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Chapter 1260: Tuan Zi’s Memory!

Ever since she knew that she was missing a part of her memories, Chu Liuyue started to think of all sorts of ways to get herself to remember them. She had previously tried many methods and experienced quite a bit of torture, but they were mostly to no avail.

She could not recall those memories no matter what.

She didn’t remember how she came to the God Residence Realm.

She didn’t know how she reached the top of the Qing Yun Ranking.

She didn’t know what exactly she had done in Ling Xiao Academy and why she had forgotten everything in the end!

Many times, she even felt that it didn’t have much meaning to be like that. Since the mist was already there, and she couldn’t see past it clearly, she could just not look at it.

But now, she finally realized that it was definitely not meaningless. That was because a scene she definitely couldn’t bear to forget was behind the mist.

Like now, she suddenly recalled some past matters regarding Fiend Park.

Even though her memory was still in bits and pieces, and they were even unclear… It was still very precious to her.

“Ah Qiong!” Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and hid the tears in her eyes.

She hugged it tightly before taking a few steps back and carefully sized it up. Then, she smiled brightly and said, “Ah Qiong, you’ve grown up!”

When we first met at Fiend Park a few years ago, it was about the size of that cub. I didn’t expect it to have grown up and even have its own child! 

Ah Qiong gently rubbed against her palm dotingly. It then stood up, and its eyes were also filled with elation and emotions.

Actually, it couldn’t quite confirm Chu Liuyue’s identity in the beginning, so it had such a meticulous attitude. But now, it could finally be at ease!

“Ow?” The cub—which had been ignored for quite some time—finally found a chance to speak. Its gaze flicked between Chu Liuyue and its mother, and it was confused.

It was clear that it was still in a daze now. I’m clearly Mother’s son, but why does Mother treat this human that suddenly popped out of nowhere better than she treats me? 

Chu Liuyue saw the cub’s seemingly jealous and angry look. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Don’t worry. I won’t fight with you over your mother!”

Intense doubts filled the cub’s eyes. Won’t fight? Then, why is Mother so good to her? She even hugged Mother just now, not to mention that Mother hit me for the first time because of her! 

It was very serious, and the consequences were severe.

Hence, the cub went over to its mother’s side and snuggled with the latter. As it did so, it stared at the latter with much desire. Let her go. 

Let her go. 

Let her go—


It was kicked by its mother, and it flew away.

“Ow!” I can’t live like this anymore. Wu wu wu! 

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly and curtly advised, “Ah Qiong, you’ve already become a mother, but why haven’t you changed your temper… It’s your son after all, right…”

“Wu-wu!” Yeah, even the human said so! Mother is so harsh! 

Ah Qiong glanced at it.

The cub rapidly shut its mouth and didn’t dare to utter another sound.

It finally realized that humans were its arch-enemy! It’s a pity that Mother is biased toward her, so I definitely can’t do anything today. I’ll find a chance to retaliate in the future! 

Seeing that it finally stopped, Ah Qiong then looked at Chu Liuyue. How would the kid know that I would’ve ceased to exist without the woman before it. Then, how would it come about? 

Chu Liuyue smiled. “Let’s go! I want to see your current home!”

Late at night.

The moon was high in the sky.

On some mountain, Elder Shu Yu hid the Xuan formation before him and looked up. It’s already so late… I wonder how Chu Yue is doing…

Thinking of this, he looked at the distant mountains.

The night was quiet. Other than the occasional wind blowing, there were no other noises.

Everything was the same as before.

“It’s weird…” Elder Shu Yu stroked his beard. “Logically speaking, strangers will definitely encounter quite a few fiend attacks when they enter Fiend Park. It definitely won’t be this quiet…”

This situation was indeed rather strange, but he could confirm that Chu Yue wasn’t in trouble. If not, the Xuan formation would’ve long been activated.

“Did he find a place to hide?”

Suddenly, he clapped his hands. “Tsk, how did I forget that he has a legendary fiend!?”

I heard that it’s a red-tailed phoenix with a very pure bloodline! With such a legendary fiend, normal fiends won’t cause trouble for him. This has really reduced the trouble Chu Yue has to face. Elder Shu Yu couldn’t help but laugh. “I hope tomorrow… can be this calm and peaceful!”

Within this Fiend Park, there are existences that aren’t afraid of red-tailed phoenixes! 

That night, because of Ah Qiong’s help, Chu Liuyue could finally rest in peace.

In the cave they were at, after Chu Liuyue briefly talked to Ah Qiong about some things, she leaned against a gigantic rock, propped her head up, and planned to sleep.

Ah Qiong also knew that she was very exhausted after the day’s ordeal, so it didn’t disturb her and just guarded her silently at the side.

However, Chu Liuyue couldn’t sleep peacefully. In her dream, there were a few familiar and new images. Most of them were related to Fiend Park, and of course, Ah Qiong.

Thinking of it, they were quite destined.

When Chu Liuyue came to Fiend Park for the first time, it was the first fiend she met. At that time, it was being hunted by other fiends. During its hurried escape, it met Chu Liuyue.

She helped it avoid an ordeal and even gave it a name, but they didn’t make an agreement.

Chu Liuyue recalled. Back then, I already had an agreement with Tuan Zi…

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue opened her eyes wide! Tuan Zi had come with me to the God Residence Realm! Yet, I never thought of asking it what it remembered?

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