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Chapter 1317: Red-Gold Heavenly Phoenix




A clear cry reverberated throughout the area!

The many fiends—who had waited around for a day—heard this command and were immediately energized as they shrieked in unison!

In their voices, there was no trace of a legendary fiend’s pride and the violence of their tempers. They only had complete compliance, fear, and respect.

The next moment, these fiends all lay down gradually!

They moved gingerly and were filled with sincerity and respect. That was the admiration and respect one had for the most distinguished bloodline in the world!

This formation stunned the two elders.

Elder Hua Feng widened his eyes in shock. “T-that’s—”

A ridiculous and bold guess flashed across his mind. As it was too incredulous, he couldn’t say those few words. Red-gold spark… In this world, there is only one type of fiend that has this fire! 

At the side, Elder Shu Yu had already guessed this outcome earlier, but he was still taken aback when he personally saw it. He took a deep breath in as if he could smell the unique scent of the fire burning brightly.

It was as if it wanted to burn everything down!

“That’s… an ancient legendary fiend—red-gold heavenly phoenix!”

Every word seemed to weigh a ton as it landed like a shocking stone and stunned everyone!

“H-how could this…” Elder Hua Feng was dazed and softly muttered in disbelief. “Red-gold heavenly phoenixes haven’t appeared on the mainland for 3,000 years. Yet, today…”

That is Chu Yue’s fiend! The reality kept hitting Elder Hua Feng’s inner mentality, causing his entire person to be dazed.

Elder Shu Yu looked up at the red-gold figure in the dark sky with a complicated gaze. If I didn’t see this personally, I would think that it was just a dream. 

“Red-tailed phoenixes originally have the bloodline power of the red-gold heavenly phoenix in them. Out of so many fiends, they’re the most likely to break through and become a red-gold heavenly phoenix! However, it’s very, very difficult to do this. After so many generations, the current red-tailed phoenixes have very little bloodline power in them. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be such a possibility anymore, but…”

But Chu Yue’s fiend actually did it! How could it not be shocking?!

“No wonder… No wonder the fiends were so obedient previously. Was it because they already had predicted the red-gold heavenly phoenix’s birth?” Elder Hua Feng seemed to have suddenly thought of something and looked understanding. Other than the two ancient legendary fiends, who else has such terrifying commanding skills? 

The next moment, a thin and long figure jumped up from below! It was Chu Liuyue, whom the two elders had waited so bitterly for!

At this point, her clothes were already stained with blood, and her face was as pale as ever, looking very disheveled. However, only her pair of eyes were as bright as stars as they shone brightly!

Detecting her arrival, the red-gold heavenly phoenix that many fiends were bowing down to lowered its eyes and looked over. Then, it flapped its wings and flew toward Chu Liuyue.

A red-gold arc was drawn across the dark skies. The next second, it had already flown to Chu Liuyue.

The human and the fiend stood opposite each other.

Chu Liuyue’s originally tall figure seemed especially petite with the red-gold heavenly phoenix by her side. But for some reason… Although she stood there quietly, her entire aura didn’t lose to the red-gold heavenly phoenix at all.

With such an accompaniment, she was still not overshadowed.

“Tuan Zi.” As Chu Liuyue gazed at Tuan Zi—whose appearance had completely changed—her heart was overwhelmed. It beat so quickly that it was about to jump out. Previously, I had already guessed that Tuan Zi might break through with the awakening of its bloodline power. However, I didn’t expect that it would directly become a red-gold heavenly phoenix! It was no wonder it didn’t wake up after such a long time. Tuan Zi was waiting for this big move! My efforts to help it weren’t wasted! 

She sized Tuan Zi up carefully.

Its figure wasn’t too different from before, but its previously red feathers had all become red-gold. Its claws were snow-white, but its eyes had become intensely black.

At first glance, they seemed crystallized, yet one couldn’t see the bottom of them.

When Tuan Zi’s eyes moved, one could occasionally see a brilliant light flash across.

From this pair of eyes, Chu Liuyue clearly saw her own shadow.

Tuan Zi looked down and intimately rubbed against her face.

It was surrounded by burning red-gold fire, but when Chu Liuyue touched that fire, she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, she naturally merged with it.

Of course! This was her fiend!

Detecting Tuan Zi’s warmth, its soft feathers, and the heavy reminiscence, Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but take a step forward and wrap her hands around Tuan Zi’s neck tightly. Luckily, it was just a shock, and Tuan Zi is still by my side in one piece! 

Looking at the human and fiend hugging, the many legendary fiends fell silent. They stared at Chu Liuyue with fear and respect.

If one were to say that they were beaten up until they were scared of her and that they dared to be angry but didn’t dare to voice it out, they didn’t even dare to be angry now.

She had an agreement with one of the two most distinguished ancient legendary fiends in the world. She could almost be considered above millions of fiends!

Then, what was there to argue about? In the future, they could only listen to her obediently!

“This kid… His future is limitless!” Elder Shu Yu couldn’t calm himself down. However, he finally accepted everything before him.

Seeing how close Chu Liuyue and Tuan Zi were, he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. “I’ve long known that he was amazing, but I didn’t expect him to get this kind of fate as well…”

Neither luck nor capabilities could be missing!

When he previously heard that Chu Yue had accidentally obtained the Chi Xiao Sword, he still felt rather indignant.

There were so many academy elders and outstanding students, but in the end, a young man that came to the academy not long ago benefited. Anyone who heard it wouldn’t be completely at peace.

But today, he finally understood.

What did a Chi Xiao Sword count for? His fiend broke through in one go and became an ancient legendary fiend. This was the part that made one speechless.

After all, in the entire mainland, there weren’t many supreme Yuan instruments like the Chi Xiao Sword.

But how many fiends were there in the world? Just in their Ling Xiao Academy alone, he had seen about four or five red-tailed phoenixes these few years, not to mention the entire God Residence Realm!

There would definitely be more! However, it had to be Chu Yue’s one that broke through and became a red-gold heavenly phoenix!

How could this make sense?

“Hu… You’re right.” Elder Hua Feng sighed deeply, forcefully rubbed his face, and genuinely sighed. “Luckily, I don’t have a fiend. If not, I would be angered to death when I see this.”

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