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Chapter 1319: Interrogation

Red-tailed phoenixes did have the red-gold heavenly phoenix’s bloodline power, but it wasn’t that easy to cross the barrier.

Elder Shu Yu had seen quite a few red-tailed phoenixes after all these years, so he was especially curious when he met with such situations.

“It had some fateful encounter, right?” Elder Shu Yu crossed his arms and gently knocked his fingers against the elbow. “After all, even if it has intense bloodline power, you need to spend a great amount of effort to activate it.”

And this was definitely not something a stage-eight warrior cultivator could do.

Chu Liuyue’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. At that moment, she felt that she could be seen right through.

Elder Shu Yu had indeed guarded Fiend Park for many years. He was very experienced and knew these things very well. If not, he wouldn’t have asked such a question.

“Yeah! Chu Yue, your fiend’s experience should be quite extraordinary, right? Or did it have some fateful encounter?” Elder Hua Feng intervened and asked.

After experiencing much with Chu Liuyue, he felt that even her fiend was like the chosen one and was very lucky.

Chu Liuyue paused, and her lips curled up into a smile. “I managed to make an agreement with Tuan Zi quite long ago by chance. From what I know, it doesn’t have any shocking origins, and it’s just an ordinary red-tailed phoenix. As for why it will break through this time…”

She blinked and looked rather helpless. “I’m not too sure either, but it has been hibernating during this period of time, and I couldn’t wake it up no matter what. It suddenly woke up today, and I felt that something was amiss, so I hurriedly brought it here.”

Elder Shu Yu fell into deep thought for a moment and nodded in agreement. “That’s it, I think. Why it would hibernate is probably because it was activating its bloodline power. Then, it only exploded today to break through directly. Your luck is really one of a kind!”

This caused people to be unable to be envious of her.

The heavens were originally unfair. Some people would achieve nothing after working extremely hard, but others could always have a suitable encounter at the right time.

Of course, Elder Shu Yu felt that it wasn’t completely based on luck that Chu Yue had everything he had today. If another person had experienced the dangers he went through, they would’ve been impacted until their bodies were breaking. They might not even be alive. It is also a type of capability to grab this opportunity. 

Chu Liuyue smiled.

When Elder Hua Feng saw her pale expression, his heart ached slightly. “Okay, okay, we can talk again tomorrow. Chu Yue, you have suffered quite a bit today. Follow me back and recover first.”

Look at this small body. This better not have any lingering effects. 

Chu Liuyue’s heart felt warm. “Okay!”

Elder Hua Feng personally sent Chu Liuyue back to Jiuheng Peak. After confirming that she was indeed fine, he instructed her a while longer and told her not to worry before he left.

As stated in his previous promise, he didn’t ask further.

After watching Elder Hua Feng leave, Chu Liuyue then returned to the room as deep thoughts flashed across her mind. The two elders said that they would help me keep it a secret, and I have no doubts about that. In their hearts, they definitely have suspicions and curiosity about me. After going back, they can definitely think of many illogical aspects if they just think about it in detail—such as why I would first go to Fiend Park when I was in trouble. Another example would be why I could summon so many fiends when I met with danger. Let’s not even mention Tuan Zi’s sudden breakthrough. 

They temporarily can’t see through anything today, but there aren’t permanent secrets in the world. Nobody can guarantee that the incident of Tuan Zi using Million Wine Mountain’s lightning bolts to break through and become a red-gold heavenly phoenix won’t be exposed one day. I can temporarily use some vague answers to make my way through these questions, but… in the future? 

Chu Liuyue didn’t feel that she could continue hiding this, but she really had no choice but to bring Tuan Zi to Fiend Park. At that time, under such circumstances, she needed the other legendary fiends’ help to resolve the crisis.

The later results also proved that if she only depended on the legendary three-eyed eagle for help, she might not be able to make it through.

This was the best result.

Chu Liuyue shook her head and suppressed her messy thoughts. She then changed out of her dirty clothes and had a warm bath for once, even placing some herbs in the water to heal her wounds.

After an hour, she finally tidied up and changed into clean and comfortable clothes. Only then did she feel like she had lived.

Luckily, her wounds weren’t very serious. Chu Liuyue used some herbs on her own and would recover in a while.

When she came out, Tuan Zi—who had waited for so long—couldn’t help but pounce over.

But this time, Chu Liuyue directly raised her hands and grabbed it. She grabbed Tuan Zi’s wings and picked the fiend up.

The human and the fiend stared at each other.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and smiled. “Tuan Zi.”

This smile unknowingly sent a chill down Tuan Zi’s spine, and it suddenly had the urge to escape. It was a pity Chu Liuyue grabbed its wings, and it couldn’t even move. Hence, it could only stare at Chu Liuyue wilfully.

“Tuan Zi, I have a few things I want to ask you about. You must answer me honestly, okay?”

Tuan Zi blinked and forcefully nodded.

Chu Liuyue was rather satisfied with its attitude, so she directly asked, “How much of the past do you remember?”

Tuan Zi was dazed.

Chu Liuyue smiled with deeper meaning and reminded, “Note, when I say ‘past,’ I’m talking about when I came to the God Residence Realm the previous time. If I haven’t recalled wrongly, you came with me back then, right?”

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