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Chapter 1258: Attack from the Front and Back!

Chu Liuyue almost cursed out loud. These triangular sword-toothed snakes are too useless! They performed so bravely earlier. The steel-ridged fiend then executed a tentative attack only, yet they directly retreated?! They decided too quickly! 

Chu Liuyue really didn’t understand. Even though a triangular sword-toothed snake’s combat skills couldn’t be compared to a steel-ridged fiend, they still won in numbers!

They didn’t even symbolically fight with the steel-ridged fiend. They’re too much of a coward. 

Before she could think further, the steel-ridged fiend rushed toward her.

Chu Liuyue moved her figure and hurriedly dodged to the side!


The steel-ridged fiend slammed heavily onto the ground!

Quite a big trench immediately appeared in the ground that was considered rather straight. Numerous cracks quickly spread in all directions.

Chu Liuyue casually picked a direction with lush greenery and rapidly went toward it!

She had already entered Fiend Park, and there was danger lurking everywhere. Actually, there wasn’t much difference no matter which direction she picked. The most important thing now was to get rid of that steel-ridged fiend.

The more forested the area, the more beneficial it was for her.

Chu Liuyue was nimble. In the blink of an eye, her figure disappeared in the lush greenery!

“Roar!” The steel-ridged fiend raised its head and hollered.

When the nearby trees felt the suppression, they directly exploded!

The steel-ridged fiend took a step forward and rushed toward Chu Liuyue. Meanwhile, the cluster of triangular sword-toothed snakes suddenly dispersed after retreating a distance.

More than a hundred snakes dispersed in all directions. Their figures were very small, and they could perfectly hide themselves once they entered the bushes. Hence, not long after they dispersed, they each slithered toward the forests and disappeared.

Only the extremely soft rustling could be heard intermittently, but it disappeared very quickly as well.

Chu Liuyue went at full speed and escaped. She jumped up and down like an elf, and her figure could vaguely be seen in the forest.

Even so, she still couldn’t successfully escape from the steel-ridged fiend that kept chasing her relentlessly.

The steel-ridged fiend’s destructive capabilities were even scarier than Chu Liuyue had predicted. Originally, she thought that the lush greenery could become barriers for the steel-ridged fiend and impede it.

But in actual fact, the steel-ridged fiend didn’t even care about this. Its physical strength was formidable, and everywhere it went, the area was destroyed!

Hence, the human and fiend competed with each other in the forest.

Elder Shu Yu stood with his hands behind his back and waited below the mountain for a while. Even without going over to see personally, he could guess what had roughly happened by the change in force.

He couldn’t help but snort. It seems like this Chu Yue has something following him. I wonder how long this kid can last. One has to know that other than those cubs, the lowest-grade mature fiends are at least ninth-grade here! They aren’t so easy to handle. 

Besides, to allow these fiends to develop and stimulate their capabilities to the maximum… Other than a few elders protecting and patrolling the area, there were basically not many people in the entire Fiend Park.

These fiends were very sensitive to the human scent, and they naturally had the urge to attack humans.

Chu Yue’s talent and capabilities are decent, but at the end of the day, he is still a kid that hasn’t developed. He definitely isn’t the opponent of those fiends in regards to battle. He glanced at the sun that was about to descend as he smiled and shook his head. “I hope this kid can first last through the night!”

The sky quickly darkened.

The trees in the forest cast a dark shadow, and there wasn’t much light.

As Chu Liuyue ran forward, she kept thinking of other methods in her heart. This can’t go on. Just based on my strength alone, I can’t escape from the steel-ridged fiend. Besides, as time passes, my physical strength will slowly deplete, and my speed will inevitably decrease. However, the steel-ridged fiend seems to become increasingly braver as it competes. It is naturally good at combat, so its explosive speed and stamina are extremely good. 

Chu Liuyue was really worried that it would drag her to death in the end.

It wasn’t that she didn’t think of fighting the steel-ridged fiend head-on. At the very start, she had already accumulated some force and did her best to prepare, but she hesitated when she saw the pile of triangular sword-toothed snakes retreating.

If they were so fearful, it just proved how capable this steel-ridged fiend was.

Although she could battle with a stage-eight warrior now, she would only lose in front of a stage-nine warrior. Besides, the combat power of a stage-nine warrior was far below that of a ninth-grade fiend.

After much thinking, it didn’t seem very possible to go head-on.

She had to think of another way, but this steel-ridged fiend kept chasing after her relentlessly, causing her not to have a chance to breathe. What else could she do?

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue felt a sense of warning! She was on high alert and immediately forced herself to stop!

She had been traveling at high speed just now. Now that she suddenly stopped, the blood in her lungs rushed up. However, she could no longer care about this.

This was because… danger was right ahead!


Heavy footsteps could be heard! This noise was rather familiar, and it was quite similar to the steel-ridged fiend’s footsteps, but it was much louder!

Chu Liuyue clearly didn’t see the other party’s shadow this time, but she already felt that the other party had directly slammed down on her heart!

She stood on a tree and held its trunk. Her body was tense, and she almost suffocated!

The next moment, a small mountain-like figure appeared before her!

With just one look, Chu Liuyue immediately recognized that it was also a steel-ridged fiend, and its figure was a few times larger than the previous one!

This was definitely a mature steel-ridged fiend!

It walked toward the area. Trees collapsed, and the mountain rocks were crushed!

At that moment, Chu Liuyue even suspected that the entire mountain would be flattened!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the steel-ridged fiend behind her suddenly increased its speed for some reason!

“Roar!” This roar was very different from the previous one. The stern and threatening aura was gone and was replaced with elation and a flattering meaning. Also, this was clearly for the steel-ridged fiend that had just appeared!

Chu Liuyue hurriedly turned around, and half her heart went cold. These two… seem to be mother and son?! Then, am I still able to escape unscathed? 

She held the trunk tightly, and her knuckles turned white.

As she had been running for a long time, she had exhausted much of her energy. At this point, her forehead was already covered in tiny beads of sweat, and her back was drenched.

This won’t do if it continues… Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth. If I’m really pushed to the corner… I have to reveal my trump cards! 


That steel-ridged fiend cub rushed over and hammered into the tree that Chu Liuyue was on!

The tree—which needed two people to hug the trunk—collapsed instantly!

Chu Liuyue went on her toes and was about to fly! However, that steel-ridged fiend seemed like it had predicted this as it directly pounced over!

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