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Chapter 1166: Familiar Technique

Luo Shishi knitted her brows slightly and couldn’t help but mutter, “What is pill merging?”

“Pill merging is a special method during pill production. I’ve heard that one can join two or even more pills and finally form one pill. With this method, you can gather the efficacy of the medicine in one place and produce a pill of an even higher level,” explained Luo Yanlin patiently. Even though he wasn’t a heavenly doctor, he had stayed in the academy for a few years and had some form of understanding toward this.

“Increase the standard of the pill?” Luo Shishi’s heart skipped a beat. “Does he really plan to produce a ninth-grade pill?”

“It’s understandable if he wants to win.” Luo Yanlin smiled. “Previously, I thought that he could only win if Liu Zi’an made a mistake. I didn’t expect him to have this second path.”

In the beginning, he didn’t really care about Chu Yue and even had some form of natural enmity toward him as Luo Shishi cared about him especially. But now, he realized that this Chu Yue… was indeed rather interesting.

Chu Yue has already made such a name for himself after just arriving at the academy. Not to mention the previous few incidents, he can definitely be famous in the entire academy if he wins this match today!

Luo Shishi and the rest looked elated. “This means that his chances of winning will be high if he can succeed?”

Seeing her smile, Luo Yanlin couldn’t help but reach out and lightly flick her forehead. He then lightly grunted. “Don’t be so optimistic! I just said that because he wants to pill merge, not that he can definitely do it! You need to know that focus is very important when merging pills. If one wants to merge pills, they need to multitask at the very least. He’s an eighth-grade heavenly doctor, so if he wants to beat Liu Zi’an, he needs to produce at least two superior-class eighth-grade pills!”

Luo Shishi and the rest were stunned. Producing two superior-class eighth-grade pills would be quite hard for a ninth-grade heavenly doctor, let alone an eighth-grade one, right? 

“Anyway, to this day, I’ve never heard of an eighth-grade heavenly doctor merging pills successfully.”

Luo Yanlin’s words sank their hearts again as they gazed at the square worriedly. He is just a sixteen-year-old youngster. Can he really do it? 

Chu Liuyue split out some fire and wrapped it around the pill she previously produced as she quietly refined it a half-arm above the cauldron, carrying out the finishing touches. On the other end, she kept adding new herbs into the cauldron.

Liu Zi’an saw such a scene when he looked up. He clenched his teeth and was even more enraged.

“You don’t know your limits!” He cursed softly. Does an eighth-grade heavenly doctor know what pill merging is? He’s just forcefully doing it, putting on an act! At the very end, he might not even produce an eighth-grade pill! 

However, time trickled past bit by bit, but there was no strange situation on the opposite end.

Chu Liuyue completed the entire process in an organized manner.

The pill above the cauldron kept shrinking continuously, and the herbs below were extracted and refined smoothly. Very quickly, Chu Liuyue actually started producing the second pill!

Liu Zi’an forced himself to retract his gaze as he focused on his own pill. However, he faintly felt anxious and uneasy as if something bad was about to happen.

When his heart was in a mess, the fire in the cauldron also moved.

His heart harshly skipped a beat, and he hurriedly tried to calm himself down.

Luckily, the pill seemed fine. However, Liu Zi’an’s heart still sank.

During pill production, the last stage was extremely important and needed even more focus! Any small mistake would cause an irreversible outcome, affecting the quality of the produced pill! It would even destroy the pill in serious cases!

Even though I can complete the pill, the quality… Clenching his teeth, Liu Zi’an still controlled the fire and finished the last bit of heating and forming!


A shocking ripple reverberated throughout the cauldron! At the same time, an intense herbal fragrance permeated the air!

A red pill flew out from the cauldron.

Liu Zi’an was long prepared as he flicked his wrist and formed a barrier above it.

That pill harshly slammed against the barrier and bounced back! Then, Liu Zi’an whipped his sleeves and rapidly stored the pill within his jade box!


He closed the jade box!

The pill was completed!

Holding the jade box in his hands, Liu Zi’an heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, there weren’t many mishaps, and the pill was finally completed! Now, the win and loss of the competition depends on Chu Yue! 

Seeing Liu Zi’an’s expression, everyone guessed that he had smoothly produced a Greater Mastery Pill. This also meant that he had an inferior-class ninth-grade pill with him.

If Chu Yue failed in merging the pills or the pill he produced wasn’t as good as an inferior-class ninth-grade one, Liu Zi’an would win this match! But if the pill he produced was better than Liu Zi’an’s, then—

Some people secretly shook their heads when they thought of this. How can that be? A mere eighth-grade heavenly doctor like Chu Yue doesn’t have such abilities.

Chu Liuyue focused on producing her pill and ignored everything else in the surroundings.

When she was still Shangguan Yue, she was quite experienced in merging pills. But after she was reborn, she hadn’t done it again. She only had such an idea because she wanted to beat Liu Zi’an today.

With her current abilities, it was fine if she wanted to produce an eighth-grade pill. However, it was quite hard to produce a ninth-grade pill.

Rather than taking a risk, she decided to use a more stable method—pill merging! This method had lower requirements on a heavenly doctor’s abilities, but it had more demands on one’s techniques and focus, which suited the current her.

Of course, if the people present knew she was thinking in this manner, they would probably want to beat her up. This was because techniques and focus were the biggest tests for a heavenly doctor!

For warrior cultivators, if they weren’t talented enough, they could use their hard work to make up for it.

However, this wasn’t so for heavenly doctors. Every improvement in cultivation and every breakthrough for heavenly doctors were closely related to the cultivator’s talent. For example, different heavenly doctors would produce pills of different efficacy with the same formula.

If one was talented and had natural abilities, they could unleash the formula’s full efficacy.

A heavenly doctor’s technique, sensitivity, and sharpness were all included in the word ‘talent.’ Some people could practice producing a pill more than hundreds of times, but it still might not be better than others producing it once.

And Chu Liuyue was that kind of person.

“Why are a bunch of people gathered there?”

A few elders were sitting together at Dong Huang Clock Tower.

Hearing the noise, one of them looked down. “Hm? It seems like some students are doing a challenge—wait! Wan Zheng, look. it looks like it’s your new disciple!”

Upon hearing this, Elder Wan Zheng walked over.

Suddenly, his expression became slightly dazed, and he slowly knitted his brows. “…Why does this technique look familiar?”

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