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Chapter 1256: Untitled

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

I’m going in… just like that?

Elder Shu Yu glanced at her strangely.

“What’s the matter? Is there a problem?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head. It seemed like this Elder Shu Yu was a very efficient person.

But this was good. It would reduce a lot of trouble.

She took half a step out and suddenly stopped. Turning around to look at Elder Bo Yan, she asked rather hesitantly,

“Elder, may I know if Senior Brother Rong Xiu and the rest…”

“They have their own punishments. You don’t have to care about them.”

Elder Bo Yan waved his hands.

“Just focus on repenting this month.”

Seeing that she could not find out anything, Chu Liuyue could only nod.

“I understand.”

Then, she continued walking forward and stepped into the barrier entrance.

After her figure disappeared before his eyes, Elder Shu Yu raised his brows and looked at Elder Wan Zheng.

“One month… Wan Zheng, can you really bear with it?”

Elder Wan Zheng sneered coldly and looked away.

If Bo Yan did not insist on doing this, how would he agree?

He had only accepted this disciple for two months, and he had spent forty of those days in Fengmin Mountain!

Calculating the time, he had only spent a little more than ten days cultivating with him!

How could his heart not ache?

But what else could he do? That kid always caused trouble!

No matter how much he protected his disciple, he really had no other way sometimes.

However, Elder Bo Yan suddenly said,

“One month might not be even be able to get him to repent.”

He realized that one had to use extraordinary means to handle Chu Yue.

If not, he really could not be controlled!

“Why do you have such high ratings for him?”

Elder Shu Yu was very surprised.


Elder Bo Yan laughed.

“You’ll know why after he spends some time here.”

Elder Shu Yu’s heart suddenly skipped a beat and felt uneasy.

“Okay, since we’ve already sent him here, we’ll make a move first. For the remaining month, do take care of the kid.”

After speaking, Elder Bo Yan wanted to leave with Elder Wan Zheng.

For some reason, Elder Shu Yu had an illusion that they finally got rid of a tricky problem.

Elder Wan Zheng glanced at the barrier reluctantly.

Even though he could not see anything, he still secretly prayed for his precious disciple in his heart.

For this month, please… don’t cause any trouble!

After Bo Yan and Elder Wan Zheng left, Elder Shu Yu quickly returned to the barrier.

Fiend park.

Not long after entering this place, Chu Liuyue understood where this name came from.

There was the rich aura that uniquely belonged to the fiends coming from all directions!

A faint blood smell permeated throughout the air.

That was the special smell that would only appear when one’s meat was just ripped apart.

Chu Liuyue walked on a narrow pathway in the mountain.

There were bushes lining the sides and lush greenery.

As the sun shone down, it casted a shadow on the ground.

Silently without wind.

She walked forward step by step.

Sometimes, she could also see the fiend prints left on the ground.

The further she went, the more tense her muscles became and more alert she had to be.

Every single tiny sound in the surroundings and every bit of change caused her to be extremely alert.

In the middle, she had turned around to take a look once.

Elder Shu Yu did not follow her.

Clearly, they planned to let her do everything on her own.


Suddenly, a low and violent roar was heard from the side of the mountains!

Chu Liuyue immediately turned around to look.

With the thick forest in the middle, she could not see the situation there clearly.

But the roar contained tremendous suppression, which caused her mind to be dazed for a moment!

That was a strength that could not be underestimated!

At the very least, it was also a ninth-grade fiend!

Chu Liuyue’s heart rate gradually rose.

I’m afraid there’s more than a few fiends in the fiend park…

She took a deep breath in and carefully surveyed the surroundings, before she continued forward.


An air-piercing sound was heard.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze turned harsh and she rapidly shunned to the side!


An extremely sharp grayish-brown needle stabbed right into the place that Chu Liuyue was just standing at.

That needle was thick at the top and thin at the bottom, and the top was around the size of an adult’s finger. The further down it was, the sharper it became.

As it contained tremendous strength, after it inserted into the ground, its tail still shook slightly.

The originally flat rock surface suddenly cracked!

It showed how strong this item was!

If it really hit her body, it might instantly pierce through her!

But the key was that this was not a Yuan instrument.

As the top still had a few stains of fresh blood, when one looked at it closely, there was still a layer of thin fur on it.

This clearly was…




The thunderous footsteps sounded and the ground began to shake!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat and she stared at the sound of the voice tightly!

A large figure gradually appeared in her vision.

That was a fiend that was completely brownish-black.

Its figure was huge and its limbs were muscular with a silver horn on its head. Its back had a string of thick things that looked like steel needles.

This thing was the object that shot toward Chu Liuyue.

The orange-yellow eyes were cold and nonchalant with a shocking suppression!

When the gigantic paw stepped onto the ground, one could see its sharp claws. Without a doubt, once this feet went down, it could directly smash a person!

Chu Liuyue felt suffocated.

“… Ninth-grade… steel-ridged fiend?!”

She had only heard of this type of fiend in rumors.

She heard that it was born as a ninth-grade fiend and was very formidable.

As it grow older, its size would also rapidly increase.

After it came of age, it would break through and become a legendary fiend!

She heard that the weight of a strong legendary steel-ridged fiend was comparable to mountains!

Wherever it went, it had intense suppression!

The needle-like object on its back was one of its biggest trump cards.

It was extremely sharp and stiff. The most important thing was that it was poisonous!

Once one was injured by it, without an hour’s time, a stage-nine warrior would die!

This showed how incredible this steel-ridged fiend was!

But the one before her eyes…

Though it had a huge figure, it had not broken through to become a legendary fiend, so it was still considered a cub.

Of course, even if it were a cub, its size was still shockingly huge.

Chu Liuyue stood in front of it and looked as small as an ant.

She was not even as tall as one of its legs.

Under such a circumstance, the other party could smash her to death in minutes.

The two parties fell into a stalemate.

The steel-ridged fiend first glanced at the slanted needle on the floor and seemed dissatisfied that it did not succeed.

Then, its gaze turned and it looked at Chu Liuyue.



That was the arrogance and nonchalance that belonged to a superior being!

Strong murderous intent appeared in its eyes!


It lifted its leg and took a step out!

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