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Chapter 1215: Pushing to Death

Rong Xiu ended his sentence.

The room was completely silent, and everyone stared at Wei Xiping.

As Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace, Rong Xiu had already forged Your Grace’s Golden Body. Due to this, his force was very special and was presented in an extremely bright and golden color, so it was very easily recognizable.

“Wei Xiping, what do you think?” asked Elder Bo Yan in a low voice.

Wei Xiping kept breaking out into a cold sweat, and it almost drenched his inner shirt.

The shirt stuck to his body, making it very stiff and uncomfortable. He opened his mouth and found his voice with much difficulty. “I… I…”

He suddenly looked up and was furious. “This is humiliating to me! I reject it!”

However, this move didn’t work on the elders present.

Elder Shu Feng sneered. “If you reject it, it means it’s a tacit agreement. We’re just asking you to draw out a Xuan formation—is it that difficult?”

Wei Xiping swallowed a mouthful of saliva and defended himself. “There were so many people present that day. Anyone could’ve done it! Why do you only suspect me? Everyone has to be checked then!”

Seeing his behavior, Elder Shu Feng increasingly confirmed his suspicions. Thinking of the dangerous scenario that day, his blood boiled. We finally managed to work together to bring the item back, but because of Wei Xiping’s selfishness, it caused so much trouble afterward! If it is really Wei Xiping who did it, I will be the first person to punish him!

“Why don’t we start from you before we go to the rest!? If not, we can start with me!”

Things had already developed to this stage, and Wei Xiping couldn’t defend himself any longer. He stood there with his two hands hanging low. His face was white, and his entire body trembled slightly.

These few days after he came back, he had been busy recuperating and secretly regretting that he didn’t injure Rong Xiu during the chaotic battle. The only comfort was that Rong Xiu would have a complete grudge against the Golden Wings Sect from that day on.

Even if it seemed calm on the surface, he knew that Jin Minyao was petty. Now that Rong Xiu had killed his most beloved disciple in public, he definitely wouldn’t let it go.

However, Wei Xiping didn’t expect that Rong Xiu completely defeated him before Jin Minyao could attack! Also, it was in front of so many elders!

All those present, including the students, were people of power!

His behavior was undoubtedly a betrayal to the academy! Once he admitted to it, there was no turning back!

Countless gazes landed on him like sharp blades that scraped his body as if they were about to scrape his skin off, leaving only his naked, bloody self! It was as if there was a hand that clutched his heart tightly, blocking his airway and causing him to be unable to breathe.

Actually, even if he didn’t speak, his reactions were more than words.

Elder Bo Yan shook his head and sighed. “Wei Xiping, do you know how serious it is to betray the academy?”

“I didn’t!” Wei Xiping instinctively retorted in a sharp voice, but his face and eyes couldn’t conceal his emotions and panic. “I-I really didn’t! Elder Bo Yan! Mentor! Mentor, you must put in a word for me!”

It was useless to beg Elder Bo Yan. His only hope now was his own mentor, Elder Jiang Lei!

However, Elder Jiang Lei wasn’t stupid. It is clear that Wei Xiping did this, and the academy definitely won’t let him off easily. Not to mention that my status in the academy isn’t like Elder Bo Yan and the rest, so I don’t have much right to speak. Even if I did, I wouldn’t stand up for Wei Xiping! 

It’s the mentor’s fault if the disciple does wrong! Previously, it was reasonable because he was hidden in the dark. But if I speak for Wei Xiping now, I will be intentionally hiding him! At that point, I’ll also be implicated! 

All these thoughts quickly flashed across his mind. After calculating the pros and cons, Elder Jiang Lei immediately made a decision. He suddenly stood up and pointed at Wei Xiping, furious. “Just say if you did this or not! Did you do anything to let the academy down?”

Wei Xiping’s heart went cold.

He knew his mentor the best. Since his mentor said such words, it was clear that he was on the academy’s side.

He clenched his teeth tightly, and his expression immediately changed. “Mentor, even you don’t believe me?”

Elder Jiang Lei flung his robe and coldly said, “My trust depends on evidence! How do you want me to believe you now?! You have left the academy for more than a year, and now that you finally came back, how could you do such a thing behind my back?”

Wei Xiping sneered. Is he… completely removing himself from the picture? Now that I’m in trouble, my closest mentor isn’t thinking of how to protect me but how not to be implicated!

“Okay, Jiang Lei, you don’t have to be so angry. Even though he’s your disciple, he has his own hands and feet. Can you control him in everything that he does?” Elder Bo Yan looked very calm as he raised his hand, gesturing for Elder Jiang Lei to calmly sit down.

Elder Jiang Lei turned around furiously with a hint of guilt. “Bo Yan, I failed to teach my student. I also play a part in this—”

“This has nothing to do with you.” Elder Bo Yan shook his head. “If it weren’t because Rong Xiu is so meticulous to leave evidence behind, even I wouldn’t expect him to do such a thing… Like you said, he has left the academy for some time. So even if he really planned to do something, you wouldn’t have known about it.”

Elder Jiang Lei secretly heaved a sigh of relief, but his facial expression was increasingly anguished as he held his forehead with one hand, like he was heartbroken.

“It seems like we need to tell Qinggu Slope about this.”

This finally made Wei Xiping’s tense emotions collapse! “Elder?!”

Overwhelmed with shock and anger, he stared at Elder Bo Yan in disbelief. “This is my own matter. Why is there—”

“Until now, you still refuse to admit to it! In order not to accuse you then, we’ll also invite the people from Qinggu Slope over to investigate the matter. The academy has always been on good terms with Qinggu Slope. I believe they won’t find it a problem,” said Elder Bo Yan lightly.

Wei Xiping’s heart sank harshly! This is pushing me to death! 

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