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Chapter 1353: Open!

“Quickly retreat!” Seeing that it was amiss, Elder Hua Feng immediately hollered!

Shock flashed across Shi Rui’er’s eyes before she turned around without hesitation. “Go!”

At this time, anyone that could escape was good!

Everyone instinctively felt that something was wrong as they immediately left without hesitation! However, it was already too late!


Before they could escape in time, the red sand suddenly flew up with the wind and formed a gigantic screen! It completely blocked their path!

An elder’s gaze turned sharp before he jumped up, raised his sword, and rushed over.


With a crisp sound, the longsword in his hands was actually broken into two!

The rebound force attacked, causing the elder’s body to fly backward, and he fell to the floor harshly!


His face became much paler, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood!

Everyone who planned to follow him was all stunned and stood rooted to the spot. This… Isn’t this some red sand that gathered together? Why is it so terrifying?! 

Before they could react, the great suction force came from behind and surrounded them.

A young man from the Flying Star Sect couldn’t resist it as he directly fell backward and was surrounded by red sand. Then, he was quickly dragged backward.

The rough ground quickly scratched and broke his clothes.

He struggled in shock, wanting to break free from this situation, but it only aggravated the injury on his back.

The places he was dragged had faint bloodstains appear on the ground before they rapidly got absorbed and disappeared.

“Brother Shao!” Shi Rui’er jumped up and quickly chased after him!

But at this point, everyone was already controlled within this red sand space, and all their force was restricted. They couldn’t even unleash half of their force. Besides, even if they used all their strength, they were no match for this terrifying force.

Before Shi Rui’er could even touch the person, her body had already lost control.

It wasn’t only her—it happened to everyone present as well.

They seemed to be very light ants as they were easily dragged toward the door!

Chu Liuyue felt that every part of her body seemed to be totally restricted by some force as she couldn’t struggle free and couldn’t move.

A sea of red was before her eyes. Other than this, she couldn’t see anything.

She was almost squeezed until she was deformed. Her organs and limbs also squeezed together as if she would explode at any time!

Suddenly, a piercing pain came from her hands.

She looked down with much difficulty and realized that her arm was directly broken by rough sand as blood slowly seeped out.

Even though she was only a stage-eight warrior now, her physical strength could be compared to a stage-nine warrior. This sand could easily pierce through her skin and muscle. One could just think to know what kind of shocking force it contained!

A strong force attacked, and her chest suddenly trembled before blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

At this moment, she suddenly realized how those corpses in front of the entrance came about.

We can’t be dragged around like this anymore! Chu Liuyue tightly clenched her teeth as she urged the force in her body with much difficulty.

But the surrounding force was too strong. The force she could use within her body was minimal!

In this manner, she couldn’t even execute Jingshen Fist!


Right at this point, another dragon roar was heard.

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat as she looked up. This time, she finally heard clearly that the sound was coming from the gully!

It was coming from the cliffs that formed the gully, the red sand that spread around the area, and the bones hidden in the ground or those exposed to the air.

Right at this moment, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a tremendous force!


The door below the cave suddenly opened with the sound!

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