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Chapter 1257: Fight!

Chu Liuyue’s force rushed around rapidly, and a spark appeared on her fingertips! Unless it reached a critical moment, she wouldn’t use the Chi Xiao Sword.

Although the steel-ridged fiend in front of her was dangerous, she might be able to fight it with her current abilities! If it didn’t work, she could just escape!

But at this moment, she heard some strange rustling noises behind her.

She originally didn’t want to turn around, but the sound came increasingly near, and the sharp and dangerous aura caused her to be alert! Hence, she turned around and quickly glanced in that direction.

With this look, Chu Liuyue instantly narrowed her eyes as her hair stood on end! That was because a cluster of snakes was behind her!

It wasn’t one snake but a pile of snakes that were intertwined! At one glance, there were at least a hundred of them!

All those snakes were roughly as thick as a thumb, and they were iridescent. Under the sun, they reflected an icy and mesmerizing light.

But at this point, Chu Liuyue had no mood to appreciate it as her hair stood on end! This was because every snake was a ninth-grade fiend—triangular sword-toothed snake!

The reason why it had this name was that its head was flat and triangular. Every time it was in combat mode, its two sharp and sword-like teeth would be exposed and glisten in a scary white light.

Of course, it was also poisonous. Its venom was only stronger and not weaker than the steel-ridged fiend!

At this point, they had formed a group and were going toward Chu Liuyue. Wherever they passed, the ground would produce a tiny rustling sound.

Chu Liuyue hadn’t realized it previously, but after seeing their true intentions, she felt her entire body turn numb when she heard this noise.

Now, she was stuck in the middle and couldn’t go anywhere!

A steel-ridged fiend was at the front, and behind her were triangular sword-teethed snakes. She didn’t have full confidence that she could come out unscathed either way.

Chu Liuyue clearly felt that her entire body had stiffened.

If Tuan Zi were here, these problems could be solved easily. After all, it was a red-tailed phoenix with premium bloodline power. Just based on this natural bloodline suppression, it could handle these fiends easily. But now… How could she handle them alone?

At this point, Chu Liuyue finally realized why Elder Wan Zheng would have so many objections when Elder Bo Yan suggested this punishment.

Thinking of the meaningful gaze Elder Wan Zheng gave her before he left… Back then, she still innocently thought that he was reluctant to leave her, but it now seemed like he was clearly worried for her life!

Fiend Park… Fiend! Park! 

While Chu Liuyue crazily thought of how to solve the situation before her, she urged her bodily strength to flow out!

Five sparks had already appeared on her fingertips.

If I really can’t do it… I can only get the legendary three-eyed eagle to help me. But for Chu Liuyue, this was a very unwise decision. Quite a few people in the Sky-Cloud Empire knew that she had two legendary fiends.

Jiang Zhiyuan had already started suspecting her because she had a red-tailed phoenix. Luckily, Liu Yintong had one too, so she still had room to defend herself. But once Jiang Zhiyuan knew about the legendary three-eyed eagle’s existence, she could immediately confirm Chu Liuyue’s identity!

In this world, it could be said to be a coincidence for cultivators to have the same legendary fiend. But if they had two identical ones, there was definitely a problem!

Chu Liuyue didn’t have much understanding of Fiend Park. Other than Elder Bo Yan saying that there were a few elders in charge of patrolling the area, she didn’t even know if there were other people around.

Besides, if those elders knew of this, the incident couldn’t be hidden.

Although Ling Xiao Academy had many elders with their own positions, most of them had frequent contact with each other. Thus, news spread fast.

This was a good thing for the academy as it could allow the academy to settle many things efficiently and quickly. However, this wasn’t so good for Chu Liuyue.

The three parties were silent. The surrounding space seemed to freeze inch by inch.

Chu Liuyue’s heart started beating intensely.



The steel-ridged fiend and the triangular sword-teethed snakes had also noticed each other’s existence.


Quite a few triangular sword-teethed snakes let out a strange sound that caused one’s heart to turn cold. Their dark-green eyes flashed with unconcealable violent and murderous intent!


The steel-ridged fiend took a step forward!

The rocks below its foot cracked, and the ground shook! It wasn’t weak at all!

Chu Liuyue instantly understood something. Did they become enemies because they wanted to fight for me? 

Of course, Chu Liuyue knew very clearly that they didn’t behave in this manner because they liked her and wanted to fight for her. They were fighting… for the chance and right to kill her!

Fight! Fight! Chu Liuyue yelled at the top of her lungs in her heart. As long as the two parties go against each other, I can find a chance to leave the place! 


The steel-ridged fiend took action first—a steel needle quickly flew out from its back!


That needle traveled very quickly. Chu Liuyue only saw its straight and blurred image before hearing a familiar sound the next moment.

That steel needle landed about one step before the triangular sword-teethed snakes.

Chu Liuyue’s heart clenched. After being instigated, no fiends can remain calm. This time, an intense battle will be unavoidable. 


Just when Chu Liuyue was waiting for the battle to start, the cluster of triangular sword-teethed snakes actually started to retreat.

Chu Liuyue was confused. What kind of situation is this? Are they not fighting? 

But before she could figure it out, the steel-ridged fiend changed its direction and started going toward her!

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