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Chapter 1325: Self-Cut Arm!

The cold winds howled harshly and picked up the scarce snow.

The sky and earth were white.

Far away, something suddenly dug out from the flat snowy ground—it was a fiend around the size of an adult’s fist. It looked like a fox, but its ears and nose didn’t look like those of a fox, especially with its protruding mouth. It revealed two especially sharp teeth, causing it to look extra ferocious.

As it was totally white and only its face was grayish brown, it was very easy for it to camouflage in this snowy land.

“That’s a ninth-grade gray-faced fox. Although it’s very small, it’s agile and cunning. It regularly swallows other souls’ skeletons to survive, so many people hate it. I didn’t expect this to be the first fiend we would meet after coming to the Flood-Desert Northern Region,” explained Elder Bo Yan.

However, Elder Wen Xi didn’t relax at all. He naturally recognized what fiend it was, and that was exactly why he was especially shocked. “This place is icy cold and filled with snow. It’s deserted, and there’s nobody here. How… did it survive here?”

Elder Bo Yan was dazed and then knitted his brows. This is true. Gray-faced foxes aren’t fiends that like cold places, so there is no reason for it to be here. And this one looks like… it is in decent spirits. 

As if detecting their gazes, the gray-faced fox looked over and then rapidly dug into the pile of snow.

The snow flew everywhere, and the fiend quickly disappeared without a trace. From the outside, other than a hole appearing in the middle of a pile of snow, everything else looked the same.

Elder Bo Yan and Elder Wen Xi exchanged glances and saw the uneasiness in each other’s eyes. This gray-faced fox is so agile and energetic. It doesn’t look like it is being tortured or like it has suffered at all. Clearly, it has had a good time here. Then… Doesn’t this mean that there is a lot of food that they can ‘enjoy’ here? 

The ground was covered with thick snow. With one foot down, it would go up to one’s thighs.

Nobody knew what was hidden beneath the snow layer.

Elder Bo Yan faintly felt uneasy.

“Bo Yan, our people are all out. Where should we go next?” another elder walked over and asked.

Elder Bo Yan turned around to take a look. The remaining students and elders were indeed all out.

He thought for a while and said, “We’re all here in the Flood-Desert Northern Region now, but this place is huge. Nobody knows where the Heavenly Square Cauldron will descend, so for the next few days, everyone must be separated. Two elders will be in a team, and they will be in charge of looking after 60 students. But there’s one point: Everyone must stay in contact at all times. Once there are any problems, you must retreat immediately. Your life is the top priority, do you understand?”


Elder Bo Yan waved his hands. “Go!”

At this moment, at Red Valley Beach outside the Flood-Desert Northern Region, countless cultivators had come here.

The people who came were all from top-tier aristocratic families in the God Residence Realm. They were very ambitious, and they all wanted to fight for the Heavenly Square Cauldron that was about to descend!

The Flood-Desert Northern Region—which was sunken for a few thousands of years—silently became crowded.

The fight was about to begin!

Outside Fangzhou City.

The intense battle finally stopped!

A muscular man lay on the floor, and the clothes in front of his chest were already dyed red by blood.

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The bright longsword pierced through his chest and nailed him to the ground directly.

He breathed heavily and struggled to get up, but it was to no avail. His face rapidly turned white, and his breathing was weak.

“Y-you…” He opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything as he stared at the figure not far away from him with eyes filled with anger and vengeance.

The ground below was quickly covered by fresh blood, and he looked miserable.

Chu Liuyue stared at him coldly and slowly walked over.

She stepped on that man’s chest, suppressing it and causing quite a lot of blood to ooze out. At the same time, a hand held the sword hilt and turned slowly.

She held the Chi Xiao Sword that was as light as a feather, but to other people, it weighed a ton.

She turned it lightly and almost minced all of that man’s muscles, blood, and bones.

“Ah!!!” That man’s expression changed, and he let out a cry at the top of his lungs.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly and seemed to be very satisfied with his reaction. Back then, Shangguan Wan collaborated with Jiang Yucheng to harm me, and this person had instigated them a lot from behind. Therefore this is also taking revenge for back then. 

Chu Liuyue tilted her head. After admiring his painful struggle, she slowly asked, “There’s something I don’t quite understand. We have no grudges at all, and I don’t even know who you are at this point in time. But why does it seem like you have planned on killing me since a very long time ago? Is it because of that thing in my body?”

As Chu Liuyue talked, she squinted her eyes dangerously. That water droplet only appeared in my body after I was reborn. Back then, there was a period of time I thought that this belonged to the original owner. But if this person has planned this for a long time and wanted to kill me for the water droplet, does this not prove that I already had it when I had yet to be set up in my previous life? However, I don’t have this portion of my memory. Also, if I really had this water droplet back then, why did it stay quiet until I died? 

Hearing Chu Liuyue’s question, that man’s painful moans died down. He suddenly laughed in mockery, spat out a mouthful of blood, and refused to answer.

Chu Liuyue withdrew the Chi Xiao Sword, and blood flowed everywhere!

“Oof!” That man knitted his brows in pain.

An ice-cold feeling came from his neck—the cold blade was already stuck to his neck!

He had no doubts that Chu Liuyue would kill him at any moment!

“Since you think so highly of this item, why don’t… we talk about how much you know about this thing?”

That man swiftly closed his eyes, clearly not wanting to talk to Chu Liuyue further. Then, a strange pattern appeared on his forehead.

Chu Liuyue was shocked and hurriedly moved back!


The body started exploding!

There was something that took the chance to escape quickly! It was still the trick from the previous time!

Chu Liuyue’s gaze turned cold as she raised her hand and produced a ball of transparent fire!

That fire quickly set up a barrier in the surroundings!


The barrier cracked, but at the same time, that aura became much weaker!

Chu Liuyue clenched her silver teeth. He escaped last time, but it is impossible this time!

A thought surfaced in her mind as a transparent cauldron appeared in her palms. She then lightly pushed her palm, and the Heavenly Square Cauldron rapidly flew out!

The quickly escaping soul seemed to be affected by a great suction force as it slowed down at an observable speed.

But just when Chu Liuyue thought that the Heavenly Square Cauldron was about to suppress it, she saw that the soul actually started burning for no reason!

Her heart sank.

The next moment, that soul completely disappeared without a trace!

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