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Chapter 1318: Secret

Chu Liuyue touched Tuan Zi, released her hands, and raised her chin toward the many fiends below. “To help you just now, they have all put in quite a bit of effort.”

The fiends—who were suddenly praised—became energized, and their expressions were anxious and nervous. Help? Put in effort? We wouldn’t dare! We should’ve done it! 

Being able to personally witness the birth of an ancient legendary fiend—a red-gold heavenly phoenix—was the greatest blessing in their lives. How could they ask for anything more?

In the beginning, they came here for Chu Liuyue. But now, that definitely wasn’t the case.

The grumbles they had toward Chu Liuyue when they came had all disappeared, and they even felt quite grateful.

For fiends, the bloodline level was strict. Not to mention helping this once, even if they were asked to sacrifice their lives, they would absolutely not have any grievances. That was the supremacy of an ancient legendary fiend!

Tuan Zi followed Chu Liuyue’s vision and looked down.


It flapped its wings, and a red-gold fire suddenly flew out, drawing a beautiful arc in mid-air. Then, the fire burst and exploded into countless sparks that landed everywhere!

These sparks landed on many fiends.

The moment the sparks touched the fiends, they quickly melted. Following this, these fiends’ injuries started rapidly healing at an observable speed!

These wounds were originally caused when Tuan Zi’s bloodline power was awakening, so this was considered as solving it from the root of the problem, and the effects were exceptionally good.

Many of the fiends were shocked, and all of them respectfully kneeled down and thanked Tuan Zi.

It was very rare and beneficial for them to help a red-gold heavenly phoenix break through and receive the nourishment from its powers. They were naturally very grateful—this caused them to have even gentler and respectful gazes when they looked at Chu Liuyue.

Tuan Zi’s actions were clearly telling them who had the last say. All of the legendary fiends here weren’t silly, and they naturally followed the flow.


Tuan Zi let out a loud cry again.

The many fiends gradually started to leave. Not long later, the fiends surrounding the mountain peak began to leave respectively.

Everything finally seemed to return to normal.

A light flashed on Tuan Zi’s body, and it became tiny again. Compared to before, it looked more intricate and beautiful.

Tuan Zi blinked its eyes and stuck its head into Chu Liuyue’s arms.

Chu Liuyue hugged it tightly and couldn’t help but smile with her eyes curving up.

Tuan Zi’s small head rubbed against her shoulders in reminiscence and intimacy.

“A’Yue.” A clear and crisp voice entered her ears.

Chu Liuyue was suddenly dazed. This is… Tuan Zi’s voice? 

“A’Yue! A’Yue, I miss you so much.”

“Chu Yue.” Just when Chu Liuyue planned to talk to Tuan Zi further, she suddenly heard a familiar voice from the side.

She looked up and smiled. “Greetings, Elders.”

When Elder Hua Feng saw Tuan Zi being hugged by Chu Liuyue, his gaze was filled with curiosity and shock. After all, this was also his first time seeing a red-gold heavenly phoenix in person, especially… one that had an agreement with a human.

“Chu Yue, how are you feeling?” Elder Shu Yu was rather calm as he examined Chu Liuyue’s disheveled appearance and inquired in concern.

Chu Liuyue smiled and replied, “Elder, don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Even though she was injured previously… After Tuan Zi broke through, her wounds started healing rapidly—probably because they had an agreement. She even felt that she was stronger than before.

“That’s great; that’s great…” Elder Shu Yu heaved a sigh of relief. As long as he is fine, everything else will be easy to talk about. 

“You…” His gaze then landed on Tuan Zi. After a moment of hesitation, he carefully said, “I haven’t congratulated you yet. Your legendary fiend has… broken through.”

“Thank you, Elder Shu Yu.” Chu Liuyue lightly patted Tuan Zi and placed it on her shoulders. Her expression then looked much more serious. “Actually, I have something that I would like to request of you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Um… For today’s incident, could I trouble the elders to temporarily keep it as a secret for me?”

The two elders glanced at each other. She actually thought of asking this… 

“Don’t worry. This is a serious matter. Unless you’re willing to say it on your own, the two of us will definitely not say anything about this,” said Elder Shu Yu carefully.

Elder Hua Feng hurriedly nodded. “That’s right, that’s right! We definitely won’t say it!”

What a joke. If we announce this, isn’t it throwing the kid to the wolves? It would be fine if he was a legendary warrior, but it’s a pity he is still a stage-eight warrior. Even though his combat skills are stronger than an average stage-eight warrior, he is still a stage-eight warrior. Under such circumstances, it is better to be more discreet about it.

“For Zhuo Sheng and Luo Yanming, I’ll explain to them slightly later. They definitely won’t doubt you.” As Elder Hua Feng talked, he felt that he was speaking nonsense again. Who would suspect that Chu Yue’s fiend broke through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix? Even if they had ten times their imagination, they wouldn’t be able to think of it. If I wasn’t here and saw everything clearly from the start, my first reaction when hearing about this would definitely be to think that it was a joke. 

Hearing them say this, Chu Liuyue felt much more at ease.

These two elders are rather reliable. Before I’m sufficiently strong, it is better not to reveal such secrets. It’s a pity that I won’t be able to casually summon Tuan Zi out for a period of time.

“Thank you, Elder Shu Yu, Elder Hua Feng.” Chu Liuyue politely bowed and thanked the duo.

Elder Shu Yu glanced at her and then at Tuan Zi. Suddenly he asked, “Why… did your red-tailed phoenix suddenly break through?”

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