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Chapter 1262: Lesson

The academy was peaceful and quiet.

That night’s incident at Million Wine Mountain was forcefully sealed by Elder Bo Yan. Other than the few of them, nobody else knew about it.

Everything was normal as usual. Even the news of Chu Liuyue being locked up at Fiend Park wasn’t spread under Elder Bo Yan’s instructions.

On the one hand, the few elders in charge of patrolling knew very clearly that those who were sent there definitely did something wrong. Thus, it was better to talk less to reduce the number of mistakes made.

On the other hand, they also weren’t nosy people. Since they knew that Bo Yan and Wan Zheng didn’t want to spread the news, they had a tacit agreement to remain silent. Hence, even if Chu Liuyue didn’t appear in everyone’s sight, nobody suspected a thing.

In everyone’s eyes, she was currently busy cultivating with Rong Xiu, so it was normal for her to stay at Jiuheng Peak and not come out.

Many of these days simply passed.

“Fifth Brother, did you hear that the few Xuan Masters want to collaborate and teach a lesson?”

On some mountain peak, after Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng finished cultivating, they thought of Luo Yanlin—whom they hadn’t met in a while—and planned on visiting him. It was a pity that Luo Yanlin wasn’t around, so they turned to find Luo Yanming instead.

Luo Shishi poured tea for the other two people and asked.

Luo Yanming looked happy, and he nodded. “That’s right. Mentor said that we normally duel with each other and that we already know each other’s styles after some time, so there’s not much meaning to it. He discussed it with the other elders and decided to teach us together.”

This wasn’t surprising in Ling Xiao Academy. Not only Xuan Masters, but even the warriors and heavenly doctors would conduct such activities from time to time.

To put it nicely, it was a friendly exchange. To put it plainly and directly, they were challenging each other.

Many of the students in the academy had distinguished backgrounds and were very prideful and competitive. The elders naturally had similar ambitions as well.

The few elders collaborated to conduct a lesson, and they would even frequently battle with the students personally to guide them. In this manner, the students could learn quite a bit, and they could strengthen their abilities through a certain amount of competition.

At the end of the day, cultivation was for one to become stronger and to allow one to succeed in battles! This matter had many advantages, so many elders and students were happy to do so.

“Who are the elders coming?” Luo Shishi asked curiously.

Luo Yanming thought for a while. “Other than my mentor, there are another three elders. Oh, Qiniang too.”

“So it means that Fourth Brother will be there too?”

“Yeah. Actually, quite a few people want to battle with Fourth Brother,” Luo Yanming said with much emotion and envy.

Luo Yanlin had always been in the top ten on the Xuan Master ranking and could be considered one of the top few warriors amongst the students.

There were many people who wanted to challenge him. After all, battling with strong warriors might be much better and faster than figuring things out on their own.

“I wonder when I can be as good as Fourth Brother,” Luo Yanlin said rather emotionally.

Luo Shishi comforted him. “Fifth Brother, you’re very talented, and you’ll definitely be as outstanding as Fourth Brother in the future!”

Luo Yanlin shook his head.

“When Fourth Brother first came to the academy a few years ago, he was around the same age as me now. After coming to the academy for a month, Fourth Brother got onto the Qing Yun Ranking. In contrast, I’m… still the same.”

Normally, he wouldn’t say much about it, but he actually minded it quite a bit. They were both sons of the Luo family, so they would inevitably compare.

Luo Shishi was hesitant in her words.

Luo Yanlin smiled in mockery. “Shishi, you don’t have to think of words to comfort me. I know it clearly in my heart. The person who is the most talented as a Xuan Master in our Luo family is Fourth Brother. Didn’t we all know this since we were young? I said this because I hope that I can cultivate harder and not be too far behind Fourth Brother.”

Luo Shishi saw that he seemed sincere and genuine and knew that he was telling the truth, so she didn’t speak further.

“Father and the elders have always praised you for being magnanimous and that you have a bright future ahead of you, Fifth Brother.”

Luo Yanming smiled. “Actually, talking about this, Lin Zhifei is quite decent too. If there’s a chance this time, I must battle with him properly.”

Zhuo Sheng forcefully patted his shoulders. “Brother, I support you!”

“There’s something else though… Have you seen Chu Yue lately?” Luo Yanming asked. “That day, we agreed to battle when we had the time. But so many days have passed, and I haven’t even seen his shadow.”

Compared to Lin Zhifei, he actually wanted to battle with Chu Yue more. This was because Elder Hua Feng’s reaction wasn’t as big when he mentioned Lin Zhifei compared to when he talked about Chu Yue.

Lin Zhifei couldn’t help but suspect that Chu Yue was even more talented in this area than Lin Zhifei!

“We haven’t seen him either.” Luo Shishi shook her head. “He’s probably… busy cultivating at Jiuheng Peak with Senior Brother Rong Xiu, right? Anyway, I haven’t heard much news about Senior Brother Rong Xiu these few days.”

“I guess so…” Luo Yanming didn’t think further. “Then, I’ll find him when he comes out again.”


A bell could be heard!

Luo Yanming stood up and looked in a certain direction. “Class is about to start. I’ll get going first. We can talk another day.”

Then, he went on his toes and left rapidly.

Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng didn’t stay on and quickly left.

When Luo Yanming reached the place, quite a few people had gathered in the middle of the mountain. Clearly, they were all here for the lesson.

He was quite familiar with a portion of them as they were all Elder Hua Feng’s students, but he didn’t know the majority. They should be the other elders’ students.

Luo Yanming quickly took a look and realized that his fourth brother, Luo Yanlin, hadn’t appeared yet, so he found a few familiar friends and stood with them.

As the elders had yet to arrive, the atmosphere was still rather casual. Everyone stood in groups and talked from time to time.

Of course, most of it was about what was going on today.

“…This time, I want to challenge Senior Brother Luo Yanlin. I wonder if he’ll agree…”

“Hm? I think you should just forget it. How are we good enough?”

“Isn’t participation more important? Battling with Senior Brother is a rare chance!”

“Hmph, good that you know! I think that instead of putting all your hopes on one person who might not actually agree, why don’t you pick someone else who doesn’t have that high of a requirement and isn’t as strong?”

“Hey, isn’t that Jiang Zhiyuan? She came here today too?”

“Her mentor, Elder Dan Qing, is also one of the elders who collaborated for today’s lesson. Isn’t it normal that she comes? But speaking of which, she is quite a good person to challenge…”

“Hehe, I think you have an ulterior motive, right? Hm?”

“It’s none of your business! Gentlemen will always chase elegant ladies! Once, she was deeply in love with Senior Brother Rong Xiu and ignored everyone around her, but Senior Brother Rong Xiu already has his own princess consort now. It’s time for her to look at others now, right?”

All sorts of chatter could be heard, which caused Jiang Zhiyuan’s originally frustrated mood to be even worse.

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