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Chapter 1263: She’s Not as Good as Me in All Aspects

I sent the letter out a few days ago, but I didn’t receive a reply after so long. Logically speaking, the letter should’ve reached Fairy Water Mound after such a long time has passed. But for some reason, there is no news from that side. 

If it were in the past… Even before Father can investigate and find anything, he will first send me a letter to comfort me. This time is really weird…

For the past two days, Jiang Zhiyuan had even started getting insomnia and couldn’t sleep well, so she didn’t have much energy in the day and looked very frail.

“Pfft, she’s really punching above her own weight!”

Liang Xiaoxiao heard these words when she was standing at the side, and she couldn’t help but scold silently, “How dare they harbor thoughts of being liked by you. Zhiyuan, they’re really dreaming! Even if you’re not the Sky-Cloud Empire’s princess consort, you’re not someone those people can even desire! Do you agree, Zhiyuan?”

As Liang Xiaoxiao spoke, she looked at Jiang Zhiyuan. But with this look, she realized that the latter wasn’t listening to her speak.

Jiang Zhiyuan’s eyes weren’t focused, and her gaze was relaxed as if she were in a daze.

Liang Xiaoxiao raised her brows, and dissatisfaction flashed across her heart. I was kindly comforting her and praising her, yet she didn’t even hear me? 

“Zhiyuan, Zhiyuan?” The expression on Liang Xiaoxiao’s face quickly returned to normal as she called Jiang Zhiyuan twice.

Jiang Zhiyuan then recovered her senses. “Hm? What’s the matter?”

Liang Xiaoxiao’s discomfort grew as she smiled. “Nothing. What are you thinking about in a daze?”

Jiang Zhiyuan looked down. “I kind of miss my father. I haven’t gone back in a long time. I wonder how the situation at Fairy Water Mound is.”

Liang Xiaoxiao almost laughed out loud. Miss her father? 

Others might believe Jiang Zhiyuan’s words, but she wouldn’t even think that a single word was true.

They had known each other for quite some time.

A few years before Jiang Zhiyuan entered the academy, she basically stayed at Fairy Water Mound and didn’t even have the chance to go to the Sky-Cloud Empire. This was because her father kept urging her to cultivate diligently.

Jiang Zhiyuan’s father doted on her very much, but this love had conditions. If Jiang Zhiyuan wasn’t outstanding enough, she definitely would not have everything she owned today.

Fairy Water Mound… Jiang Zhiyuan personally once said that she was tired of staying there!

After she came to Ling Xiao Academy, she wanted to stay here all the time in a carefree manner. She had never said that she missed her father. This showed that this was just a casual and superficial excuse she came up with.

With the other party’s attitude, Liang Xiaoxiao naturally didn’t want to stick her face to a cold buttock. Strictly speaking, her background was even better than that of Jiang Zhiyuan, so she really didn’t have the need to flatter the latter.

“Since you miss him, can’t you just take leave from your mentor?” Liang Xiaoxiao pushed her loose strands of hair behind her ears and said nonchalantly.

Normally, Jiang Zhiyuan would definitely notice Liang Xiaoxiao’s displeasure immediately, and she would coax her friend to ease their tension. But her mind was now filled with her letter, so she was in no mood to think of anything else. “Mm, I’ll go after today’s lesson.”

Hearing that Jiang Zhiyuan had gone along with the situation and said such words, Liang Xiaoxiao was almost so angry that she laughed.

She had no interest in continuing to speak. After a while, she found an excuse and went somewhere else to talk to other people.

Jiang Zhiyuan’s mind was in a whir, and she didn’t even notice this.

Not long later, the elders came.

For today’s class, other than Elder Hua Feng, there were still Elder Dan Qing, Elder Qiniang, and Elder Shu Feng.

Seeing their arrival, the students gradually kept quiet and looked at these few people with excitement and curiosity.

Without exaggeration, these few elders together could be considered a top formation!

There were a few hundred elders in Ling Xiao Academy, and the Xuan Master elders numbered about one-third of them. However, all cultivators had varying standards. Elders weren’t an exception.

These few elders were publicly recognized as the strongest few existences. It was hard for the students not to be excited.

The four elders grouped themselves in pairs and battled each other. After demonstrating to the students, they gave the students time to study on their own.

Finally, the students could battle each other.

This was a segment that everyone paid attention to the most.

Many students had rapidly chosen their targets for the duel. Some people also found Jiang Zhiyuan, but they were all rejected by her.

After the fifth young man was rejected, he didn’t leave like the previous few people. He smiled at Jiang Zhiyuan and said, “Zhiyuan, we’ve known each other for two years. You should know how I feel about you. In the past, I didn’t say much about it because I know that you have someone else in your heart. But now… He and you are impossible, so why don’t you consider me?”

Hearing that this sentence implicated Rong Xiu, Jiang Zhiyuan finally looked up, raised her sharp brows slightly, and glanced at him calmly.

She had some impression of this man. Their relationship was decent, but it just stopped there.

If he talked nicely, she could still politely reply to him. It was a pity that… his last two sentences really got on her nerves!

She endured the anger in her heart and said, “If you like, you like. If you don’t, you don’t. You can’t force such things.”

Seeing that she still had the same attitude, that man couldn’t help but reach out and want to hold her.

Jiang Zhiyuan immediately shied away, and disgust quickly flashed across her eyes.

That gaze immediately caused the man to fly into a rage out of humiliation. He boomed, “Senior Brother Rong Xiu already has a princess consort. No matter what you do, can you really get the position of princess consort back?”

Jiang Zhiyuan also exploded, and she couldn’t help but raise her voice. “That woman isn’t as good as me in all aspects. How can she be the princess consort? It’s my spot!”

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