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Chapter 1259: I’m Back

If this foot landed, Chu Liuyue would’ve immediately turned into a pile of mush!

A thought appeared in Chu Liuyue’s mind, and a harsh aura gathered!

But just as the foot was about to land and Chu Liuyue was going to fight for her life, the adult steel-ridged fiend opposite her suddenly rushed over and hit the steel-ridged fiend cub.

Said cub directly flipped over on the ground.


The steel-ridged fiend cub’s heavy body flew out, and the trees fell down on the way! After being knocked back by quite some distance, it finally stopped.

A deep track was left on the ground. Smashed rocks and broken trees were scattered everywhere—it was a pile of debris!

Chu Liuyue was confused.

The knocked-away steel-ridged fiend cub was also dazed.

The surroundings fell silent.

Chu Liuyue stiffened her neck and looked toward the adult steel-ridged fiend beside her. W-what’s going on? Why did it help me? Could it be that the other steel-ridged fiend isn’t its cub? 

However, she quickly dismissed that guess. This was because after the steel-ridged fiend cub recovered its senses, it didn’t get up and instead directly wailed. “Ow!”

Chu Liuyue instinctively turned around and saw the fiend cub lying on the ground as it stared at the adult steel-ridged fiend in disbelief. Its eyes were filled with grievances and pity.


The next moment, Chu Liuyue clearly saw that the cub’s lantern-sized eyes quickly had a layer of watery mist.



Fist-sized tears kept falling and landed on the ground, forming a small puddle.

Chu Liuyue was speechless. If the mature fiend isn’t its own mother or father, it wouldn’t have such a reaction, right…

But this cub didn’t seem very loved—the adult steel-ridged fiend watched as it wailed. Not only did it not comfort the cub, the mature steel-ridged fiend even walked over and kicked it!

The fiend cub didn’t expect its parent to be so harsh toward it. It didn’t pay attention and directly flew from the kick.

The wails suddenly stopped, and it turned around.

Probably because steel-ridged fiends were born with thick skin and heavy muscles, this kick was filled with strength and wasn’t merciful at all.

The sound of bones being harshly kicked caused Chu Liuyue’s eyes to twitch. I-I really didn’t expect this to happen…

“Roar!” The adult steel-ridged fiend roared at its cub as if it were rather stern.

After suffering, the cub had learned its lesson and didn’t dare to make a scene. It hid its temper and looked very obedient.

The adult steel-ridged fiend roared again and said something, which caused the cub to look up suddenly.

Shock flashed across its eyes. Then, the cub glanced at Chu Liuyue as it crazily shook its head.


The adult steel-ridged fiend roared again, causing the cub to stop in its actions and immediately become obedient.

Chu Liuyue stood at the side in a very awkward manner. This… I fought with someone else’s kid, but after the other party’s parent came… Not only did they not blame me, but they even lectured their own child. This adult steel-ridged fiend has too high of a moral standard, right? 

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to leave. But thinking that her speed couldn’t even compare to the steel-ridged fiend cub’s, let alone the adult, she decided to just stay put and see what attitude the other party had.

After a while, the two steel-ridged fiends were finally done talking. Of course, this talk was just the adult steel-ridged fiend lecturing the cub.


The adult steel-ridged fiend walked over.

The cub hung its head in defeat and followed behind.

Chu Liuyue’s heart clenched. It’s coming! 

She instinctively straightened her back and looked up.

She had no choice—the other party was too big. When Chu Liuyue tried to meet its gaze, she could only see the other party’s thighs.

The adult steel-ridged fiend stopped not far before her.

Meanwhile, the cub inched over step by step. Anyone could tell that reluctance was written all over its face.

As if despising it for moving too slowly, the adult steel-ridged fiend kicked the cub’s buttock from behind.

“Wu—” The cub almost flew from the kick, and it instinctively turned around.

Originally, the steel-ridged fiend cub seemed like it wanted to protest, but it immediately kept quiet when it saw the pair of stern eyes. After some hesitation, it let out a soft whimper that sounded very pitiful.

The adult steel-ridged fiend was unaffected and simply raised its head.

The cub could only retract its vision and walk to Chu Liuyue step by step.

The human and the fiend looked at each other.

The cub glared at Chu Liuyue before it hung its head with grievances.

Chu Liuyue was confused when she saw the steel-ridged fiend cub’s head stretch toward her.

The silver horn wasn’t far before her eyes! She could reach it if she stretched out her hand!

This is… Chu Liuyue was dazed for a moment and suddenly realized something. I-it’s apologizing?! 

Once this guess surfaced, Chu Liuyue instinctively wanted to reject it.

This was too ridiculous! One had to know that just a moment ago, she was still being chased by this steel-ridged fiend cub to the end of the world, and she almost died under its feet.

But now… Not only did it stop its attack, but it had even apologized repeatedly?

This was indeed too shocking. But other than this reason, Chu Liuyue couldn’t think of any other explanation.

She looked at the adult steel-ridged fiend behind the cub in much confusion, and she saw those eyes—deep and stern, with a hint of undetectable reminiscence.

An extremely familiar feeling overwhelmed Chu Liuyue. This steel-ridged fiend… 

She opened her mouth, but she couldn’t speak. A bold thought then quickly flashed across her mind. Perhaps… I met it long ago? 

As if detecting her emotional activity, that steel-ridged fiend finally walked over. Looking down, it stared into Chu Liuyue’s eyes.

It was a pity that it was still too tall. Even if Chu Liuyue raised her hand, she couldn’t touch it.

Detecting the pat, the steel-ridged fiend blinked its eyes and kneeled down without hesitation. Then, it inched forward in a gentle and dependent manner.

Something seemed to rush out of Chu Liuyue’s heart. She instinctively wanted to stretch out her hand and pat its head.

The steel-ridged fiend’s skin was very thick and hard—touching it was akin to touching steel. But for some reason, Chu Liuyue’s heart felt soft.

Suddenly, her gaze focused. She saw that there seemed to be a scar on this steel-ridged fiend’s horn. It seemed like someone had used a sharp weapon to cut it by about half an inch.

It was hard to notice from afar, but it could be seen clearly when close.

Chu Liuyue unconsciously touched it.

At that moment, a scene quickly appeared in her mind! Her head hurt so much that she furrowed her brows tightly and almost collapsed onto the ground.

The steel-ridged fiend looked at her with much worry.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and moved forward, getting even closer to it.

The steel-ridged fiend allowed her to hug it as it didn’t move.

The cub stood at the side and watched on with much desire and helplessness.

After a long while, Chu Liuyue then sighed lightly. “Ah Qiong, I’m back.”

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