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Chapter 1261: Prepare

Detecting the noise on Chu Liuyue’s side, both fiends looked at her. Ah Qiong stared at her with much worry.

Chu Liuyue gave it an assuring gaze. “Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Then, she rubbed her temples. Yeah, why didn’t I think of it before… I had already made an agreement with my own fiend when I was in my teens. At that time, Tuan Zi was still a Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant, but it was considered the best fiend in the entire Tianling Dynasty. After I successfully made an agreement with Tuan Zi, my father even specifically held a banquet to celebrate the occasion. 

Since then, Tuan Zi has been following me. Coming to the God Residence Realm happened afterward. Logically speaking, Tuan Zi should’ve come with me. But for so long, Tuan Zi hasn’t mentioned any of this… 

“Tuan Zi,” Chu Liuyue called in her heart, but nobody responded. She then recalled that Tuan Zi was left at Million Wine Mountain and wasn’t by her side.

She knitted her brows. It seems like I can only ask about this in detail a month later. 

She sat in a daze for a while before lying down again. This time, she finally went to sleep dazedly.

Just as Chu Liuyue passed the night with conflicted feelings, the people outside weren’t calm either.

Million Wine Mountain.

At the mountain peak, there were a few figures beside the mountain.

Elder Bo Yan was standing in the middle with Elder Ouyang and Shang Yulin beside him.

“This is what you’ve done?” Elder Bo Yan surveyed his surroundings and asked with a deep voice. Even if he had heard them talk about it before, he still couldn’t help but be furious when he saw the scene for himself. These few people can really cause trouble! The previous punishments were too light! 

“Ahem.” Elder Ouyang coughed. “Actually, mainly the surrounding forests and rocks are ruined, but the fountain is pretty fine…”

Elder Bo Yan sneered coldly. “If something happened to the fountain, do you think I can still talk to you about this here?”

Elder Ouyang awkwardly shut his mouth.

Shang Yulin was more relaxed. “Sigh… Bo Yan, since it has already happened, there’s not much use talking about it, right? Besides, you’ve already punished us, and the few of us didn’t escape, right? Let’s directly start repairing this place as soon as possible, okay?”

Elder Bo Yan glanced at him with warning. “There will be no next time.”

Even though Million Wine Mountain was already sealed, one could only come in at night to repair it. Hence, they specifically waited until this time to come.

As Elder Bo Yan spoke, he walked to the fountain and checked it carefully.

The fountain that flowed during the day became very calm at night. Under the water surface with no ripples, the bolts of lightning gathered and intertwined.

“I told you the fountain is fine.” Shang Yulin laughed. “Do you not believe Ouyang and me? We were very careful at that time!”

Elder Bo Yan retracted his gaze. “This fountain is very important. It’s better to be more careful.”

After all, they had caused such a big commotion. He definitely was more worried.

Elder Ouyang nodded in agreement. “Bo Yan is right. Because of this thing, our academy has put in a lot of effort, and we don’t dare to cause any trouble. Calculating the time, it should be soon, right?”

Elder Bo Yan shook his head. “It originally should’ve been soon, but Chu Yue had previously caused a scene here and reduced the number of lightning bolts. Thus, it’s delayed again.”

“Luckily, he didn’t bring too many away, so we can still recoup the loss during this period of time.” Elder Ouyang sighed. “At the end of the day, this Chu Yue is a real troublemaker… Luckily, you threw him to Fiend Park this time to correct his behavior!”

If not, what will happen if he is always this bold and arrogant? 

Elder Bo Yan nodded. “That’s what I thought too.”

Chu Yue held many treasures, and he would inevitably garner other people’s envy and jealousy. If he couldn’t strengthen his abilities as soon as possible, nobody would know what would happen. After all, any so-called backer couldn’t protect him at every moment and for the rest of his life.

At the end of the day, it was most important to become stronger!

“I wonder how the kid is doing at Fiend Park…” Elder Ouyang spoke and looked in the direction of Fiend Park. “He shouldn’t be able to sleep on the first night, right?”

Elder Bo Yan laughed. “He has a red-tailed phoenix. You don’t have to be too worried.”

If it weren’t because Elder Bo Yan knew that Chu Yue had a legendary fiend, he wouldn’t dare to leave the latter at Fiend Park for a month.

Suddenly, there seemed to be some sounds coming from within the fountain.

Elder Bo Yan immediately looked down and saw a faint ripple spreading from the middle.

He stared at it for a while. After confirming that it was nothing strange, he retracted his gaze. “Let’s begin!”

The three of them went their own ways and started repairing the area they were in charge of.

Within the fountain, lightning bolts quietly shone.

A flash of red suddenly appeared in the deep waters!

A night quickly passed.

By the time Chu Liuyue woke up, the sky was already very bright.

Ah Qiong was standing guard outside the cave, and the cub wasn’t around as if it had gone out.

Hearing the noise, Ah Qiong turned around.

Chu Liuyue got up and walked outside. She then stretched and heard her bones cracking.

She looked in front and smiled. “This place is still the same as before. It’s a good place to cultivate.”

Ah Qiong glanced at her curiously with the intent of asking her something.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Ah Qiong, I’m going to go into seclusion today. Please help guard me.”

Ah Qiong nodded.

Chu Liuyue felt much more at ease as she turned around and returned to the cave.

Yes, she wanted to break through to become a peak stage-seven warrior! Ever since she recovered her Tianjing Yuan meridian, her cultivation speed had increased greatly. After she came to Ling Xiao Academy—which had rich Heaven and Earth Force—it was akin to adding wings to a tiger.

Additionally, as she had been through this before and was experienced, she didn’t need anyone to guide her to break through successfully. Now, she just needed a relatively quiet and stable environment.

Some of the fiends in Fiend Park used to be trained, while the others were brought back by elders and students who hunted outside. There were quite a few legendary fiends.

If Chu Liuyue were alone, she definitely wouldn’t choose this place and time to break through. But with Ah Qiong around, she now felt more at ease.

These legendary fiends feared each other and typically wouldn’t offend each other, so they led quite peaceful lives.

She basically wouldn’t meet with any trouble when cultivating in Ah Qiong’s cave.

She sat down cross-legged, and her shoulders naturally dropped as she placed her hands on her knees. Then, she closed her eyes and started to absorb the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force rapidly!

The waves of force fought to enter her body!

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