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Chapter 1216: Removal of Name!

Wei Xiping clenched his fists tightly and felt like he was stuck in a difficult spot! If this matter is blown up, I will definitely be gravely affected! The reason why I can be one of the strong contenders to be the next family head is largely due to the fact that I have always had an outstanding performance at Ling Xiao Academy! If other people from the Wei family learn that I’ve done this and that I am hated by the academy, then…

Will the Wei family choose such a traitor to be the next family head? Of course not! 

“I did it!” Something seemed to overwhelm Wei Xiping’s chest, which made him frantic. “I admit to it! Back then, I did purposely allow Jin Lei and the rest to come over! However, I didn’t want to betray the academy! I-I just wanted to teach Rong Xiu a small lesson—”

When he said this, even Wei Xiping himself found it funny.

Lesson? The person who truly learned a lesson wasn’t Rong Xiu but him!

Ever since Wei Xiping entered the academy, he disliked Rong Xiu. This was because the latter was always the most outstanding one.

No matter how hard others worked and how much they sacrificed, they could never be on the same level as him. Rong Xiu could always easily get the things that others desired the most and tried their best but couldn’t obtain.

They were clearly around the same age, and they entered the academy only a few months apart! But from the start to now, Rong Xiu never seemed to be on the same level as the rest. He had outstanding talent and was extremely strong, not even mentioning that he currently controlled the Sky-Cloud Empire.

Wei Xiping felt that it was unfair.

Based on what? Why can Rong Xiu already achieve everything when I’m still racking my brains to think of how to please the people from the Wei family so that they will support me in becoming the family head?

And Rong Xiu never ever took those things into consideration, so Wei Xiping naturally hated him! Hence, he was overwhelmed by his emotions at that moment and did such a stupid thing!

Hearing that he finally loosened up and personally admitted to it, the entire room fell silent for a moment.

A significant portion of the people here were those that had been to Ancient Feather Abyss. The remaining people had basically all participated in the chaotic battle at Fangzhou City.

Thus, when everyone heard this sentence, almost all of them glared at Wei Xiping with furious gazes.

“Elder Bo Yan, I’m willing to accept all the punishments at this moment! However, I hope you won’t spread this incident!” Wei Xiping quickly resigned himself to his fate and immediately started begging for mercy after he admitted to his wrongdoing. “Please take into account that I’ve contributed quite a bit to the academy and give me a chance!”

Elder Bo Yan said, “There are no secrets in the world. Besides—”

“As long as you and the rest are willing to try your best to seal the news, I can do anything!” said Wei Xiping anxiously.

Now that the entire situation has collapsed for me, the most important thing is to control my losses. As long as they are willing, they will definitely be able to keep this news a secret! If they really can’t, they can just drag it for half a year!

One had to know that the competition for the next Wei family head had reached its final intense contest during this half-year! Any flaw would definitely be expanded limitlessly by the other party, let alone such a harsh flaw!

At this point, Wei Xiping didn’t know that his behavior was akin to a clown in front of the crowd.

“Wei Xiping, do you really think you can keep this incident under wraps?” Elder Bo Yan was still nonchalant.

“You! Rong Xiu, you wanted to push me to death from the start, right?!” Wei Xiping suddenly realized something as he abruptly looked at Rong Xiu. How did I forget that Rong Xiu is still here!? Even if the rest are willing to keep this a secret, what about Rong Xiu? 

Rong Xiu leaned against the chair and folded his arms, exuding an indescribable elegance.

This was the pride and honor that he had in his bones since he was born! No matter where and what happened, such a person would always seem confident.

Rong Xiu smiled faintly and said, “Ditto.”

Wei Xiping wanted to deal with me, but didn’t allow me to retaliate? Besides, I’ve only exposed his wrongdoings. I didn’t personally kill him. Of course, this is only because I know that such a method is much more painful than directly killing Wei Xiping! 

“The academy won’t tolerate anyone who betrays us.” Elder Bo Yan stood up.

A very bad feeling surged up in Wei Xiping’s heart. “Elder Bo Yan—”

“From today onward, you’re no longer a student at Ling Xiao Academy. Later on, I’ll personally erase your name from our booklet. From today onwards, you’ll have nothing to do with Ling Xiao Academy!”

Wei Xiping’s face was scarily pale as his entire mind went blank. Am I… getting expelled from the academy?! Without the connection with Ling Xiao Academy, I will lose a huge advantage in the competition to be the next family head! Those people will definitely ridicule me! 

“Elder Bo Yan, you really can’t give me another chance?” asked Wei Xiping with much difficulty.

Elder Bo Yan squinted his eyes and said, “You deserve this punishment since you committed such a crime. I’ll only retract my decision if you can convince the director to speak for you.”

The director had a higher status than Elder Bo Yan, so he naturally had the authority to change the latter’s decision. However, this sentence was undoubtedly a huge mockery to Wei Xiping.

The director had left the academy a few years ago, and Wei Xiping didn’t know where he had gone! How could he find the director to get him to speak up for him!? Besides, according to the director’s temper, he would only give him a harsher punishment!

Wei Xiping closed his eyes defeatedly.

Wei Xiping left. Nobody asked him where he was going, and nobody sent him.

The news of him being removed from the academy roster would be quickly spread around, and his reputation in the God Residence Realm would thus be severely affected.

The situation on the Wei family’s side would only get worse, but all of this wasn’t what the academy had to care about. Because of his selfishness, he committed the sin in secret and almost landed the academy into huge trouble. Such a punishment was already very light.

After the others gradually left, only Elder Bo Yan and Rong Xiu were left at Dong Huang Clock Tower. “Rong Xiu, luckily we have you for this. If not, it will ultimately be bad for us if we leave such a bad seedling behind.”

Rong Xiu smiled. “His target was me, not the academy.”

“With his mentality, he can’t be kept.” Elder Bo Yan shook his head and took out a book.

It was a booklet that looked very ancient. Its cover was a copper-colored hardboard carved with Ling Xiao Academy’s totem. It glowed with a faint golden light, looking solemn and holy.

This was the academy’s booklet.

Elder Bo Yan opened it and quickly flipped to Wei Xiping’s name. He then stretched out his hand and gradually slid it across the book’s surface.

Wei Xiping’s name silently disappeared! At the same time, the Qing Yun Ranking suddenly appeared on Dong Huang Clock Tower’s four walls!

The Qing Yun Ranking glowed brightly! On it, Wei Xiping’s name gradually dimmed until it completely disappeared!

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