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Chapter 1312: Help

Elder Shu Yu was frightened by the commotion before him. “Chu Yue? What are you doing?!”

Elder Hua Feng hurriedly yelled from the back, “Don’t ask first! Open the barrier and let him in!”

At this point, Elder Shu Yu then clearly saw how disheveled Chu Liuyue looked. He didn’t dare to take it slow as he hurriedly opened the barrier.

An entrance slowly formed.

Chu Liuyue immediately increased her speed and directly rushed over. “Thank you, Elder Shu Yu!”

Once she said this, she had already rushed in!

Elder Shu Yu felt that some wind had brushed past him, and Chu Liuyue was gone. He hurriedly turned around to look and saw that young man rushing straight toward Fiend Park at a shocking speed.

Elder Hua Feng followed closely after.

“Hua Feng, what exactly is going on?” Elder Shu Yu immediately followed and knitted his brows tightly. Why did Chu Yue suddenly rush over out of nowhere early in the morning? Also, it looks like there is something very wrong. 

As Elder Hua Feng rushed forward, he said, “Aiya, I’m not too sure either! That kid didn’t have the time to tell me anything before he rushed straight in! I don’t know what to do either!”

Then, he briefly explained today’s incident to Elder Shu Yu.

When Elder Shu Yu heard this, he furrowed his brows tightly as well. “…If he’s just sick, why must he come here? Fiend Park has all sorts of fierce fiends. Wouldn’t it be even more dangerous if he just rushes over so suddenly?!”

Elder Shu Yu really didn’t understand.

“Let’s not talk about this first. We should follow him and see what he wants to do!” As Elder Hua Feng spoke, he increased his speed.

On the other end, Chu Liuyue really unleashed all her strength as she rushed to a certain peak at full speed.

As if detecting her aura, a gigantic steel-ridged fiend walked out from the cave and looked toward Chu Liuyue.

“Ah Qiong!” Chu Liuyue yelled and rapidly flew down!

She landed before the cave and hurriedly walked in. “Ah Qiong, help me!”

When Ah Qiong saw Chu Liuyue’s current state, its originally surprised and reminiscent expression immediately became stern. It directly followed Chu Yue in.

Tao Tao seemed to be taking a nap, and it only slowly opened its eyes after it heard the commotion.

From the corner of its eyes, it saw a familiar figure and immediately turned around elatedly. But just when it wanted to lean over excitedly, it realized that Chu Liuyue seemed amiss.

At this point, Ah Qiong had also walked over and was gazing at Chu Liuyue worriedly.

Tao Tao hurriedly ran to its mother.

Under the mother-son duo’s stares, Chu Liuyue released her arms.

A furry Tuan Zi was revealed.

Ah Qiong and Tuan Zi suddenly took a step back in unison as respect and fear flashed across their eyes!

The red-tailed phoenix had the bloodline power of the red-gold heavenly phoenix, which was one of the two ancient legendary fiends. Hence, they had a distinguished status even amongst legendary fiends.

Besides, Tuan Zi was currently in a critical stage of its bloodline power awakening, so the suppression from its bloodline was even stronger. This naturally made Ah Qiong and the rest feel a sense of conviction.

Right at this moment, Chu Liuyue turned back to look at Ah Qiong. Her black, gem-like eyes seemed to be burning with fire.

Her clothes already had bright-red blood slowly seeping out and drenching her entire outfit. As Chu Liuyue couldn’t tolerate the bloodline power currently awakening in Tuan Zi’s body, her skin was already starting to break!

Ah Qiong’s expression turned tense, and it immediately understood what was going on.

Chu Liuyue swallowed a mouthful of blood with much difficulty. “Ah Qiong—”

Before she could say anything, Ah Qiong had already walked forward and lay beside Chu Liuyue and Tuan Zi. It then lowered its head and used its horn to touch Tuan Zi.

A portion of Tuan Zi’s force started entering its body!

Chu Liuyue’s heart felt warm, and the suppression on her body was instantly reduced by quite a bit. She said carefully, “Thank you so much, Ah Qiong.”

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s figure disappear into the cave, Elder Shu Yu knitted his brows and stopped.

Elder Hua Feng was about to rush over but was stopped. “Hua Feng, wait! That mountain is the steel-ridged fiend’s territory. You can’t just go over there.”

“At this point, we have to go even if we can’t go near them!” Elder Hua Feng felt anxious and pushed his hand away, about to go over.

“That steel-ridged fiend is a legendary fiend! With Chu Yue’s current state, how could he possibly be its match?”

Elder Shu Yu helplessly sighed and said, “It’s precisely because it’s the steel-ridged fiend that we don’t have to be so worried. I won’t possibly leave Chu Yue in the lurch just because it’s dangerous, right?”

Elder Hua Feng was stumped. “What do you mean?”

“That steel-ridged fiend has an extraordinary relationship with Chu Yue and won’t hurt him. I think that Chu Yue came over this time just to seek that steel-ridged fiend’s help.”

Elder Hua Feng was dazed. Chu Yue has an extraordinary relationship with that… steel-ridged fiend? W-where did all of this come from? 

Seeing Elder Hua Feng’s face of confusion, Elder Shu Yu could only simply explain to him everything that had happened before.

Every sentence Elder Shu Yu said made Elder Hua Feng’s expression even more shocked. In the end, he was completely taken aback.

“…That’s what happened. Even though I don’t know why that steel-ridged fiend was willing to risk its life for Chu Yue, I’m sure that it won’t hurt Chu Yue when he goes over. Not only that, but it will even try its best to help him. So… we should just stay here and watch.”

Elder Hua Feng didn’t speak for quite a while. There was too much information, and he couldn’t accept it all in such a short period of time. Chu Yue… was actually locked up here for a month, and he even broke through to become a stage-eight warrior here? Also, one of the legendary fiends here—a steel-ridged fiend—was willing to risk its life and guard him… 

Elder Hua Feng held his forehead as it ached, and he closed his eyes.

Elder Shu Yu glanced at him in sympathy. When all of this happened one after another, I was also shocked until I was speechless, let alone Elder Hua Feng, who didn’t know about any of this. 

“Since this is so… doesn’t it prove that Chu Yue should be safe now?” Elder Hua Feng asked, and his voice was trailing off.

“Sort of. He clearly came for the steel-ridged fiend, so perhaps he already expected that it could help him. It’s a pity that we don’t know what’s happening to him, so we can only watch silently. As Elder Shu Yu talked, he patted Elder Hua Feng’s arm in comfort. “Don’t worry. That kid has a very tough life. Nothing will happen to him.”

That night, he survived in one piece after being surrounded and attacked by so many legendary fiends, let alone now? 

Elder Hua Feng felt complicated and could only sigh deeply. “I hope so!”

There was nothing but silence in the cave.

Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged. Not far away from her was Tuan Zi lying on the floor, and beside it was Ah Qiong.

Terrifying waves of force were torturing her body. The ground below her was gradually dyed by the fresh blood.

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