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Chapter 1310: I’ll Do It

Time seemed to pass especially slowly.

In the room, Chu Liuyue kept trying to wake Tuan Zi up but to no avail. But as time passed, Tuan Zi’s surrounding aura became increasingly stronger.

In the beginning, the legendary three-eyed eagle could still control the force and guide it to enter its body. The force then nourished and refined its body.

But when Tuan Zi’s force became increasingly stronger, it started to become hard on the legendary three-eyed eagle. Even though it was also a legendary fiend and its cultivation level wasn’t low, awakening bloodline power wasn’t something others could intervene in.

Chu Liuyue tried all sorts of methods, yet Tuan Zi still didn’t budge. Its tightly shut eyes had no signs of opening.


A ripple started spreading in all directions. It let out a low sound when it struck the barrier Chu Liuyue had previously set up.

The barrier started to shake.

Chu Liuyue rubbed her temples. According to the momentum of Tuan Zi’s force increase, my barrier will be broken in another hour. 

“This can’t go on.” Chu Liuyue looked at the legendary three-eyed eagle worriedly. “Is there another way?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle shook its head. “Only it can successfully solve this problem if it wakes up by itself. Even if others from its clan come, they can’t do anything. If we let this force overwhelm its body uncontrollably, I’m afraid…”

It didn’t finish its sentence, but Chu Liuyue knew what it meant. After thinking for a while, she suddenly asked, “Can I help it?”

Shock flashed across the legendary three-eyed eagle’s eyes. “What?”

Chu Liuyue seriously said, “I’m its owner, and there’s an agreement between us. We’re tightly connected, and you can almost count it as if we live by the same breath and fate. Can I help Tuan Zi?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle kept silent for a moment. “With your help, it naturally can last for a while longer. However, you can’t help it from the roots—

“Then, it’s settled.” Without waiting for the legendary three-eyed eagle to finish, Chu Liuyue swiftly made a decision. At this time, it will be good if I can help even a little. If it lasts even a second longer, Tuan Zi will have a bit more hope. As long as we can wait until Tuan Zi wakes up, everything else is worth it. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” The legendary three-eyed eagle stared at Chu Liuyue closely, and its eyes were filled with disapproval and warning. “You need to know that the force to awaken the bloodline power of a red-tailed phoenix is very violent and harsh. It’s not something humans can endure!”

It was ridiculous that Chu Liuyue planned on using her own physical body to contain it! She didn’t even care about her safety at all!

Yet, Chu Liuyue curled her lips and smiled. “Even though I’m just a stage-eight warrior now, my physical strength isn’t any weaker than a stage-nine warrior. Besides, if I’m really in danger, I have the skills to protect myself. You know this clearly too, right?”

“But…” The legendary three-eyed eagle still wanted to convince her.

“Besides, the more important thing is that Tuan Zi is my friend, and it’s also my family. I can’t stand by the side and do nothing—even if I need to pay a painful price for it.” Chu Liuyue’s words were very light, yet her every word weighed a ton.

There seemed to be something flashing across the legendary three-eyed eagle’s eyes.


Chu Liuyue’s barrier started to waver.

“I can’t hesitate anymore.” Chu Liuyue placed her hand on Tuan Zi and slowly closed her eyes. “Let’s begin!”


Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng arrived at Jiuheng Peak early in the morning.

On the one hand, they wanted to come and check in on Chu Liuyue’s ‘sickness.’ On the other hand, Luo Yanming had always wanted to find a chance to battle with Chu Liuyue using Xuan formations a while ago, but they couldn’t find the time. Hence, he decided to come over today and try his luck.

If Chu Liuyue’s health was fine, then they could directly start today.

The two of them yelled outside the barrier, yet nobody responded.

“This kid wouldn’t still be sleeping, right?” asked Zhuo Sheng doubtfully.

Luo Yanming knitted his brows and raised his voice to shout again.

There was still no response.

“There seems to be something wrong.” Luo Yanming furrowed his brows slightly.

It wasn’t their first time coming here to call her. Every time, Chu Liuyue could come out very quickly. This was the only time that nobody responded, and her figure couldn’t be seen.

“Could he really be in some trouble?” Zhuo Sheng’s originally joking expression became more restrained. He took a few steps forward but was quickly shocked and retreated due to the barrier’s suppression.

He looked at Luo Yanming with much conflict. “He hasn’t gone out recently, right?”

Luo Yanming shook his head. “I saw that he went to Medicinal Valley last night. He should’ve gone to pick herbs. It’s impossible that he hasn’t come home the entire night.”

The two of them exchanged glances and were worried.

“Could it really be because he’s sick?” Zhuo Sheng had a face filled with doubt. “If it isn’t anything serious, he wouldn’t have given up on a chance to go to the Flood-Desert Northern Region… This can’t do. Let’s get an elder to come over and take a look at him.”

Luo Yanming was still rather uncertain originally. After hearing his friend speak, he felt that it made sense and nodded his head in agreement. “Wait here first; I’ll call Mentor over. I think he can go into Jiuheng Peak.”

Then, Luo Yanming turned around to leave.

But at this moment, a loud sound came from the inside of Jiuheng Peak!


The two of them were stunned and looked over in unison.

Nothing—nothing at all! That sound seemed to come from the room!

The two of them had more tense expressions. In the beginning, they were just speculating, but now… It seemed like Chu Yue might actually be in trouble!

Without saying anything else, Luo Yanming immediately unleashed his full speed and left.

Zhuo Sheng was left alone as he looked at Jiuheng Peak, filled with worry.

Within the room.

Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged, and her eyes were tightly shut. Her face was flushed red, and her brows were slightly knitted as if she were experiencing tremendous pain.

Before her, Tuan Zi lay there quietly without moving.

The color of its feathers gradually seemed to become richer as its surrounding aura kept strengthening. Waves of force spread in all directions!

A portion of this force was swallowed by the legendary three-eyed eagle. The remaining force flowed into Chu Liuyue’s body.

Her veins popped up, and all the blood in her body seemed to be boiling!

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