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Chapter 1214: Do You Dare?

“Shishi, I don’t think you should be too worried. That kid got into so much trouble but is only locked up at Fengmin Mountain for a month. He’s already very lucky. Besides, I heard Elder Wan Zheng say that he was going to break through to become a ninth-grade heavenly doctor but didn’t succeed because he was delayed by the incident that day. However, he should be able to break through without much time after he comes out.” Luo Yanming could see past this very well.

He looked up at the Qing Yun Ranking. “Perhaps he can directly get onto the Qing Yun Ranking in no time! If we’re not there by that time, it won’t look good on us!”

“That’s true! Shishi, we should take the time to cultivate!” said Zhuo Sheng in agreement.

Luo Shishi’s lips pressed against each other slightly, and she nodded seriously.

At the same time, Dong Huang Clock Tower.

Elder Bo Yan and the others were gathered here once again. The students who had joined in the fight for the supreme Yuan instrument were also here.

Everyone sat in their own seats, but they all had ambiguous expressions.

“Everyone is here. Rong Xiu, you previously said that you had something important to announce. Can you say it now?” Elder Bo Yan glanced at Rong Xiu.

That’s right. They were here today because Rong Xiu gathered them.

Normally, the academy students didn’t have such power, but Rong Xiu was clearly different. And from Rong Xiu’s previous interaction with Elder Bo Yan, the latter faintly felt that this issue was related to that supreme Yuan instrument. Thus, he didn’t delay it further and called everyone over.

Amongst them included the students who had already left a few days ago.

“Pfft. I thought Elder Bo Yan had something urgent to tell us, so I came back without stopping. Who knew it was actually because of Rong Xiu?” Strange mockeries could be heard within the quiet room.

Wei Xiping leaned against the chair and had a smile of contempt. “I didn’t expect Rong Xiu’s current status in the academy to actually be higher than many elders. He can call us to come and go as he wishes?”

“Wei Xiping.” Elder Bo Yan knitted his brows tightly. “Today’s issue is related to Ancient Feather Abyss, so I gathered all of you. You don’t have to target Rong Xiu.”

Wei Xiping was indifferent as he smiled nonchalantly. “That incident? Didn’t it already end? Rong Xiu single-handedly snatched the treasure back and made a huge contribution! What does it have to do with us?”

The atmosphere was even stiffer. Everyone could hear the mockery and contempt in his words.

Quite a few people looked at Rong Xiu.

Unexpectedly, Rong Xiu didn’t seem to be angry as his lips curled up into a smile with deep meaning. He looked at Wei Xiping and said, “This incident doesn’t have much to do with the rest, but it has a lot to do with you.”

Wei Xiping’s heart skipped a beat. “Rong Xiu, what do you mean?”

Rong Xiu said lightly, “That day, Elder Shu Feng and the others set up the barrier to open the space forcefully, wanting us to return to the academy directly. This was something that the elders had long planned in advance, and it was carried out smoothly then. Logically speaking, we should’ve been able to come back successfully, but… Jin Lei and the rest still chased us. Wei Xiping, don’t you find this strange?”

Wei Xiping’s heart started beating wildly, and anxiety quickly flashed across his eyes. He tried his best to calm himself down as he had a cold expression and questioned, “Rong Xiu, are you doubting me?”

“That Xuan formation was built with everyone’s strength. If it weren’t because something went wrong somewhere, Jin Lei and the rest wouldn’t have been able to seize the opportunity.” Rong Xiu’s slender and white fingers knocked against the chair lightly. Then, he looked up directly at Wei Xiping. “I’m not doubting you. I’m calling you out.”

“Rong Xiu!” Wei Xiping suddenly stood up from his chair and looked furious. “This incident is serious. Don’t blame it on me without evidence! I know you have always hated me, but the elders are all here. Don’t even think of putting the blame on me!”

He was very agitated, and his voice was much shriller. Perhaps he was angry, or maybe there was another reason.

The many elders present were also taken aback as their gazes jumped between Rong Xiu and Wei Xiping doubtfully.

“Rong Xiu, are you saying that… Wei Xiping played some tricks that day?” asked Elder Shu Feng anxiously with tightly furrowed brows.

Actually, he also felt that something was amiss. Originally, that Xuan formation was almost slashed open by Jin Lei, but it was still successfully completed with Rong Xiu’s help. Normally, they could’ve completely used the Xuan formation to fling those people behind away. However, this didn’t happen.

The situation was urgent at that point in time, so he couldn’t think about it in detail. But after the incident was over, he found it weird every time he thought about it. It wasn’t that he didn’t have such a doubt, but because the people there were all academy elders and students that were very trustworthy, he really didn’t want to doubt them. Thus, he instinctively hid it.

Now that he heard Rong Xiu’s words, Elder Shu Feng immediately recovered his senses.

“You must have evidence when you speak!” Seeing that the elders were about to be convinced by Rong Xiu, Wei Xiping hurriedly yelled. “Rong Xiu, you must produce evidence!”

I did it extremely discreetly back then, so I shouldn’t have left behind any traces! Thinking of this, Wei Xiping sneered. Rong Xiu has no proof, so I have to take this chance and attack him in return! 

However, Rong Xiu’s next sentence caused his lips—which didn’t even have time to rise—to freeze.

“Since I dared to say it in front of so many people, I naturally would have evidence,” Rong Xiu smiled slightly and said leisurely.

Wei Xiping’s heart skipped a beat. Impossible… Impossible! 

He quickly recalled the scene once in his head and didn’t discover any loopholes. Is Rong Xiu… lying to me? 

“Okay! Then, take out the evidence!” shouted Wei Xiping harshly.

Rong Xiu lifted his chin. “The evidence is on you. You take it out.”

“What?” Wei Xiping was dazed.

Rong Xiu patiently explained, “Back then, the Xuan formation was slashed by Jin Lei and was on the brink of breaking, so I used my own force to repair the Xuan formation and complete it. Hence, every line of the Xuan formation has my force.”

Every word Rong Xiu said caused Wei Xiping’s face to turn paler by a shade.

“The reason why Jin Lei and the rest could catch up to us is naturally due to the Xuan formation being damaged. And the force that was purposely left behind… it’s still in the culprit’s body now.”

Wei Xiping’s lips started trembling.

“If you want to prove your innocence, you just need to draw a Xuan formation now. We’ll then see if it has my force.” Rong Xiu leaned back and shot him an almighty gaze as if he were looking at an ant. “Wei Xiping, do you dare to do it?”

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