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Chapter 1351: Fight

The dragon roar reverberated throughout the gully! It was as if it had a thousand years’ worth of frost encompassed in it, and it was filled with a metallic blood aura that caused one’s heart to be shaken!

Chu Liuyue felt her ears ring as a heavy suppression came over, which instantly spread to her heart! She almost couldn’t breathe!

She quickly looked up and forward!

In the long, narrow, and deep gully, there were two cliffs by the side and red sand in the middle that flowed with the wind. It was vast.

“This.. Could there be a dragon clan member here?!” The crowd was taken aback.

However, Liang Shaokang and the people from Lingyun Mountain had strange expressions. They looked as if they were shocked, and there was also horror and lingering fear in their eyes.

“That’s… That’s not a real dragon clan member…” Liang Shaokang spoke with much difficulty, and his throat tightened.

“Not a real dragon clan member? But the dragon roar has such suppression—that can’t be fake. Why…”

“Elder Hua Feng, that’s where Liang Shaokang lied to us and brought us to.” The Lingyun Mountain man at the front sneered. “That place is extremely dangerous. I advise you not to take this risk.”

Seeing that his expression was genuine, Elder Hua Feng and the rest exchanged glances. This commotion is extraordinary, so perhaps it does hide some secrets. But judging from Liang Shaokang and the others’ reactions, it is indeed very dangerous. 

“Rui’er, what do you guys think?”

Shi Rui’er thought for a moment and was rather hesitant. She naturally wanted to go. After all, they didn’t come here from miles away to play.

However, Lingyun Mountain’s people and the Liang family’s people were severely injured or killed. This… 

“Chu Yue, what do you think?”

The remaining people looked at Chu Liuyue. After experiencing all of that, they seemed to have unwittingly treated Chu Liuyue as their core leader, and they would ask for her opinion when they couldn’t decide on matters.

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Let’s go.”

“Elder Hua Feng, you mustn’t go!” At this point, Liang Shaokang couldn’t care so much as he yelled anxiously and struggled to get up.

“Kneel down!” The few men at the side hollered angrily as they used their swords to press Liang Shaokang down again.

Feeling the cold and icy touch on his neck and the blood that slowly seeped out, Liang Shaokang was so frightened that his face flushed white as he hurriedly kneeled down again. Even if it was humiliating, his life was still important in this scenario.

“T-that place is indeed very dangerous. Elder Hua Feng, why would you do this? I didn’t know about it previously, so I harmed a lot of people from the Liang family and even implicated Lingyun Mountain. But now that I’ve already suffered, how can I just watch you guys go over?” Liang Shaokang really didn’t want them to go over. He barely managed to escape from that place. How could he go back with them again?

The Lingyun Mountain man at the front also knitted his brows and had a face of disapproval. However, this has nothing much to do with us. As long as the other party agrees not to interfere with Liang Shaokang’s matters, everything is fine. 

“Since this is so, we’ll leave first.” As he spoke, he waved his hands and wanted to leave with Liang Shaokang.

Elder Hua Feng nodded.

Liang Shaokang suddenly widened his eyes. Are Elder Hua Feng and the rest not planning to stand up for me? 

What he didn’t know was that Elder Hua Feng was already in a mess.

Elder Hua Feng hadn’t even found his own academy’s elders and students, and he had just escaped from the attack of the nine-tailed green crows. How would he have additional strength to care about others?

Liang Shaokang was Liang Xiaoxiao’s elder brother, but none of them was Liang Xiaoxiao’s mentor. To talk about the Liang family…

Lingyun Mountain wasn’t easy to deal with, not to mention that they did have a grudge that involved dozens of lives.

At this time, the best option was to ignore and not intervene.

“I-I know the safest way to go over! Elder Hua Feng, if you can help me this once, I can go back with you!”

Every moment I can drag on will count. Liang Shaokang dared to confirm that after these people left, those from Lingyun Mountain would kill him immediately!

Elder Hua Feng hesitated for a moment. If Liang Shaokang brings us along, it would be much more convenient… However, I really don’t want to intentionally get involved in their messy situation. 

“No need.” Chu Liuyue laughed. “Elder, if you’re worried, I can lead the way.”

Seeing that she seemed rather confident, Elder Hua Feng couldn’t help but feel much more at ease. “Okay.”

Anyway, Chu Yue has been the one in charge of this journey the whole time. Although it has been dangerous, we are still safe and sound. 

Thus, Elder Hua Feng trusted Chu Yue very much.

“Let’s not delay it further. Let’s go,” said Chu Liuyue as she directly moved her feet and walked over.

The crowd quickly followed.

Liang Shaokang had his mouth agape and eyes wide open. What kind of situation is this?! All of these people actually listened to a small kid? Is that so-called Chu Yue a formidable character? But I hadn’t heard of him before… Isn’t he courting death?! 

Even the people from Lingyun Mountain were stunned by this scene. Is that young man the one that has the last say in this group? Other than him looking clean and handsome, there is nothing particular about him… 


A dragon roar sounded again. This time, it was much clearer and louder than the previous sound.

Its suppression was naturally stronger.

Hesitation flashed across the face of the Lingyun Mountain man at the front.

In actual fact, when they had just gone over, they didn’t even see what had happened after being attacked, and more than half of them got injured or killed.

After a moment, he walked to Liang Shaokang.


If the longsword moved forward another inch, everything would be settled!

Liang Shaokang widened his eyes in shock, and hopelessness filled his heart. Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, he saw a familiar figure. “Zhiyuan?”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s body froze. Then, she acted as if she didn’t hear anything as she continued walking forward.

Seeing her reaction, Liang Shaokang—who was originally still doubtful—immediately confirmed her identity. “Zhiyuan, it’s really you?!”

He looked at the woman that walked by him in disbelief.

Her clothes were disheveled. She was stained with blood, and her left sleeve seemed to have been burned by something, in addition to a large contorted burn wound on her arm.

Her aura was weak, and she looked frail.

She was completely different from the woman that smiled brightly in his memory. However, Liang Shaokang couldn’t care to ask about the rest as he hurriedly shouted, “Zhiyuan! Quickly come and help me!”

Because of Liang Xiaoxiao’s relationship, they knew each other.

And Liang Shaokang always had some thoughts about her, so he always flattered her. It was a pity that Jiang Zhiyuan always kept him a distance away.

She should be the one Liang Shaokang was most familiar with amongst these people.

Hearing Liang Shaokang call out her name, Jiang Zhiyuan felt annoyed, but she only could perk herself up and say hesitantly, “Third Young Master Liang, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but… You’ve also seen that I can’t say much. Everyone listens to Chu Yue…”

Something slipped out of Liang Shaokang’s mouth. “Then, help me beg him!”

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