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Chapter 1352: Death Door

Jiang Zhiyuan looked at Liang Shaokang in disbelief. What did he say? He wants me to go and beg Chu Yue for him? Dream on! Previously, I had already suffered enough as I had to lower myself, let alone do it for an unrelated Liang Shaokang! 

I don’t want to deal with Chu Yue, and I have grudges against Shi Rui’er. The only people I can beg are Elder Hua Feng and the rest, but that is also because I’m a student from the academy. Previously, the elders had already shown very clearly that they had no intentions of helping. If I jump out to speak up for Liang Shaokang at this moment, won’t it be causing trouble for myself?! 

“Third Young Master Liang, I’m really sorry, but I’m just an ordinary student from the academy. As for your matters… I really can’t help you.” Then, Jiang Zhiyuan lifted her legs and was about to leave.

Liang Shaokang panicked. “Wait! You can’t abandon me! If something happens to me, Xiaoxiao will never forgive you!”

Jiang Zhiyuan sneered. Liang Xiaoxiao? Even if the one being killed is Liang Xiaoxiao, I won’t take another look, let alone Liang Shaokang. 

She didn’t even turn around and walked forward.

Liang Shaokang looked distraught. “Jiang Zhiyuan! To think that Xiaoxiao and I always treated you so well! I didn’t expect to raise a traitor in the end! Just wait, you—”

Liang Shaokang didn’t finish his sentence.


His body went limp, and he simply fell.

Bright red blood gushed out from his neck, and it quickly spread around before the red sand rapidly absorbed it. His eyeballs popped out as he stared at Jiang Zhiyuan’s back view as if he couldn’t rest in peace.

Jiang Zhiyuan faintly felt a wave of cold intent attacking from behind as goosebumps rose on her back. However, she still didn’t turn around as she quickly walked forward and followed the crowd.

The man in front of Liang Shaokang took a long and meaningful gaze at the departing figure before he retracted his gaze and coldly glanced at the dead Liang Shaokang. “Clean it up properly.”


Passing by the rock that blocked their way in the middle, Chu Liuyue and the rest continued forward.

The further they went, the deeper the gully between the two cliffs. The lines intersected in a defined manner, and the temperature was much higher than before.

Chu Liuyue unwittingly felt a sense of annoyance as the blood in her body rushed around. It was as if it was about to rush out!

“Yue’er!” Shangguan Jing’s especially low and powerful voice seemed like a bucket of ice-cold water that poured down from her head, immediately causing Chu Liuyue to calm down. “The Heaven and Earth Force here is very chaotic. If too much enters your body, it will disrupt your mindset. Be careful.”

Chu Liuyue rubbed her temples and felt lingering fear. “Thank you for the reminder, Ancestor.”

With all this chaotic force gathered together… Even if one didn’t purposely absorb it, walking amidst it would still cause one to be inevitably affected.

She was really rather negligent previously.

“Elder, remind everyone to set up a barrier here. The Heaven and Earth Force seems to be problematic,” said Chu Liuyue as a spark of a bright gold color quickly flashed across her body before disappearing.

Elder Hua Feng solemnly acknowledged it as he turned around and seriously reminded the crowd. Previously, he also noticed that something was wrong, but he couldn’t confirm it.

“There seems to be a large portion of force coming out from the red sand… I wonder what’s going on,” muttered Elder Hua Feng softly.

Chu Liuyue looked down slightly, and the dragon bones that she previously saw buried in the ground flashed across her eyes. Perhaps…

“Quickly look! What’s that!?” Shi Rui’er suddenly shouted in shock.

Chu Liuyue filed away her thoughts and looked up.

At the front, a cliff blocked the road. It seemed like it was the end of the gully.

On that rock was a door.




That door was totally red as if it were iron that was burned.

The terrifying warmth spread out from it and caused heat waves. The surrounding air seemed to be slightly distorted.

It made one fear.

On the ground not far away from the door, a few corpses were lying around in a messy fashion. Most of them were incomplete, and they were frightening.

Chu Liuyue immediately realized that they should be the people from Lingyun Mountain and the Liang family that had previously died here.

It seemed like they couldn’t even enter the door before they were completely wiped out.

“W-what’s going on? Why would there be such a place in the Flood-Desert Northern Region?”

“It seems very strange. Didn’t you see all those people in front of the door?”

“If we were to go in, it would be very dangerous, right…”

“Don’t you think that although this place is hot, there seems to be a sinister feeling?”

The crowd debated softly.

“Wait a minute!” Chu Liuyue was about to walk forward when Elder Hua Feng pulled her back. This kid is too reckless! There are corpses all over the ground, yet he can continue walking forward expressionlessly? Is he really not afraid of death?! 

“Move back first. I’ll see what’s going on,” said Elder Hua Feng as his tone was filled with disbelief.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but smile and did not argue with him. “Elder, be careful.”

Elder Hua Feng nodded and walked forward.

The crowd gradually fell silent, and everyone looked over.

The closer he was, the more Elder Hua Feng could feel the shocking suppression exuding from the door! The blood in his body seemed to be moving much slower.

Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows, and he stopped about 20 steps away from the door. Standing here, he already felt the murderous intent rushing out from within.

His many years of experience told him that it would be dangerous if he continued going forward! But after stopping for a moment, he still walked forward.


Before he could land his step, a gust of strong wind suddenly attacked him!

Elder Hua Feng was shocked and immediately hurled out a punch! He actually chose to fight with it head-on!


The two strong forces harshly hit each other and let out a loud sound! Flying sand and rocks flew everywhere as the wind howled crazily!

The red sand quickly formed a vortex in mid-air as a strong suction force exploded out!

Elder Hua Feng didn’t expect it, and his body moved a step forward uncontrollably! He was instantly taken aback, but he moved backward without hesitation.

He came easily, but it was hard to leave.

These grains of sand contained rich force, especially when those close to the door gathered together. The force was so strong that even Elder Hua Feng couldn’t resist!


Shi Rui’er planned to go forward but was stopped by the elder with white brows. “Second Miss, wait here for a moment. I’ll go forward first!”

Before he could finish his sentence, his figure had already disappeared from the spot. The next moment, the crowd saw him appear beside Elder Hua Feng.


He held a longsword in his hands and slashed it down harshly!

A crack immediately appeared in the vortex that trapped Elder Hua Feng!


Elder Hua Feng took the opportunity and immediately turned around to run back! But just when the two of them were about to leave, the vortex formed by the red sand expanded suddenly with the wind!


The vortex became a tornado that came straight toward them!

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