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Chapter 1311: Borrow Fiend Park!

Chu Liuyue’s physical strength could definitely be considered one of the best amongst warriors of the same cultivation level, or even a cultivation level higher.

The current her had been through much torture. Even if she fought two stage-nine warrior puppets, she still had a chance. However, this was still in comparison to humans.

At this point, Chu Liuyue finally understood what the legendary three-eyed eagle’s previous warnings meant.

The tolerance of a fiend and a human really couldn’t be compared!

The bloodline power gradually awakening in Tuan Zi’s body had horrifying force! Even if her body had already been through many hardships, it was still rather forceful to deal with the force.

Her muscles and bones seemed like they were about to be ripped apart. When the harsh and terrifying force approached them, it seemed like it could instantly swallow them!

Chu Liuyue endured the physical torture of this force as she guided it into Tuan Zi’s body. At the same time, she kept calling Tuan Zi’s name in her heart, hoping that it could wake up as soon as possible.

But as time trickled past, Tuan Zi still didn’t respond.

Elder Hua Feng rushed over with Luo Yanming. “Where’s Chu Yue?”

Zhuo Sheng hurriedly answered, “He should still be inside! But the situation might be rather dangerous…”

Within such a short span of time, another sound could be heard from inside. He felt uneasy hearing it.

On the way here, I had already heard a rough summary from Luo Yanming. Elder Hua Feng knitted his brows tightly and stepped forward. “I’ll go in to take a look.”

Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng planned to follow him, but they were nailed to the ground because of his gaze. “You guys can just stay here.”

If there really was something going on inside, he would still have to worry about the both of them.

Seeing the always harmonious and friendly Elder Hua Feng revealing such a stern and serious expression, the duo didn’t dare to say much. They nodded and obediently stood at the spot.

Elder Hua Feng raised his hand, took out his green jade plaque, and placed it on the barrier.


The barrier opened, and Elder Hua Feng went in in a flash!

“Someone is coming!” The legendary three-eyed eagle’s voice suddenly entered her ears.

Chu Liuyue had been in a highly focused state, so she didn’t hear Luo Yanming and the rest calling her. But at this point, the legendary three-eyed eagle’s words finally made her more awake. “Who is it?”

Normally, almost nobody would casually come in.

“It doesn’t seem to be Rong Xiu?” if it were him, she should be able to sense it.

“No,” the legendary three-eyed eagle quickly replied.

Chu Liuyue clenched her silver teeth. “Come back first!”

The fact that the legendary three-eyed eagle was her legendary fiend couldn’t be easily found out by others. If not, it would be a matter of minutes before her identity was discovered.


Tuan Zi’s bloodline power hadn’t fully awakened. Once it stopped, the torture and stress Chu Liuyue had to face and endure would be double what she was going through now, or even more!

Chu Liuyue shook her head. “I have my own ways!”

The legendary three-eyed eagle could only go back into Chu Liuyue’s dantian.


The terrifying force overwhelmed her, causing her chest to be suppressed, and she almost vomited blood.

“Chu Yue! Chu Yue, are you in there?” Elder Hua Feng’s voice, with a hint of anxiety and worry, sounded closer and closer.

Chu Liuyue endured the excruciating pain as she carried Tuan Zi, hugged it tightly, and rushed outside!


Elder Hua Feng was about to push the door open when it suddenly opened from the inside, and a figure rushed out!

It was Chu Yue!

Elder Hua Feng was about to speak, but Chu Liuyue had already brushed past his shoulders. “Elder Hua Feng, I have something urgent. I’ll go first! I’ll explain it to you when I come back!”

Elder Hua Feng was slightly dazed, but he hurriedly followed Chu Liuyue and pulled her back. “Wait! Chu Yue, what’s going on?!”

Once he said this, he saw Chu Liuyue’s current appearance clearly and was taken aback. This was because the current her had her originally white and clean face flushed red. The veins on her forehead were popping, and her brows were tightly knitted. The clothes on her body seemed to be drenched.

She looked as if she had just suffered some harsh punishment.


“Elder Hua Feng, I really don’t have the time to explain it to you in detail now. Let me go first!” Chu Liuyue hugged Tuan Zi even tighter and spoke in a hurry.

Elder Hua Feng was even more confused, but seeing her in this state, he didn’t dare to do much as he immediately let go. Yet, he still couldn’t help but ask, “Where are you going? If you have any difficulties, just say it! I’ll think of a way for you!”

Chu Liuyue’s heart felt warm. If it weren’t because she couldn’t tolerate Tuan Zi’s harsh bloodline power any longer, she wanted to stay behind and talk to him more.

“Thank you, elder!” Without speaking anymore, she turned and ran away.

“Hey! This kid!” Elder Hua Feng was also anxious. Anyone can tell that something has happened! 

He hurriedly followed her!

Chu Liuyue ran crazily in a certain direction the entire way!

When Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng saw her, she had already rushed past them before they could even greet her.

Elder Hua Feng followed closely after, but very quickly, he realized that something was wrong. That was because Chu Liuyue was heading toward Fiend Park!

When she reached the front, Chu Liuyue glanced at Elder Shu Yu and acted as if she had seen her savior. “Elder Shu Yu, please open the barrier! Let me borrow Fiend Park!”

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