mountain’s people rested for a while and decided to observe the changes silently. They were too curious about everything behind that door.

Besides, more than half of them had previously died or were injured just trying to go in. If they couldn’t go in and find out what was going on, they would feel a sense of regret.

They just didn’t know whether this door would open and… what would happen to that Chu Yue?

Chu Liuyue seemed to have forgotten everything about the outside world. She was already completely immersed in her cultivation now.

After she broke through to become an intermediate stage-eight warrior, she didn’t stop at all and continued absorbing the surrounding force.

At this point, the tombstone was already filled with cracks. It seemed like it would collapse at any point.

As the number of cracks increased on its surface, the density of the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force had reached a crazy extent.

Chu Liuyue almost didn’t need to move, and the force would fight to enter her body.

Her bodily aura quickly strengthened!

If it were someone else, they might be overjoyed. However, Chu Liuyue gradually felt uneasy because… the force here was too rich!

Every cultivator had a limit to how much their physical bodies could endure. Once that upper limit was exceeded, their bodies wouldn’t be able to take it any longer.

The more serious thing was that it would very possibly cause damage to a certain extent.

Although she now had that water droplet and could absorb all the additional force, who knew when it would end?

Here, she almost couldn’t feel the flow of time. All she could feel was the shocking force that was about to overflow!

With such worries, Chu Liuyue continued to break through and became a peak stage-eight warrior!

However, everything hadn’t stopped. Chu Liuyue could clearly feel that every part of her body was changing in a stunning manner.

And that tombstone kept exuding force to the outside world continuously.

The rich force gathered together and formed a liquid on the rock wall above her head as it shook slightly.

Chu Liuyue was most worried about one thing—Such a long time had passed, but there was no sound from Shangguan Jing. It was as if he had really fallen into a deep sleep.

In the middle, Chu Liuyue had called him a few times but didn’t hear his reply. If it weren’t because she could still feel her ancestor’s aura, she would think that he was in some trouble.

This place… is indeed weird. Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other. Perhaps Ancestor had come here before? 

At some point, the water droplet in Chu Liuyue’s dantian finally stopped moving.

Chu Liuyue opened her eyes wide, and her expression was solemn. That was because… she was about to try and break through to become a stage-nine warrior!

To any cultivator, this was a very important checkpoint.

After Chu Liuyue was reborn, she had dreamed of this day countless times. But of the numerous scenarios she imagined, the only thing she didn’t expect was her preparing to break through to become a stage-nine warrior in such a situation.

“Tuan Zi,” Chu Liuyue called out softly.

A red-gold fire flashed across, and Tuan Zi appeared before her eyes.

“Help me guard.”

Tuan Zi had clearly noticed that this incident was abnormal, and its expression was very serious.


Hot fire flew around, and Tuan Zi’s figure instantly changed! Its two wings spread out, and its aura was stunning!

The temperature in this entire space seemed much higher.

Chu Liuyue raised both her hands. Then, countless rays of light flew out from her thin and white fingers as they quickly intertwined and overlapped.

A gigantic Xuan formation quickly appeared above the ground and guarded her tightly!

At the same time, a golden light faintly appeared over her body—that was the pure gold armor she had summoned out.

After thinking for a moment, Chu Liuyue took out her Chi Xiao Sword and pierced it into the ground!


She heard a crisp sound, and the Chi Xiao Sword trembled slightly before reflecting a bright light.

At this point, all her preparations were complete.

Chu Liuyue sighed deeply. She could even clearly hear her own heartbeat. A little while longer and another while.

Finally, she closed her eyes and gathered all the force in her body. The surrounding force also started rushing toward her at a shocking speed!

At the same time, the sky above the gully instantly darkened!

The winds howled crazily, and dark clouds gathered! At that moment, heaven and earth changed drastically!

The Lingyun Mountain crowd waiting in the gully looked up in shock!

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